The Darkness That Is White Culture


It seems that everyday, progressive news reports or viral videos record moments where overt white racism surface praying on innocent people of color. A white man in Oregon threatened his black neighbor with lynching just because, according to news, he (the white man) saw him. In Atlanta, a white male cop shot an unarmed black man in the head. His only crime was being at the crime scene and looking suspicious i.e. being a black male. A white couple in Texas went on a racist tirade against a black female teen in a restaurant for no apparent reason while white onlookers sit quietly doing nothing. And a black man could’ve gotten in real trouble for asking a white woman a question, because when he approached her to ask her a question, the woman screamed that he was going to rape her even though that was never his intention.

These are just recent examples of white culture, the parts that are about hatred, ignorance and general bullshit that endangers people of color. There were many more, too many to name. And that doesn’t include the machines of systemic racism.

Not too many people will bring up the parts about white culture that is destructive and corrosive. Hell, not too many people believe that there is such a thing as white culture. The jackasses responsible for incidents of racial animus are many, way more than most of us would like to believe. The reaction to the election of the first black president and the rise of a pretentious asshole of a billionaire proves this. So, we need to ask and examine why white culture is absorbed in the disdain for people of color, particularly black folks, and it is always ignored.

White culture is the desire to move in, invade or colonize an area where nonwhites live and take over that area in ways that oppress the original inhabitants and leave that place in utter disarray for the sake of white power. Sooner or later, white people will consider those nonwhites as inferior for living in an area they destroyed ignoring the roots of its destruction that they (white people) largely caused.

White culture is building a web of systems based on a color caste where white skin is seen as superior. It’s simple as hell, but history shows that it was powerful enough to tip the scales of power in favor of white people through violent means. The caste system strengthened thanks to European and American invasions and colonizations worldwide employing that white skin is supreme above all races. And speaking of races…

White culture believes that race is determined by skin color. Even though there is only one race, the human race, white culture has created a system that made it so that many people believe there are four or five races of humans with the whites being at the top. Skin color has been classified into groups as to who is the most intelligent, most morally sophisticated and the most powerful.

White culture is to look down on nonwhites for not being white. It’s been taught for centuries that anyone that’s not white is simply not right. However, white culture has a thing about the cultures of nonwhites whether its their music, their food or their clothing. But oddly, they care little to nothing about the people who are their originators.

White culture blames nonwhites for their problems, most of which is caused by white racism. Despite their history of devastation, whites have made it so that their people are above accountability. They create a world – a history where their murderous, genocidal actions were either done for the greater good or never happened at all. Instead, it’s the fault – always the fault of nonwhites that this world is in such lousy shape.

White culture is protect itself at all cost, even if it means more destruction and bloodshed. The culture is built from immoral acts of violence, hatred, ignorance, deceit and denial. And it must use them to maintain their power.

These are just a few points, but there is more. Much more. Thankfully, some white people know and have actively taken steps towards fighting it. But others have decided to ride the train until the very end.

Those suffering from the sickness of whiteness will see this article as the anti-white. White culture has a way of twisting minds where the slightest criticism of racism is seen as an all-out attack against white people. This culture which has festered the world for hundreds of years must be abolished in order for all of us, including white people, to progress. This is not about white and black. This is about right and wrong.


One thought on “The Darkness That Is White Culture

  1. White supremacy definition: A genetic defect expressing delusions of grandeur. What this is basically is pathology that is ingrained in white folks. They fear people of color because at the heart of it all, white skin is result of a genetic defect. White people are genetic recessive. Black people are dominant. We are the original people of this planet and every time they look at us; they see their own genocide. What they are doing is out of the inclination of white genetic survival. However, they are at negative birthrate (worldwide) and in the United states,there is also a suicide epidemic among them, prescription pill addiction, bestiality is on the rise in White American, and mental illness disorders–too many to mention. The things you listed are systemic in the nature of white people for they are depraved at the base level. Nature has selected them for extinction. You can’t keep disrespecting the laws of this universe with impunity. Everything that is happening and will happen to them is deserved. Do not mourn them. Whatsoever a man seweth; that shall he also reap. Galatians 6:7 New Living Translation: Don’t be misled–you cannot mock the justice of God. You will always harvest what you plant.

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