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I don’t know what to say. I’m not as articulate or as intelligent as some people to express myself in a profound way. So, don’t expect this to be deep.

I’m saddened. I’m angry. And I’m at wits end. Two black men were killed by cops within the last 48 hours. As far as I know, it was only two…so far. And both of them posed no threat. And 24 hours later, someone or a group of people decided to wage war with police in Dallas. Needless to say, this has been a week from Hell.

Alton Sterling and Philando Castile are among a growing list of black people killed by police or some angry vigilante with a fear for black folks. And it will continue, unless something is done, something intelligent and something effective.

But us getting killed is NOT BECAUSE OF US. It was racism that created suspicion, hatred and fear towards us. And it was racism that classified white skin as innocent and superior and black skin as savage and inferior.

Before you start with the old “black-on-black crime” bullshit speech, let me remind you that intra-racial crime is COMMON AMONG ALL RACES INCLUDING WHITES! Yet, whenever white people commit horrible crimes, MOST of them are never killed by police. Even when they have guns in their possession locked and loaded, MOST cops don’t shoot them down.

Police don’t see white folks as threating even when and if they’re armed. Police are trained to protect and obey them. The law was set up in their favor. And the court system was created for the sake of white supremacy.

No. The system isn’t broken. It’s working just as it was set up to be, for the protection and safety of certain people above everyone else.

And yet, when black folks try to explain our plight, white people tell them to get over it, work harder, assume they want ‘free stuff’ and ‘special treatment’ or it was all in their imagination because racism is supposedly over. When black people tell the police and white America that their lives matter, they argue with all kinds of excuses as to the contrary. Racism is why they get so upset at the simple yet much needed words ‘black lives matter’.

All lives don’t matter if one has a problem with black lives. For four centuries, at least, white people have a problem with black lives. And the recent murders of two unarmed black men was evidently the breaking point to make one, or a few people do, something that would shock the nation.

Details are still sketchy as to the writing of this post, but the truths so far illustrate that there was a sniper attack after a peaceful protest in response to the police killings in the city of Dallas that claimed the lives of five officers and wounded seven more including at least one protester. The police were reportedly present to PROTECT the protesters. No police behaved with hostility towards the movement.

The chaos lasted a few hours over night into the early morning.

A suspect named Micah Johnson was killed by a robot laced with explosives. Johnson was a black man who was a military veteran. Three other people are currently held as suspects. It’s unknown what race they are now. But Johnson’s picture is already blasted all over the media. Some white folks bare animosity towards the Black Lives Matter movement over false claims that they advocate hatred and violence against police and white people. Since Johnson was a black male who allegedly targeted white cops after a protest against police violence, some white people are livid towards the movement, threatening it (and President Obama as usual) even though the suspect claimed he acted alone.

Yet, Black Lives Matter is still like Isis in their eyes.

It was reported that Johnson said that he wanted to kill white cops and was upset at Black Lives Matter. I don’t advocate violence against anyone, but I’m NOT surprised by his rage or his actions if what was reported was true.

Some black (and white) folks knew that a tragedy was about to unfold as a result of so many racist and murderous cops. They knew that a powder keg was lit somewhere in America and was on the verge of blowing up in the near future. Some see Johnson as a martyr who did what few black people would do. Assuming he was a participant, he became the hunter, not the hunted. After SO many black men and black women were dying at the hands of cops across the country each year, the rage created what we witnessed in Dallas.

But last night’s shooting may have done more harm than good. Some white folks and police are pissed off, and it won’t be surprising to see innocent black men and black women harassed, assaulted or gunned down as revenge. If it’s not because of Dallas, it will be because of some other crime committed by black folks. Somehow, somewhere, someday black people WILL PAY the price.

The cycle of violence will continue. Hate begets hate. Until there are solutions – logical solutions – that will help and benefit us all, there will be more bloodshed, and most of the blood will likely come from the bodies of black Americans.