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By Lavern Merriweather

Brotha was very considerate and compassionate in his response to the Orlando shooting and while I get that, there’s something about this whole thing that has me very pissed.

I don’t recall ANY of the white celebrities, politicians and media pundits rushing to show empathy with the nine black people murdered in Charleston. Not only that, not a one of those people stepped up to the plate to call out the assholes at Fake Noise or washed up has-been Pat Boone for lying that this was about ‘religion’.

When the Orlando shooting happened on June 12, white people were immediately coming out in droves to call this a tragedy to end all tragedies. Interesting, considering that America is one of the few countries to drop several bombs on other nations along with Agent Orange. This is also the country that used deadly chemicals to poison Iraqi soldiers where the ramifications are still being felt today by thousands. Yet, when it’s a group that white people feel are worth protecting, you bet your ass they will be on alert.

I asked someone after the shooting that if this were a club full of straight black and Latino people would be white folks be so damn up in arms? The answer to that is not very likely. Although there were no white and gay people in the club, the bottom line is that the majority of gay people in this country are white. So, an attack on any crowd of gay people is basically an attack on them.

If my words seem harsh, then so be it. I am sick to death of black people being expected to rally around other communities, but nobody is supposed to give a rat’s ass about us. When Donald Chump made derogatory comments about illegal immigrants, specifically Mexicans, they had the gall to complain about black people as if it’s our fucking job to make certain that white people never hurt their feelings. However, that same community was silent after Mexican president Vincente Fox said obnoxious things about African-Americans or when that asswipe from Univision called the First Lady Michelle an “ape”.

I don’t recall the gay community in such a hurry to speak out for black people. And for the people who want moan that there were black people killed in the club too, I don’t want to hear it. It’s real easy for everyone else to preach solidarity with Negroes when their ass is on the line. Yet, for black people we are very much on our own for our struggles and suffering. Where are all the gay, Asian, Latino and Arab folks for black people when the Charleston church shooting took place? Oh right! They were sitting somewhere bitching about how “all lives matter” and lecturing us about how we don’t own the movement.

Well we don’t need to sympathize with your damn anguish either fool!

Had that been an all black club, I have a sneaky suspicion that all this love and support from the white Hollyweird society would be non-existent as would all their outrage, protests and singing songs on the White House lawn. Performers at the Tonys instantly slapped on white ribbons to show that they were with the people killed in spirit. Funny but I didn’t see any ribbon sporting by those hypocrites when the nine black people were murdered last year.

I noticed from the pictures on Brotha’s website that one of the victims was an elderly black woman. For the longest of times, even our aged have gotten zero respect. Don’t lose sight of the fact that age had no bearing on who got lynched back in the day. Young and mature alike were hung, some while in broad daylight, with many with pictures of smiling white scumbags to prove it. But to hear white folks talk, racism is a thing of the past and whatever trauma befalls us Negroes, we had it coming.

Smart-ass TV satirist Samantha Bee even went so far as to call thug Dylann Roof a “nationalist”. What the fuck is that supposed to mean exactly? Apparently, that is her way of saying “You black mothers better deal with your problems yourselves, because we have better people to worry about!”

I also wonder why this annoying bitch put up two images of black males in her venting rage.

White folks absolutely didn’t scream about gun control when nine black folks lost their lives to that punk who I might add was taken to Burger King right afterwards as if he were the police officers best damn friend or some shit. In addition, the Charleston shooter is alive and well, meaning that yes, there IS a bias when it comes to cops and black people, the same way there is a bias to who white people will shed tears over as they proclaim that we should “love each other more”. No, we should only love those people who you pricks deem worthy. That’s the American way.

I get that the people who were killed that night in the club had nothing to do with the murders of those nine people at the church in Charleston. Still, I have a hard time weeping over their deaths when ours are treated like a forced footnote on the nightly news. Don’t think for one second that the attention given to the victims in Charleston was anything but a necessary situation. I could tell that the humanity for the people who died in Orlando was genuine just as I could tell the humanity for the people murdered in Charleston was not. Neither side is willing to spend that much time discussing black people’s horror, unless it’s in the most perfunctory way possible. On top of that is the fact that black lives are especially expendable in predominantly black spaces.

White folks have the peace of mind to know that anywhere inhabited mostly by black folks is somewhere they never have to be, except by choice. Then again, we all know good and well that given that choice, white folks will stay far away. Their safety is a priority while ours is completely up for grabs even as there are white people demanding that black folks are the most violent.

Then, when confronted with the ever growing number of white male mass shootings, they get defensive or dismissive by calling them ‘occasional’. That doesn’t make the nine church members in South Carolina any less dead, nor does it make it justifiable so you can forego our pain while you require that we acknowledge yours.

After the original verdict in the Jordan Davis case (which was complete bullshit), the only people who uttered a peep were black people. In fact one of the few white celebrities that I have seen speak out about black people is Susan Sarandon. This is why I go out of my way to watch her films, and everyone else is ‘Hollywhite’ who ignores our plight can truly go fuck themselves.