How American Society TRULY Feels About Race


Race is real, according to a white racist society. And here’s a breakdown on how it sees different ‘races’.


You are adored, admired and supported practically no matter what you do. You and only you have made so many contributions to this nation and to the world throughout all of history. You deserve the best. You deserve comfort.

Even if and when you do wrong, you’re still human. Hell, you’re BETTER than human! And as such, you will be treated as positive as humanly possible.

You are still good people by nature. You can truly do no wrong because, by virtue of your skin color, you are superior to everyone else in intelligence, beauty and morality. And anyone who says otherwise, regardless of any evidence presented, truly hates you. Don’t let them steal your joy or your position as the greatest people on Earth. You deserve the world and our white god’s love.

Native Americans/First Nation People

Wait, are they still around?

Anyway, they were savages. They were primitive. They brought it on themselves for the genocide inflicted on them. This is a country for WHITE people only anyway. And don’t blame white people for what their ancestors did. That’s racist!


We don’t care about you. We never did. You are only valuable so long as you serve us in some way, shape or form. Other than that, your lives are worthless to us.

Besides, your people are inferior, criminal minded, sex-crazed, lazy, violent degenerates and your skin color proves it. The fact that you’re black is a problem to us! And if you think that’s racist. It’s not. It’s the truth. The truth is racist and to be anti-racist is to be anti-white.

Racism is a thing of the past. Get over it already! Still, we have to hear you bitch and moan about how you’re still not treated fairly. We don’t care about your pain and suffering. You all just want free stuff. You don’t deserve a damn thing. You should get off your lazy asses, pull yourselves up by your bootstraps, get a fucking job and stop complaining!

Why don’t you be like white people and learn how to work and behave? If you do, we just might care about you, but not enough to see you as fully human.


You’re our model minority. You are not like blacks or Latinos. You are more like white people than they are, and that’s awesome! You work hard. You stay out of trouble. And you’re not violent or rapists.

However, you’re still strange to us. You still seem to not fit our image as to what an American looks like. You appear weaker, undersexed and way too smart – even smarter than whites it seems. That’s why that even though you’re good people, you can never truly be given the honor of being considered human.


You work hard. We’ll give you that. But you still don’t truly belong here. If you are here, you’re probably here illegally. You probably stole jobs from whites real Americans. And that’s why they hate you.

Stay in your country where drugs, poverty, murder and rape are common. Don’t bring that shit into our beloved country.

Arabian/Middle Eastern

All or most of you are probably Muslim and are therefore terrorists.

You hate our freedom.

You should be thrown in prison, tortured or thrown out of our country.


You’re considered another ‘race’ we don’t like. You’re greedy. You rule everything. And you’re untrustworthy.


5 thoughts on “How American Society TRULY Feels About Race

  1. That sums up Donald Trumps, the Steve Sailers, Jared Taylors, Dylann Roof, the GOP, the Democratic Party, Stormfront, HBD, Heartiste/Roissy/MRAs, the Bill O’Reillys, all of Faux Nooz, the mainstream Media, They play the phony game of “colorblindness’ but in reality they’re racists at heart and are extremely race conscious.


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