Vern’s Venting: Mentally Ill vs. Mentally Stupid

by Lavern Merriweather:

Once despicable lowlife Christy Sheats killed both of her daughters Madison and Taylor social media became a floodgate of stupid, arrogant, whiny white folks crying about her mental state. The requisite moan of mental illness was tossed around like an uncooked pizza pie about to be shoved into an oven. A particular dumbass named Jennifer Mayers even had the absolute gall to defend Sheats actions by saying that she was a “Christian warrior” who was trying to prevent her daughters from race-mixing with black men. Never mind the fact that her oldest daughter Taylor was engaged to a man who is Mexican. White folks stuck on stupid are using any excuse they can to justify the thuggish behavior of many a white person while yelling to whatever high heaven deity who will listen that it’s black folks who are the most violent.

Oh really assholes? Then why is it that the majority of stories I see on Dateline, 20/20 and 48 Hours, three shows created and produced by white people, by the way, feature bad people killing others that are white? Are they somehow an anomaly, a figment of the imagination or perhaps they are something to be dismissed because of what they represent, and that is the fact that they have no opportunity to own the moral high ground on us Negroes that they cling to so fucking desperately?

Make no mistake. Christy Sheats was not a nutjob. She was just an evil bitch hellbent on causing havoc and misery in her own family. The 911 call from her oldest was heart breaking. Yet, that still isn’t enough to convince white people that yes, they too have some very rotten apples in their barrel. Whenever some self-righteous little snot tries to argue with me on YouTube, Facebook and elsewhere about how “dreadful” we Negroes are as opposed to them, I always throw those names in their face. Of course, instead of a rational or thought provoking response, I get a defensive complaint about FBI statistics on crime and blah, blah, blah. Interesting that they can’t uphold their racist, asinine position when I tell them exactly who puts out those statistics and why I refuse to trust their accuracy.

And another thing. If the court system thinks just like they do, then how the fuck do you expect more white people to get harsher sentences when judges, lawyers, politicians and the police never treat white criminal behavior with the severity that it deserves?

Don’t believe me? Take a look at what happened with Brock Turner, the accused rapist swimming champion. It’s bad enough that his father and the judge have been non-stop apologists for this worthless punk. But he has numerous white folks on the internet disregarding his act at every turn with an array of endlessly stupid analyses. For a group of men that are supposed to be so damn protective of their women, white males have zero problem throwing white females under the bus for the sake of their male brethren.

This was very evident in the case of another white male college athlete named John Enochs. Enochs, like Turner, is an accused rapist who had a very lenient judge that felt the stake of this thug’s future was more important to preserve than the girls he was said to have raped. One of them was even alleged to have been videotaped, but it’s obvious that don’t mean shit when there is the thought of putting a young white male in jail.

Then there is the case of Luke Gatti, aka the ‘mac and cheese’ guy who was screaming for service at a local establishment. Gatti became increasingly hostile and aggressive. So much so that the cops were called. After they arrived, Gatti not only menaced the female officer on the scene, he also assaulted her partner physically. Gatti stopped once she declared that she would tase his ass.

What I’d like to know is why did this bitch even give him the damn option in the first place? Show of hands, who here thinks that if that were a black man, he would either be shot or have the shit beat out of him? Several commenters used this very valid and astute observation to counterattack those quick to blither-blather that Gatti clearly had ‘mental issues’. Apparently, that has become the fall-back excuse for white people instead of the fact that Gatti, like the others I have mentioned, is just a despicable asshole, another privileged little brat that is getting a sweet little slap on the wrist rather than the foot up the ass he should have gotten from mom and dad.

This is why I refuse to take seriously the argument of white people when they try to justify their wickedness by crying about ‘black on black violence’. Granted, that is troublesome and wrong and has been going on for far too long. However, white people can’t keep holding up a mirror of judgment towards us when they keep disregarding the obvious problem in their own communities. How the hell do they expect us to respect their opinion when they evade the issue of white criminality with that mental illness tripe? It’s like my boy Jesse Williams stated recently at the BET awards, there have been multiple times were cops used every method but deadly force to subdue white suspects.

Case in point, there’s Keith Swainson. Swainson is a white male from Houston, Texas who actually engaged cops in a firefight and standoff that lasted for seven hours outside of his home. Yet unlike Mr. Micah Johnson, cops spent much of the time in negotiations with Swainson to convince him to surrender. They didn’t send in any drones or robot explosives to blow him to smithereens or unleashed a hail of 137 bullets, 50 bullets, 41 bullets or a bullet to the back. They talked in a calm and friendly manner to the white man that was threatening their lives.

So from now on, whenever a white person wants to lecture me, don’t. I could care less about your bullshit statistics. You don’t get to whine that the murdered black person should have just done what they were told and that we should spend more of our attention on crimes committed by black folks against other black folks. You have zero business telling me or any other black folks about our faults when you disguise yours under the umbrella of a mental affliction. It ain’t mental illness; it’s mental arrogance, and until you deal with that, don’t tell me what I should or shouldn’t be concerned with. The main thing I’m concerned with right now is how utterly full of it many white people continue to be.


3 thoughts on “Vern’s Venting: Mentally Ill vs. Mentally Stupid

  1. I wrote an article about why mental illness is unchecked in the black community, while “mental illness” is an excuse to justify white debauchery. You see, nobody wants to learn about why blacks act out, even if it is triggered by a mental illness. Your black ass just gets locked up, or they blame rap music, “black on black crime” or “warrior culture” or “single motherhood”. With whites? They find every excuse to justify barbaric behavior by these people, if not that, they blame violent video games or Marilyn Manson music. I’ll be posting the topic sometime in October, 2016.

    However, like my dude Advocatus Diaboli stated in a blog he wrote, mental illness IS and has been on the rise within the last 30-40 years. Even then, whites have no business making excuses for their stupidity anymore. Regardless, they always get the easy way out.

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