Quick Thoughts: Dylann Roof, George Zimmerman, Korryn Gaines and More

It was bound to happen sooner or later. Dylann Roof, the white supremacist murderer who shot and killed nine black churchgoers in Charleston, South Carolina in 2015, got assaulted in prison by black prisoner Dwayne Stafford.

It was reported that Roof was on his way to the shower when he got jumped by Stafford who socked him several times. Roof’s injuries are not life-threatening.

Roof will not press charges, and police will not consider the act as being racially motivated.

Speaking of racists, Trayvon Martin’s killer and all-around douche bag George Zimmerman reportedly got punched in the face in a Florida restaurant. What did he do this time? Apparently, he was bragging about killing Trayvon Martin.

Well, someone didn’t take too kindly with his usual assholery, and did something about it by giving him one across the face.

Now, anyone wanna bet that a white racist clown somewhere will declare the attacks against Roof and Zimmerman to be ‘hate crimes’? Some fool will deny that the Charleston church massacre was about racial hatred, but will, in the same breath, argue that the assault had everything to do with race.

Zimmerman’s fans will say virtually the same thing, except the race of the dude who sucker-punched Zimmerman is not yet revealed. Yet, the image of Trayvon Martin, the thug is still heavily pronounced in the minds of racist and ‘not-racist-but’ trolls. And they still look up to him for having done what they consider is ‘necessary’ against the imaginary and over-exaggerated scourge of crowds of hoodie-wearing black criminals roaming the streets.

It’s the image that probably lead to the police shooting of Korryn Gaines. However, unlike most notable deaths of black people at the hands of cops, she wasn’t exactly unarmed. According to reports, she was strapped as she barricaded herself in her apartment for hours with a shotgun after Baltimore police served her a warrant for traffic violations.

To make a long story short, there was an eventual confrontation. Gaines threatened the cops. And she was ultimately gunned down with her 5 year-old son injured in the crossfire.

I have to ask. Was it really that necessary to use lethal force for arresting someone over traffic tickets? Of course, people are going to answer ‘yes’, without realizing how many armed white folks faced off with police, but was arrested alive without injury.

Also, Gaines was a black. So, that makes her more dangerous by default, huh white America?

And while white America is on my mind, I wonder how their conservative brethren are handling the Roger Ailes scandal. The fallen CEO of Fox News is still drowning in drama over sexual harassment allegations made by more than two dozen women. And it has gotten worse as it was reported that he spent millions in hush money to make sure the women stayed quiet and to attack his enemies overall.

But conservatives will do what they do best, blame an imaginary conspiracy plotted by lib-tards lefties liberals and their media.

This is probably what ‘conservatism’ means to them, conserve their bullshit to put on a front as being ‘morally responsible’. Too bad that it never works out for them as there’s always a crack in their armor.

Currently, their biggest crack is in the form of a certain old white male billionaire jackass with bad hair campaigning for office. Luckily, if you can call it that considering his opponent is slightly a better candidate – slightly – polls show that he’s lagging behind Hillary Clinton based on responses from their appearances from their Presidential conventions. But that doesn’t guarantee a defeat for the Donald. I’m still dreading this year’s election. And it appears that no matter who wins, as in any election, some people are going to get screwed big time.


8 thoughts on “Quick Thoughts: Dylann Roof, George Zimmerman, Korryn Gaines and More

  1. I’m not one to wish people Ill and would never do it myself but as as the saying goes ” what goes around comes around ” .I also notice one thing.. not to many media have discussed this but they had a field day talking about people donating to him. When I read about the both of them,I was like ” and ? I have no feelings for either if them.

    So the BPD is at it again.Funny how they can find 6 cops innocent of killing Freddie Gray though the medical examiner ruled his death a homicide. I’m reading all sort of stuff coming from White supremacists but I expected better from my community. Some of the comments was disgusting…saying that she should have complied and her son..my God .he got shot. He’s probably going to need counselling because of this.

    ” Be compliant ” they say. Yes.. in spite of how much cops abuse people, we have to do it,but did Coryn deserve to get shot for a traffic violation? Should people get shot for telling people off ,selling cigarettes or not keeping up your property. Obviously, they are violations of the law but the appropriate punishment for all of them were paying fines. Coryn seemed troubled and from what I learned about her, she suffered from leas poisoning as a kid. She seemed to have a mental disability and by right, not supposed to be gunned down like that.

    All can judge Coryn and people like her but they never know when they could be and/ or in that same predicament. Whether she was innocent ( I thought that she was ) or guilty,I’m not going to instantly throw people under the bus like that.Notice how White supremacist stand by the devil( lie ) ..noi matter how innocent or guilty they are, they will stand by it.

    Don’t get me wrong,I cannot support wrongdoing by anybody but being a Black woman living in such a racially hostile world,I am at risk for it to come over on me .Though I don’t justify wrongdoing I will stand by my community as a whole. I wouldn’t want to give White supremacist anymore permission to degrade us than what has happened to this young woman.

  2. Roof really is starting to remind me of the serial murderer in the movie Se7en portrayed by Kevin Spacey. Very methodical. He wanted to go to prison to get beat up to justify his anger. Think about it, by being beaten up he is actually getting what he really wants either way. Death penalty or getting beaten up repeatedly and now he chooses the latter….

      1. I am sorry to hear about this vicious crime, but is this your attempt to play the ‘black-on-white crime’ card?

        Is the Pope Catholic?

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