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His name was Alton Sterling, and like many before him, he was another statistic in a never-ending police campaign against unarmed black men and women.

Sterling was a 37 year-old Baton Rouge native who was selling CD’s outside a store. Apparently, someone thought it was suspicious and called the police. When cops Blane Salamoni and Howie Lake II, both of whom are white, showed up, a struggle ensued that resulted in Sterling getting shot multiple times while being pinned to the ground. Both cops are placed on administrative leave, as expected.

The store owner said that Sterling was unarmed. Salamoni and Lake say otherwise. There was none. Even if he had one, he was literally in no position to use it being heavily restrained. Plus, Louisiana is an Open-Carry state. I guess that only applies to white folks, huh?

The Department of Justice is conducting an investigation. Yet, many – including myself – already see a ‘no conviction‘ verdict in the future for those two crackers. There wasn’t one for Trayvon, Sandra, Eric or Aiyana, to name a few. So, pardon me while I tell you to fuck off when you say that ‘justice will be serve’ or how we need to ‘wait for the facts’.

Footage of the violent encountered was captured on video which is currently viral all over social and news media along with taping of Sterling’s oldest son and mother of his children suffering. Yet, as usual, white assholes will creep out to spew their racist crap, and the news media will try to bring up Sterling’s criminal record.

Oh wait, they already have.