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In less than 30 hours after Alton Sterling’s murder at the hands of police in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, another unarmed black man Philando Castile was shot by a cop in Falcon Heights, Minnesota.

Castile’s girlfriend Lavish Raynolds recorded her encounter with a cop moments after the shooting. (I don’t know it was the same cop that shot Castile.) It was all taped inside of a car. The policeman pointed a gun at him through the car window while he was still bleeding heavily. There was a small child in the backseat crying.

Castile was pronounced dead at a local hospital.

Here’s what will likely happen: The cop who shot him will be placed on administrative leave. The news media will dig up anything, like his criminal record if he has one for instance, that will convince viewers not to feel any sympathy for him. And the cop who shot murdered him will probably walk free.

Just another day in the USA.