America Truly Doesn’t Give a Fuck!


The nation, and perhaps the world, is still dealing with the aftermath of last weekend’s massacre at a popular gay club in Orlando, Florida. People are still trying to wrap their heads over what the news media christened as “the worst mass shooting in U.S. history. Members of the LGBT community are understandably shaken and worried, especially after hearing of news of another impending attack that was averted – this time, the target was at a gay pride parade in Los Angles.

But we’ve seen ‘tragedies’ like this before. And I use the term tragedies loosely, because there seems to be (at least) one of this variety per year in this country with more shootings occurring in-between. This country seems rather numb, desensitized enough to be too lazy to do anything about it. America is losing lives by the thousands each year due to gun violence alone.

But America truly doesn’t give a fuck.

I know you’re asking, “How could you say that?” How could I NOT say it? Sure, we’re mourning for the victims of the terrible shooting and are thinking about their families and friends. (In the internet age, we show it through tweets and flag-modified selfies on Facebook.) I know the news media seemed genuinely disturbed. And hell yes, I’m aware of the politicians coming out on camera expressing their shock, anger and sympathy towards those affected.

But like I said before, America truly doesn’t give a fuck.

If gun violence is as bad as it seems, it would make sense to take drastic measures to do something about it. The popular answers are that there must be stricter gun laws and getting guns off the street somehow, especially the kind the military uses that always end up in the hands of civilian assholes. Meanwhile, a certain pro-gun group buys the government in order to prevent any change, and government officials happily sellout.

They win. The gun nuts always come out on top. And they have no problems with it.

Like I said in my previous post, the U.S. leads the world in mass shootings. But America truly doesn’t give a fuck.

What can we do to get through another attack? What can be done to prevent another attack? The answer from politicians has always summed down to one word. Pray.

We are told to pray after a violent tragedy to God, the same God that did nothing to prevent the tragedy in the first damn place. We are told to kneel, put our hands together and talk to ourselves. And before you know it, another freakin’ incident of gun violence takes place. Why?

Because apparently, God doesn’t give a fuck because America truly doesn’t give a fuck.

What happened in Orlando was NOT the deadliest mass shooting in American history as the mainstream media proclaimed. And it certainly won’t be the last. It is one of a long continuous line of man-made chaos against certain people in this country alone. It is part of the violence against people who are not considered ‘normal’. It happened against the Native Americans, women, Africans and their descendants, Mexicans, Asians, the poor and so on. Don’t hate just because it’s the historical truth.

There is always enough hate in this nation to explode at any given time. Depending on the perpetrators and the victims, society has taught its people who to hate and hear and who to feel safe around. They are taught who are victims and who are criminals. They are taught who deserves to live and who deserves to die.

So, it’s no wonder while you have many people expressing their sympathies, claiming to stand with the LGBT community, you have haters practically cheering the brutal deaths of those killed. At the same time, you will have more haters rushing to use the massacre as an excuse to condemn Islam as a ‘violent religion’. No matter what, there will be people who will use hate during a time of sorrow.

And they don’t give a fuck.

You might think that maybe, just maybe the Orlando massacre will be the breaking point to which America will finally wake up and wise up. But I wouldn’t hold my breath. As mentioned earlier, this is but another instance of violence that could’ve been prevented, but was ultimately ignored. In some instances, tragedies like this are encouraged somehow. Whatever the case, another mass shooting will occur anywhere from right now to sometime next year, and we’ll go through the cycles once again like a tireless script.

It won’t matter if the victims in the next moment of gun-induced chaos will be women, men, children, blacks, whites, Latinos, Asians, Native Americans, biracial, straight, LGBT, Christians, Sikhs, Muslims, Catholics, Protestants, Jews, Atheists, Agnostics, lower, middle, upper-class, American-born, foreign-born, able-bodied or disabled. The saga will continue undisturbed, and society will – as usual – refuse to learn a damn thing.

America truly doesn’t give a fuck.


5 thoughts on “America Truly Doesn’t Give a Fuck!

  1. I agree with the desensitization that sets in after tragedy. However I disagree when it comes to God because God does care. The problem lies in the fact that people belief God controls people. He gives everyone a brain to make their own choices. People turn away from what is right and turn to what is not or in people who represent the evil of the world. Man will ultimately bring destruction of the human race by the choices they make. Yes, they are those that don’t care or take matters into their own hands in the name of radicalism. Don’t waste your time and energy on those people because that’s what they want us to do. If we do, agenda accomplished. We need to brainstorm solutions to making this world a better place. It starts with the children. Teaching them love conquers hate. #ijs

  2. Yeah, I gave up about America giving a fuck, after Newtwon. I know if politicians and gun fondlers dont care when little white babies die, they sure as hell don’t care when anybody else does.

  3. WATCH BOSTON GLOBE TODAY! now they Name all the victims, shot … The Guardian Counts the Name of victims of Police …thank you, BrothaWolf

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