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At first, I thought about waiting until Monday to express my thoughts on current situations. But I decided to go ahead and write my thoughts on recent events that may have you shaking your heads in disappointment, cursing up a storm and praying for divine intervention.

On one hand, we have two guaranteed candidates from both political parties in the running for office. Both have been proven to be less-than hopeful choices. And on the other hand, we are given yet another demonstration on why black and brown folks fear the judicial system while well-to-do white males have it easy. The one thing these two have in common is the usual prerogative of maintaining white supremacy in a machine on the verge of breaking down.

We know that the Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump is a total douche bag with loads of undeserved money and heavy support from a population of assholes who adore his hatred and nothing much else. I’ve blogged about him a few times. However, in the other corner, we have the Democratic Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, the wife and former First Lady of former President Bill Clinton. And she’s shown to be not that much of Trump’s polar opposite as far as morale is concerned.

Lots of people, mostly conservatives, believe that the black community collectively vote for Democrats as if we operate as a hive mind ignoring members of the right who are black themselves and assume our choices for which party to vote for are bordering on the infantile as if we don’t know any better. Bizarrely, some of them believe we should join the right side even though many conservatives see black people as inferior who must side with whiteness in order to truly be “free”.

Not surprisingly, the same sentiment thrives among many liberals and Democrats. Folks on the left believe that if the white community prospers, then the black community will eventually prosper on its own as a result.

Which brings me to why Hillary is just the opposite side of the two-headed coin when it comes to black folks.

It’s no secret that black folks have been riding the Clintons since the early 1990’s. Yet, many are unaware or uncaring that we were primarily screwed by them during their reign in office. President Clinton implemented tough-on-crime sentencing policies that impacted black people the hardest. It was during his administration that laws and punishments against blacks concerning drugs would extremely cripple their communities for years to come.

Hillary would piggyback by labeling youth gangs as ‘superpredators‘, kids who are criminal prone with no humanity. The youth referred in this instance translates into black (and brown) youth. She would jump on the tough-on-crime bandwagon to criminalize black youth, something that would remain to this very day as young black people are gunned down by trigger-happy cops and fear-based vigilantes and sent to prison in record-high numbers for the lamest of infractions.

This is due to the racist mentality which remains to this day. Black people commit the most crimes. So, it’s natural – necessary – to put them down or lock them up, even if most of the crimes are non-violent or if they’re totally innocent and have been falsely imprisoned. Black people are a criminal race despite that most crime are actually committed by whites. Black people don’t need help, assistance or even therapy, because black lives DON’T matter.

However, white lives DO matter. Rich white male lives especially matter above everyone elses. Which brings me to the second half of why we should be mad and worried.

The nation got wind of a case where a dude named Brock Turner, a former student and athlete at Standford University, raped an unconscious woman last year. Recently, he was sentenced to six months in jail and three years probation. The judge Aaron Persky ruled that, “a prison sentence would have a severe impact on (Turner). He thinks ,”he will not be a danger to others.”

If it sounds lenient, you’re not alone. Several petitions demanding a harsher sentence as well as removing Persky has obtained hundreds of thousands – perhaps millions – of signatures. Yet, despite the outcry on behalf of the poor victim and a powerful letter written by said victim, Turner is said to be released in three months instead of six!

Since then, Turner’s dad has set up a website asking for donations to pay for his son’s legal fees.

It’s hard to wrap your head around how laughable the so-called justice system is when there’s more sympathy for the victim than the rapist. But we’ve seen this before with other well-to-do white males after they’ve committed heinous crimes.

We saw it in 2014 when Robert H. Richards, IV, the heir to the Du Pont fortune, was only given probation after being charged with raping his own daughter because, according to the judge, he would not “fare well” in prison. And who can forget Ethan Crouch, the underaged teen who drove drink, killed four people and only got ten years probation because, according to another judge, he suffered from ‘affluenza’ (he was spoiled as hell)? White male privilege, as Charles F. Coleman, Jr. puts it, is the ultimate trump card.

Another case in particular perfectly displayed how race determines sentencing. Cory Batey, another former student and athlete from Vanderbuilt was charged with raping an unconscious woman on campus. He was sentenced to a minimum of 15 to 25 years in prison.

Batey is black. Even though the two cases are generally the same, the black dude got a harsher sentence.

FYI, I’m not saying he should have gotten a lighter punishment, but it demonstrates perfectly that the system is largely against people of color while favoring white lives, especially those who are well-off.

In this society, race and class determines who goes to prison and who doesn’t. They determine who deserves leniency and who doesn’t. And they determine who gets a harsher punishment and who doesn’t. So, it shouldn’t shock anyone to see a grand population of poor blacks locked up while middle and upper-class whites get to roam virtually free.

Between the election and this case alone, I dread where society is heading. Two members of the whiteness club are running for office while a privileged white male has gotten a slap on the wrist for violating a young girl.

At this point, it’s hard to consider voting this November when the country has decided that two candidates known for their racism are the best choices. And I agree with anyone who thinks the ‘justice’ system is a joke, especially after learning about the Brock Turner case. Then again, I believed it for years.

Soon, it will be the one-year anniversary of the EAM Episcopal Church massacre where nine black people were slain by white supremacist terrorist Dylann Roof. Race relations have been going south in recent years, but the two stories told in this article and many others unmentioned continue to deteriorate before, during and after that tragic day.