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The nightclub known as ‘Pulse’ has been a hangout for the LGBT community in Orlando, Florida. Early Sunday morning around 2 a.m. EST during a party, a shooting occurred at the nightclub. The shooter was identified as Omar Mateen who, according to the New York Times, pledged allegiance to ISIS in a 911 call prior to the attacks.

Over a hundred people were shot. At first, the murder count was reported as high as 20, but subsequent reports reported that at least 49 people were killed.

Mateen held up the club with a dozen hostages. Hundreds of party goers managed to escape unharmed.

At about 5 a.m., a SWAT team raided the nightclub. Mateen was eventually killed by police.

At this time, the mainstream media and law enforcement declared the massacre as a terrorist attack. However, many are considering to also charge this as a hate crime.

The news media have all declared this as the worst mass shooting in U.S. history.

Because the shooting was conducted by someone of Middle Eastern background with a radical Muslim faith with confessed ties to an Islamic state, the Middle Eastern and Muslim communities will – if not already – will be held responsible for this individual’s crime. Islam will, as usual, be considered as a violent religion. There will be politicians and evangelical Christians who will condemn a religion of millions for this one terrible act.

Meanwhile, there’s an outpouring of sympathy for the LGBT community of Orlando, probably for LGBT communities nationwide. Yet, prior to the massacre, homophobia was steadily high, especially in states like North Carolina with their recent anti-LGBT law. Sadly but predictably, there will be people who claim Christian heritage that will take pleasure in this tragedy, praising God for the deaths of innocent people whom they declare as ‘abominations’.

However, the kinder members of faith will ask us to pray for the families and friends of those murdered and injured.

Lastly, there will be a brief discussion on gun laws. But there won’t likely be any drastic changes to those laws. Another win for the NRA and right wing gun nuts.

Oh, and conservatives will blame President Obama for this.

The United States leads the world in mass shootings. And after each mass shooting the nation has learned nothing, because it refuses to acknowledge its issues. Intolerance and hatred continues to manifest, violence still rules over life itself and those who will take advantage and capitalize of another mass shooting will triumph again.