Vern’s Venting: An Eye For an Eye

By Lavern Merriweather:

This post will probably offend some people. So, I am warning those of you who support police or ‘Blue Lives Matter’ in advance.

I, for one, am not sad or upset about the cops getting killed in the past couple of days. If anything, I think it is their karma finally catching up with their asses. Cops have a long sordid history of brutalizing black communities. Most of the time, there is zero consequence and no jail time given after stupid, worthless mock trials that serve no purpose.

Let’s get real here. At this point, very few – if any – black folks truly believe that one of these kangaroo court jokes of a trial will actually result in justice. On top of that, there are the ever-available willing assholes on social media that happily defend everything the cops do, because they keep the darkies in check.

Then, you have the hypocrites in the media that waste little time digging up whatever piece of dirt they can find on the deceased. I have yet to hear that one of the cops killed (Officer Lorne Ahern) was associated with a white supremacist group. Of course, the media that loves to drag a murdered black man’s name though the mud is being silent about racist cop, particularly his blatantly obvious tattoos that are a sign of allegiance to a racist institution. It wouldn’t shock me in the slightest that a number of cops who worked with him shared his sentiment.

Don’t forget. Sandra Bland met her fate after being pulled over for a bullshit charged, then harassed by the arresting officer. Ms. Bland was later found dead in her cell from what cops called a “suicide”. Hmmm…now where I have I heard THAT one before? Oh yeah, Malcolm’s X stepfather, despite being tied to the very train tracks where he was run over.

This is not new folks. Whites can take our lives willy nilly. Then lie about it and walk away scot-free. I don’t believe Ms. Bland killed herself any more than I believe that all the cops killing black folks were justified, even if that is the typical consensus of the white folks that hurry to claim cops as the hero when they have a negative altercation with black people. They have the absolute gall to whine that if we just “obeyed” the rules like we are supposed to, don’t fight or resist and don’t act like “thugs”, cops will respect us. According to those hypocrites, if we just treat cops friendly with kindness, we will get the same in return. In short, they are saying that we bring our deaths on ourselves.

Okay dumbasses. First off, cops are not – I repeat – not always right. Just because they have an authority, doesn’t mean that authority can’t be challenged or questioned. Their mommies and daddies weren’t so damn “protect and respect” the police during many upheavals in the late 1960’s. Many white people felt it was their right – hell, their duty – to call cops pigs, assholes, the establishment and whatever else they felt like spewing. Nobody had a problem with white folks fighting the power against the so-called ‘man’. Their actions are being romanticized as standing up to the government and law enforcement. It was the cops’ job for a long time to enforce the will of rich, old white men in power to keep Negroes firmly in line. Now they want everybody to cry and hold hands “We Are the World” style, because they have a target on their back?

Sorry, but I don’t care about the dead cops. In fact, I call this payback. I call this God telling cops you can only get away with bullshit for so much before it comes back to bite you on the ass. There was less than 24 hours until yet another black man was shot, and they expect us to not be angry.

The gunman, allegedly involved with the murders of Dallas police, was a man named Micah Johnson. He was a former marine who, I understand, spent time in Iraq and Afghanistan. Mr. Johnson was well trained in handling firearms and shot 11 cops, killing 5 of them. A robot carrying explosives was released at Mr. Johnson which subsequently exploded, thus killing him.

It’s unfortunate that Mr. Johnson’s life was taken that day, he should be considered a martyr by the black community. Mr. Johnson, like Ismaaiyl Brinsley before him, actually stepped up to the plate and did what was needed. There have been petulant white folks that criticize black folks, especially the Black Lives Matter (BLM) crowd, for contradicting their stand on peaceful protest. The leaders of the BLM have since denounced the shooters in both Dallas and Baton Rouge. They may not want to hold Mr. Johnson as a hero, but I do.

And for the white people complaining about peace, white males, the government included, are the last ones to preach peace. As I have stated previously, white males have reacted with violence into damn near every conflict they have ever been in. Look at what happened with Saddam Hussein and “W” saying we had to find those non-existent WMDs. Not only were they never found, but neither he nor Cheney nor anyone in that administration had to apologize to the friends or families of countless soldiers that died. W Jr. also never had to account for all the trauma and misery he caused the innocent people in that country. Yet, white folks want to tell us about peace?

No, taking it up the ass was not working, protests didn’t work. Lawsuits didn’t work. Firing people and replacing them with black men didn’t work. Writing columns and articles condemning police didn’t work. Hell, even electing a black man as President didn’t work. Not a damn thing was working, and the matter was only getting worse. It wasn’t even a fucking day between the deaths of Philandro Castile and Alton Sterling. Micah Johnson, like a lot of black people, was fed up, but he chose not to take the punk route like most of us, myself included.

Richard Dear shot and killed a cop. Yet, he was allowed to live. Keith Swainson got into a stand-off with cops in Houston, but he was asked to surrender. James Holmes is still alive, as are Russell Weston, Charles McCoy, Jared lee Loughner and the asshole that killed two bailiffs in Massachusetts. Guess what? All of those jackasses were white!

Certain white people try to play victim by claiming that more white people are killed by cops than black folks. Yet you never hear about it. That’s because you idiots are full of shit!! I ask those stupid asses to name one white person killed by police and true to form, they can’t. If it wasn’t about race, then by their own logic, every white person that has a run-in with cops should not be breathing right now. I have seen countless videos of white folks being belligerent, defiant, violent and even threatening against police. Still, the rhetoric gang can’t answer for why it is that they aren’t dead, despite their not following the rules, not obeying orders or resisting arrest.

The real problem is that they know, as well as you and me, that white cops don’t have the same attitude in situations with white people, particularly white males. So once that dispute doesn’t work, they run to their standby of black on black violence.

Here’s the thing, what the fuck does that have to do with crooked, trigger happy cops? It’s a deflection that has no basis or merit. These assholes don’t think that we should be speaking out about cops terrorizing our communities. If they think that, they need to think again, and they also need to stop lecturing us about what we should or shouldn’t protest or how we should do it.

There is a petition circulating that demands Obama label BLM a terrorist organization. I got a terrorist organization for you bitches, they are the ones that wear badges, uniforms and guns. White people want tears shed for the cops. However, I refuse to weep when the law gets a taste of their own damn lawlessness.


3 thoughts on “Vern’s Venting: An Eye For an Eye

  1. Finally. So this what Whitney nem’ meant by exhaling. 9 days later and not one/1 response, ha’ Vern? People say those cops were innocent. Maybe? I mean, they didn’t kill the latest civilians but then again, the latest civilian casualties hadn’t killed any cops. I Fux w/U hardbody right about now!

    Vern, where ya regulars on all things not this article?

  2. Whoever wrote this deserves an award. Just be mindful of my next season of my own blog where I discuss these issues, and the stupidity of “black respectability politics”.

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