The Baton Rouge Police Murders and the Aftermath

About 10 days after the Dallas Shooting that claimed the lives of several police and injuring several more, including a civilian protecting her son, the nation was rocked with another cop killing in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. On Sunday July 17, a man dressed in black engaged in a shooting that left three officers dead and three more injured. Eventually, the suspect, a Marine and Army veteran Gavin Long, was shot and killed by police. Long was black.

The shootings against police in both Baton Rouge and Dallas came after the murders of two black men, Alton Sterling and Philando Castile. And both shootings are reported by the mainstream to have – more or less – been motived by the murders even though there’s no way to really tell since both men are dead. Instead, all we have to go by is what the news media tells us, and even they can’t be trusted.

Police all over the nation are worried. They reportedly don’t feel safe. Cleveland’s largest police union even called for a temporary ban on the open carrying of guns ahead of the Republican National Convention.

I guess that means some cops are getting it. They know how we feel when it comes to their presence. Many black people dread the sight of police, because of numerous stories of harassment, brutality and – of course – murder. They are aware of the media’s ploy to justify such actions by revisiting the victim’s past scrounging for anything they can use to turn the victim into a thug. And we know that the court system will let the killer cops walk free as there will be no convictions.

But I wouldn’t hold my breath for any hopes of revelations.

Racists, especially those who wear badges, will be even more hateful with rage and will take their anger out on the black community one way or another.

The usual hate mongers will try to pin this latest murderous strike against cops on the Black Lives Matter movement still working hard to tell cops and the nation that they are not as threatening as they perceive them to be. In fact, they’re calling for peace after the Baton Rouge cop shooting. Yet still, they are seen as a terroristic threat despite all they’re doing is fighting for the lives of a people this nation has loathed for hundreds of years.

The irony, of course, if that this is why the movement began in the first place. But it will be lost for the sake of protecting the lives of police. Black lives will continue to not matter to those who refuse to learn or feel anything.



4 thoughts on “The Baton Rouge Police Murders and the Aftermath

  1. Its ironic.While White Supremacists are trying to pin this on BLM and their supporters, they ought to take a look in the mirror and see who their greatest influences are. Seemingly, a lot more White supremacist have been found ..and will continue to be found in law enforcement. There is word being spreaded that one of those cops who died in the Dallas killings may have been associated with White supremacist that’s a surprise.

    Like you said, now that the death of those cops in Baton Rouge,and Dallas has taken place, it wouldn’t be suprised that they will harass the Black community. Far as Baton Rouge..again..didn’t suprise me.It has been said that Black men have been wrongly harassed and killed there for several years and the way a lot of BLM protesters were treated there was inhumane. BRP thought it was funny,but seemingly.. the joke was on them.

    Ask the average person if they want peace and they’ll say yes but peace has got to be in the laws and distributed equally but as you the cops being acquitted in the Freddy Gray case..distrust against police will remain.

  2. In a speech by Malcolm X he so eloquently stated how many white males like cops start trouble with black people but yet they always make US the bad guy. I for one shed no tears for those pigs, I am glad they are dead and I feel bad for the two black men that died valiantly giving those assholes a taste of their own medicine.

  3. I was watching CNN about the Baton Rouge shooting and the anchorperson expressed shock about the lone gunman who did this. Apparently it is just dawning on white people that the black community has its share of crazed, lone gunmen, with military training, too. Normally, such guys are pretty quiet, happily writing books, or making YouTube videos, like this guy, but I’m guessing police brutality has set at least two of them off.

    I’m still not sure why white people are surprised at the fact that the black community contains disturbed people with guns. The only difference between them and the white ones is that the black ones appear to be a little more focused on a specific target.

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