Jesse Williams’s Speech, Christy Sheats’ Crime & Morally Bankrupt Reactions

I haven’t been able to write about my opinions on last week’s trending topics. Two of them were the highly talked-about speech that actor Jesse Williams gave during the 2016 BET Awards and the murder of two daughters by gun rights advocate Christy Sheats. And I’m fairly sure you’ve heard of them as well. But in case you haven’t, here’s the quick rundown.

Jesse Williams is the actor who stars in the hit TV series Grays Anatomy who was awarded the Humanitarian award during recent the BET Awards. He gave an acceptance speech so powerful that it sent shock waves throughout social media and beyond. His speech briefly touched on the topics of racism, police brutality and the victims of both. As short as it was, it was enough to still have people talking at this very minute. You can read the transcript here.

Christy Sheats was the Houston woman who made the news after she shot and killed her two daughters Taylor and Madison. Reports stated that she and Taylor had an argument, and that she didn’t want her daughter to marry her fiancè. In the end, Sheats murdered both her daughters which ultimately lead to her own death by police.

As a side note, Sheats getting killed by cops was a little surprising seeing as how she was a white woman in Texas. There’s no need to mention how the outcome would be different if she was a black or brown woman, because we’re all too familiar with the sobering reality that just being nonwhite is a felony punishable by death in this nation.

It should also not astound anyone that both events have prompted predictable responses from the usual underground of self-righteous loons with inverted morals and low-level intelligence. Jesse Williams’ speech has triggered the anticipated ire from certain people (mostly white), especially one astute commentator Tomi Lahren. And despite her horrific crime, Christy Sheats has at least one supporter, a blogger who goes by the name Jennifer Mayers, who supposedly knew why she had to kill.

Lahren, a conservator commentator and host for The Blaze and possible Ann Coulter clone, was absolutely livid about William’s speech. She was so steamed that her argument came out as emotionally charged, devoid of facts and was lacked more coherency than anything Sarah Palin ever said about – anything.

Here are a few gems she dropped provided by Raw Story, most of which you’ve heard before from other conservatives whenever a person of color talks about racism. (I’m not going to upload the video with the entire commentary, because I don’t want to be help responsible for any brain aneurysms.) Read at your own risk:

“The BET Awards were last night, notably they were very black…Oh, but can I say that? What with my whiteness and all? Well, too damn bad.”

“Are you kidding me, Jesse?” she asked, accusing the actor of being anti-police because he spoke out about the killing of 12-year-old Tamir Rice.

“The term unarmed black man may be literally accurate, but it doesn’t tell the whole story in most cases,” she insisted. “In a number of cases, if the victim ended up being unarmed, it was certainly not for a lack of trying.”

“Also, white people, yeah, we do have a record of critique of your oppression,” she ranted. “You know how many of our ancestors fought in the Civil War to free your ancestors? Bloodiest war in the United States history was over what was right and it was largely white people fighting it.”

“It’s not white people working to divide America, it’s you!” she exclaimed as if Williams could hear her. “You and Beyonce and Jada Pinkett Smith and Al Sharpton. Do you see yourself as a victim?”

“It sure seems like you want special treatment, it sure sounds like you would like a gold star at the end of the day just for being born. Get over yourself.”

Lahren concluded: “Nice work and how about you sit down!”

It goes without saying how incredibly racist and stupid – fucking stupid – her argument is. The irony is lost on her complaining about a person of color discussing racism while showing how much of a racist she is. Her response drew criticism from many, but Lahren doesn’t seem to be at all deterred.

There’s even a petition out calling for Williams’ to get fired from the show. Lahren didn’t start the petition, but those with the same opinions as her have, upset that the actor had the nerve to open up about racism which – in their so-called minds – is itself racist.

And then there’s Jennifer Mayers, a blogger no one knew about until she expressed how Christy Sheats was right to killer her daughters, because – get this – they were sleeping black boys. After she declared Sheats of being ‘America’s martyr’, it didn’t take long for the internet to notice.

Here’s an excerpt from that infamous post. Please try not to destroy your computer after you read this:

A devout Republican and gun rights advocate, she no doubt discovered that both of her daughters had been promiscuous and were sleeping with black boys and she took it upon herself to put an end to that cycle. She was brave enough to stand up and say ENOUGH! Not in MY house! And she should be lauded.

Race mixing is not only an ungodly thing, it causes such confusion and humiliation. Not only for the children born of this sin, but for the grandparents who would have to carry this burden. Mrs. Sheats was the picture of elegance and I know she would not want to have to explain to her friends why she was carrying around a yellow mixed baby that her promiscuous daughters had created.

Rather than be forced into this life of depravity and sin, she chose to go down grasping her weapon in the name of God. As far as I am concerned, she is a martyr for Christ.

I would say that you can’t make this stuff up, but…she made it all up. There have been no reports that suggest that Sheats shot her daughters for sleeping with black males much less that her daughters slept with black males at all. So in the end, one can only guess that Mayers’s sick, racist, pseudo-Christian mindset conjured up a make-believe story out of thin air in a pathetic attempt to turn an white American murderer into a martyr for Christ.

And that’s not all. You should see what she wrote about O.J., the Stanford University rapist Brock Turner, homosexuals, white and black welfare recipients and why she’s not a racist asshole.

Both responses have one thing in common. It’s all about protecting whiteness at the expense of black people. Tomi Lahren’s rambling demonstrates she not only knows absolutely nothing about why black people should protest the injustices they face, but she and her angry white comrades could care less about hearing them out. Instead, the prefers black people to shut up and smile.

Jennifer Mayers created a false racist narrative to turn a killer into a victim. She made up the story about Sheats’ daughters promiscuity involving black males, in which she refers to them as ‘black boys’, and doesn’t seem to understand why people are shocked enough to consider her article satire. They can’t believe anyone could be that ludicrous.

But when it comes to race and black people, nothing is ruled out when it comes to keeping them down. As we’ve seen with both responses to two different events, thoughtlessness, insensitivity and a complete disregard for the truth and reality is what’s needed to maintain white supremacy, and some people certainly want to keep the oppression going.


8 thoughts on “Jesse Williams’s Speech, Christy Sheats’ Crime & Morally Bankrupt Reactions

  1. Tomi Lahren is really little more than a mouthpiece for O’Reilly, and other older male conservatives, whose every talking point she incoherently deployed in her little speech.

    The aim is always the same but the he tactics change up a bit. Now the big thing for white people to do is yell, “Well, they’re doing it!” Or ,”You did it, too! As if that were a perfectly valid excuse for their assholery. They take every opportunity they can to yell “Racism” at black people. It’s the kind of a child.

    “I know you are but what am I”, type of thinking. And that’s where people like Tomi live.

  2. Lahren is using that handy tactic for galactically STUPID white folks like her and that is deflecting. They are tired of being the bad guy and they wan to play victim their damn selves like that heffa suing because her silly patronizing ass got fired. That dumb bitch couldn’t even craft together a valid rant response LOL! She starts yacking about the Civil War which don’t got dick to do with dick. Memo to brain dead blond bitch you don’t get a medal for cleaning up a mess that you made. Bitch needs about 5,000 seats

  3. Of course Brotha there are the requisite dumbasses saying that Sheats was “mentally ill” I am going out of my way to put those fools in check

  4. You know Tomi was getting bored so she had to find something to do by taking stupidity against Jesse.

    I don’t know about anyone else but I loved Jesse’s speech. It was one of the most powerful speeches that I ever heard in a very long time and I knew that he was going to stomp a lot of toes with it .I also haven’t watched BET in a long time but I was curious about this awards show became I just wanted to see how badly they we’re going to beat Madonna and the Billboard with that sorry rendition paying homage to Prince.

    Far as Tori..she fits into the stereotype of ” Dumb Blond “.’s her job to please her boss with that talking out the side of your neck mentality but I’m sorry..she should acknowledge the truth. We don’t play ” victims “. To play victim has got to be one of the most far fetched accusations I ever heard of .So when I hear stories about cops brutalizing POC citizens, Muslims getting assaulted outside of their home of worship, Donald Trump telling Latinos and other immigrants that hell build a wall , or calling the Chinese ” rapist” or keeping Native Americans like Leonard Peltier unjustly imprisoned they are playing victim?

    To play Miss Tori implies ..means to inflict harm on oneself. FHI..racists and race deniers are the ones inflicting on others and if playing victim means standing / speaking about what is right..oh be it.

    1. She doesn’t talk about how thug Luke Gatti got into a FIGHT with a cop yet only stopped because he was threatened with getting tased. Bitch cop should have tased his sorry ass the minute he got into a brawl with her partner yet he was given the option. Then dumb bitches like Tomi say there is no white privilege smh!

  5. The ignorance of “whiteness” I didn’t know about the white woman in Houston until I saw a post on Google + social media site. The in the midst of the madman orange pig in a bad wig Donald Trump and his hate regime the racist nut jobs are doing the most. Note to the racist haters Jesse Williams is not going to be fired Shonda Rimes his boss said so. Man, these crazy racist act like dogs with rabies foaming at the mouth when the truth is spoken about their evil ways or we celebrate our beautiful Blackness. They loose their minds. Anyway screw them.

  6. And Stacy Dash called Jesse Williams a plantation slave. The irony of that statement is she is the one cooning for dollars for Fox News and Rupert Murdoch her and Whoopi Goldberg damn boot lickers.

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