Origins of Why Poor Whites Blame Blacks

There’s a website that exposes racist comments and messages made on Facebook called Hello Racist. It exposes the names, identities and even links up to the pages of the people caught making racist statements in the form of status messages, memes, videos and comments.

I checked out the website and I noticed many commonalities among most of the lot.

  • They are mostly white and male.
  • They are stanch conservatives with a seething hatred of liberals and Democrats.
  • They support Donald Trump.
  • They racially LOATHE President Obama AND First Lady Michelle Obama (The words ‘porch monkey’ appears numerous times.)
  • They hate black people, especially Black Lives Matter, who counter their racist mindset in some way.

Some of them believe that black people are lazy and are unwilling to work, abusing the welfare system to obtain, in many conservative’s words, ‘free stuff’. Even though data shows that most of the people on welfare are white, poor conservative whites still cling to the lie that most welfare recipients are undeservedly black. They think that blacks have it easier than they are just for being black, and that they are being left out on purpose thanks to ‘libtards’ and, of course, President Obama.

It has been a ploy to convince poor white voters to vote Republican, or rather to support rich white men who use fear mongering to persuade them that blacks, Mexicans and Muslims are threatening to ruin their ways of life. It’s how Donald Trump managed to amassed a huge following of (mostly) poor white folks who place race as the most important issue above everything else. They truly think they are oppressed and only a shining white knight can save them.

But when did this all started? Racism in America discusses the origins of why poor white folks always blame black people:

“Poor whites blaming minorities has historical roots in contemporary society. Once slavery was abolished, blacks had an advantage over whites due to the number of skills they had acquired during their time of entrapment. Consequently, this allowed them to compete with whites for jobs, resulting in thousands of lost jobs for whites across the country. It didn’t take long for white leaders to notice, magnifying a movement of white hate groups, such as the Ku Klux Klan. The commonality amongst the hate groups is that members consisted of poor white farmers or merchants that were afraid that blacks would gain more wealth, and then leave them behind. As a result, they burned black towns, black businesses, lynched black people, and bombed black churches out of fear of blacks becoming socioeconomically superior to them. And it didn’t help that rich whites snubbed them, commonly referring to them as trash. Thus is where the term “white trash” is derived from.”

So, it shouldn’t be at all surprising if Trump truly doesn’t give a damn about the poor white people that kiss the ground he walks on. Their votes are more important then their very lives. And if he gets elected, they are SCREWED!

It’s sad that they don’t seem to care either. Their version of politics is race-based. They think they are superior even to the richest and most powerful of black folks solely because they’re white! But it’s that kind of mentality that’s holding them down. As the article on Racism in America puts it:

Poor whites statistically have an advantage by being born white in America. Therefore, a poor white with normal intelligence and whom is not disabled has no excuses why they can’t succeed in America. More importantly, their failures isn’t the result of blacks, Muslims, and Mexican immigrants or any other minority group. Minorities are not responsible for poor whites’ lack of education, poor healthcare, and stupidity. Their ruins are a direct result of the rich white folks that control this country, and the poor whites’ own meager decision making.


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