Information about Omar Mateen

The following was written by Facebook member Che Brandes-Tuka. It contains some information as to who the Orlando shooter Omar Mateen was.

He was a child of immigrants, born and raised in the United States.

He pledged allegiance to Hezbollah, Al-Qaeda AND ISIS, 3 organizations that are de facto at war with each other, showing he was ignorant about all 3, let alone politics in the Middle East in general.

He knew practically nothing about Islam and according to his wife, father and community he was not religious in the slightest.

He struggled with his toxic masculinity, had an alcohol problem and beat up his wife for which he was never charged.

He was racist towards Blacks, Latinos and other minorities and in the shooting killed predominantly queer people of color.

Despite his own alleged queer inclinations, he was a homophobe in a country where still 1 in 5 LGBTQ people are victims of hate crimes and there are more than a 100 anti-LGBTQ bills (from anti-gay marriage to bathroom bills) pending in dozens of states.

He idolized the NYPD, one of the country’s most well-known and cherished institutions that has an army bigger than ISIS, is known to indiscriminately, unwarrantedly and disproportionally spy on Muslims and which engages in systematic violence against Blacks, Latinos and other minorities.

He beat juveniles in detention centers over the head for a living as he worked for and got his training from the private security firm G4S, which is not only one of the foremost stakeholders in the Prison–industrial complex, but is also invested in mass deportations as it runs immigration detention centers and participates in the occupation of Palestine, training other mass killers in Israel to target and imprison Palestinians.

He staged a mass shooting in a country that has seen a 1,000 mass shootings in the last 1,200 days.

So basically he was ignorant, self-conflicted, racist, sexist, homophobe, had a sick admiration for authority and was obsessed with guns and violence, eventually acting upon all of that.


2 thoughts on “Information about Omar Mateen

  1. Omar Mateen was a repressed gay man he was filled with so much self hate that he projected his self hate on queer people. Hating the very thing that he was. Now this thing has sprouted many heads. The idiot politicians will use this to promote their agendas gun control and Islamaphobia. When in reality it was none of these things. All it was Mateen was a gay man in conflict with his sexuality.

  2. I tried posting this before, but here goes again. There was a Black young lady who survived the shooting. She said that the shooter told the Blacks who were in the bathroom where she was that Blacks were not the targets and that “you suffered enough”. This of course does not erase the fact that Black people were still shot and killed even, but we all know that the media will not show this interview in its entirety. Here is her interview:

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