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I know that I will be seen as ‘suspicious’, especially in certain neighborhoods where my people don’t dwell in.

I know that my neighborhoods will be over-policed due to us, again, ‘looking suspicious ‘ to police.

I often fear for my life from police, even if and when I’ve done nothing wrong.

I know that even if I wear clothing that’s not deemed as signs of suspicious behavior, I can still be stopped, frisked, harassed and even murdered.

I face the possibility of being stopped and frisked by police due to persistent racist stereotypes.

I face the possibility of being arrested, even when I’m innocent of any crime.

I face the possibility of being harassed or brutalized by police due to racist fears of black people.

I face the possibility of being killed by police due to racist fears of black people or due to them seeing guns on my person even when I’m unarmed.

I know racist fears against black people will be defended by police and their supporters.

I know my fears of police will be essentially laughed at. I will be considered delusional with no rational reason to be afraid of cops.

I know that if and when I’m killed by police, my death will be seen by other people as something I deserved.

I know that my death at the hands of police will invite the news media to scrounge for any and all misdeeds no matter how minor and report them to the public. Thus, the media will make it seem as if I deserved to die.

I know the cop or cops who killed me will likely get either an outrageously light sentence or will walk away free.

I face the realization that an armed white person will likely get arrested alive and unharmed in some instances while an unarmed black person will get beaten and killed.

I know my death at the hands of police will be overshadowed by arguments pertaining to ‘black-on-black crime’.

I know that if a white person is harmed or murdered by a black person, it will likely prompt police and politicians to demand for more police to patrol neighborhoods like mine.

I know that protesting against police violence will be purposely misconstrued as being anti-police by cops, their friends and supporters or both.

I know that advocating for black lives will be met with scorn, saturated with a list of excuses that not only suggest but demand that my life and the lives of all blacks don’t matter.