Quick Thoughts: Black Girls Rocked the Olympics, Another Brock Turner-Like Scenario, the Milwaukee Unrest and More

Black girl magic is in full effect during the 2016 Summer Olympics as several queens won the gold.

We had Michelle Carter who won the gold medal in shot put, Simone Biles who became the first black gymnast to the world all-around title, Simone Manuel who became the first black woman to win a gold medal in swimming and Gabby Douglas who went gold in the women’s team all-around. Wow!

I, personally, am not going to worry about the haters. This is a monumental moment for black women everywhere. And I – for one – think we should be damn proud of their accomplishments.

We also must acknowledge other black athletes who dominated the games, especially in events most people don’t associate black people with. We have Daryl D. Homer who won the silver medal in fencing. And we have Rafaela Silva who won the gold medal in women’s judo.

When individual black people make moves and succeed, we share the feeling of success. We feel like we all have succeeded. When one of us makes history in a positive way, we feel we are one step closer out of the abyss of oppression and that we’re proving our haters wrong.”See? We’re not as bad as you think.”

But some people would prefer to ignore black achievements for something else. Anything else. Such was the case with NBC when it overshadowed Simone Manuel’s historical win in favor of taped footage of the Russian Olympic team. Naturally, the internet – Deadspin in particular – wasn’t going to let the media giant get away with it and clapped back.

By now, you should know that the Western media is not immune to racism in America. This is but one example of white supremacy. But there’s another, one that reminds us how being a white male is to be immune to harsh consequences for his actions, no matter how devastating.

You all remember the Brock Turner case? A former Stanford University student was arrested for sexually assaulting an unconscious woman after a campus party, but was given only six months in jail. Well, something similar happened with another student thanks to another lenient judge.

In Boulder, Colorado, former University of Colorado student Austin Wilkerson was arrested for sexually assaulting an unconscious woman after a St. Patrick’s Day party. Judge Patrick Butler sentenced Wilkerson to two years on work or school release and 20 years probation. He will spend his nights in jail and must register as a sex offender. The initial sentence is usually four to 12 years in prison.

Both Wilkerson and Turner are white males.

As expected, and rightfully so, this sparked outrage from the community of Boulder City and social media. The story gained national attention from mainstream and internet news outlets.

It doesn’t take much to theorize how drastically different the outcome would be if Wilkerson was black. Hell, if he was black and innocent, but still accused of rape, he would still be railroaded straight to prison. Don’t believe me? Ask Brian Banks.

In more news that will further make you distrust the American “justice” system, everyone’s witnessing the unrest in Milwaukee after an black man was gunned down by police during a traffic stop. Police said that the victim and another man ran from police. The victim was armed and was threatening the cops before he was murdered. The other man was arrested.

After news broke out about the incident, protesters gathered. The police responded, in some time later, fires broke out.

We all know the score. There will be folks that will defend the cop. The news media will dig up the victim’s past. In this case, it’s almost a certainty as the man was strapped with a gun. And the topics that will be purposely ignored are the conditions black people in the city face daily. Why a young black male would need to carry a gun will be answered with talks of a black criminal culture and the need for more cops to patrol black communities, never mentioning solutions to address the overlooked systematic racism that goes on in Milwaukee. Such is needed to maintain white supremacy as recently evidenced in Baltimore.

A recent report by the Department of Justice on the activities of the Baltimore Police Department revealed what the city’s black residents have known all along, that the policing in black communities was brewing with racism.

Of course, on the flip side, Baltimore’s rich white residents were treated with respect by cops. Imagine that.

The racism is on full display. But as you know, there will always be those that will deny and even defend it.


4 thoughts on “Quick Thoughts: Black Girls Rocked the Olympics, Another Brock Turner-Like Scenario, the Milwaukee Unrest and More

  1. I am so proud of these Black women, and men, at the Olympics! its just beautiful. But I’m not proud of them because I think its a thumb in White people’s eyes, I’m just proud period. I know Black people are excellent. Its just always nice to see it.

  2. Wow…I admit, the way media downgraded the Olympics I was tempted not to watch but I did. The first thing that ” woke ” me up was looking at that marvelous Tongan hottie representing his country quite well…lol!

    On the serious tip..all of these records, man…so many I can’t keep count. Not too long ago, I read about a young Black Colombian woman winning the gold in the triple jump omn Black voices.com.Simone Biles just struck gold again, Simone miles being the first Black woman to win gold in swimming, Rafaela Silva for Taekwondo,Michelle Carter for the shotput competition and let’s not forget about the Black female track runners..just awesome!

    Rio may have started on a skeptical note ( and still is ), but all of the record breaking Black women really make up for the constant disappointment.

  3. Gabby Douglass just needs to keep her head up and stay great and ignore the haters and losers while they go low she needs to continue to keep flying high.

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