Vern’s Venting: Convenient Outrage


By Lavern Merriweather

I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I have gotten into arguments with people on YouTube and elsewhere on the web about crime statistics. Many white folks love to whine and complain that it’s us black folks who commit more crime, because we have an overwhelming conviction rate. When I politely remind them that the race of the people who are judges, lawyers and juries has a lot to do with that, I either get crickets or a defensive attitude.

The picture up top is of a loser named Brock Allen Turner. Turner, an all-American jock, raped a girl recently at a party on the grounds of his college Stanford University. The girl was said to be drunk and unconscious giving Turner free access to have his way with her. If not for the heroic acts of two Swedish foreign exchange students, Turner would have continued. It should be noted that one of the Swedes gave chase, then tackled Turner as he fled. The fact that this asshole made an escape attempt after getting caught should tell everyone that he knew what he was doing and that he knew it was despicable, despite several very stupid ass people making excuses for him.

Not surprisingly, when the accused is white there is no shortage of victim blaming. Turner’s father claims and I quote that his son “has already paid a steep price for 20 minutes of action”.

What fucking steep price you lowlife!? He only got 6 damn months in jail and might have to register as a sex offender, and oh, he was kicked off the swim team where he was captain. BIG FUCKING DEAL!

This is proof positive to me that white people rarely want to acknowledge the cushy deals and half assed sentences they get. Of course, there are more black people in jail when white males only get probation or a fraction of the time, dumbass!

If it sounds like I’m angry, I am. However, I am especially angry at black people, particularly black women. When this was Stubenville, Mike Tyson, Brain Banks and Jameis Winston, black women were leading the charge equipped with pitchforks and torches. Yet, when it’s a white male, we are supposed to stay out of white folks business. Okay, I have a question, are we Negroes going to be outraged about certain issues or aren’t we, because we have become just as full of shit as the dominant, supremacist society, and that it just plain wrong. There should be JUST as much disgust and outcry from black people, black women especially, at this punk. He is a rapist who has had more than a few idiots criticizing the victim simply because she was alone at a frat party for a school that she doesn’t even attend.

That has no bearing on what this scumbag did ,and I am going to call this prick as many names as I like. The reason being, because not one white person from the media has actually vilified this sack of shit, certainly not the way that they attack young black males. Turner hasn’t been referred to as a “dirtbag”, “creep” or white folks favorite name “animal”. They obviously don’t feel the need to worry about consistency long enough to give Turner the young black male treatment, the same reaction that they have when it’s Mike Brown, Trayvon or Tamir Rice. God forbid they ever acknowledge that privilege and special concern for those that look like them. It goes a long way in determining who gets what kind of punishment.

Turner’s lawyers are appealing his already overly generous sentence. Those fools have all the nerve in the world.

In another case of white people’s ‘brutality and violence not being as bad as black folks’ comes Erick Cox. Cox, who goes by the nickname “Pork Chop”, savagely assaulted his boss by dumping dirt on him in a rage. On top of that, this thug then smacked his boss in the head with a 6 inch aluminum leveler. Cox purports that it was an “accident”, that he mistakenly hit the wrong button on his machine during the dispute. He has no explanation for why he socked his boss’ skull after rendering him helpless in the dirt pile.

A number of comments from whites made light of what Cox did. Some even had the gall to joke about it asking who hasn’t wanted to fuck up their superior at work. The desire to harm a supervisor while on the job is one thing, actually doing it is something else entirely. Such incidents shows white people’s indifference to their own vicious behavior. Gee, do those dumbasses ever stop to consider that their lackadaisical, flippant attitude to the evil that white men do is also shared by the courts?

Perhaps that is why justice ain’t as swift when a white male has done something heinous. To them it’s either a joke or an anomaly. It absolutely can’t be the norm for white folks. It seems that they have the law on their side to the point where their fantasy can easily be deemed a reality.

P.S. I urge everyone who reads this to go on and sign the petition to give this piece of garbage a harsher sentence.


6 thoughts on “Vern’s Venting: Convenient Outrage

  1. Perhaps that is why justice ain’t as swift when a white male has done something heinous. To them it’s either a joke or an anomaly. It absolutely can’t be the norm for white folks. It seems that they have the law on their side to the point where their fantasy can easily be deemed a reality.
    True words! Great post!

  2. Mama Vern, that’s a blatant double standard in America. When William Kennedy Smith got off scot free for raping a woman back in 1991, not a peep from the usual suspects. Same with Bob Packwood, Bill Clinton, The St John University frat guys, etc. Yet, Mike Tyson got inked from various Black feminists as did Clarence Thomas and Ben Chavis. I never forget that.

    As long as privileged White men has the shots, people in general, including Black feminists, will give them free pass. That stuff really gets on my last nerve. I’m sick of the double standards.


    1. Don’t forget Marv Albert, Christian Peter, Ben rothelisberger, Patrick Kane and the University of Colorado football team who had a former teammate accuses them of sexual assault. Of course though the feminuts were nowhere to be found then.

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