What “Make America Great Again” Really Means


Krystal Lake, a black female employee of Home Depot in Staten Island made headlines recently for a photograph that shows her wearing a hat that reads “America Was Never Great”. The hat is a counter response to the Donald Trump campaign and his slogan “Make America Great Again”. Predictably, the photo generated a lot of hate from supporters of Trump, including death threats against Lake.

Ever since his political rise in his bid for the White House, Trump has garnered a massive following. The main – if not only – reason why so many people look up to someone like Trump, a billionaire man-child with racist, misogynistic and Islamophobic views, is because he “tells it like it is”. To these poor fools, being a hateful douche with no fucks given is what being a real American is all about, but only if it’s a straight white male.

Donald Trump and any other white male – and white female – can say how much nonwhites and non-Christians are a threat to (white) American society, and you would have a following of white people praising their words. However, a person of color, a non-Christian or white people who criticize America is branded as problems by the hypocritical right. Apparently, freedom of speech only applies to irate white people.

Trump is not known for having ideas, good or otherwise, about how to strengthen the economy, how to improve foreign relations, how to help the environment or other vital issues. And from the looks of it, most of his supporters seem even more clueless if not careless. To them, whiteness is more imperative to preserve, and Trump is their Great White Hope.

Which leads me to believe that circus known as the Trump campaign truly doesn’t want to “make America great”. They want it so that whiteness not only matters above everything and everyone else but that it’s also untouchable. They want a world where white people can be the only people on top and be hateful and fearful all they want without being bothered by little things like morality, common sense, conscience or political correctness. In other words, they want infinite freedom that borders on total anarchy for white America.

This is all just speculation, but it appears to be what the movement wants. They want people of color to be subordinate to them systematically and out of their way. They want women to shut up and look pretty. They want a society where there are no Muslims. Anything else they hate, they want that too.

The “greatness” they want doesn’t apply to the entire American population. It only applies to white men. And to hell with the rest of the nation.


6 thoughts on “What “Make America Great Again” Really Means

  1. Trump is the complete and utter distillation of everything that Obama is not. This is the end result, this paroxysm of utter foolishness, and worship of whiteness, of the of eight years of having a classy, intelligent, human being, with dark skin, in the White House.

    This is nothing more than a total backlash against Obama, after eight years of being told why they should hate him, by Fox News and its cronies.

  2. Have you ever noticed that the more someone is an ignorant, belligerent, arrogant buffoon, the more likely people will claim that person “tells it like it is”? As if having a 200-word vocabulary with the caveman mentality to match is somehow admirable.

  3. What does make ” America Great Again ” to Donald Trump and his supporters mean?

    To go back to the days of slavery, the Holocaust and the Trail Of Tears..tyranny for minorities and an all ” happy ” White society for them.

    It’s funny.. Obama said that some of the world leaders were baffled about Donald. Although he didn’t say his answer on TV, you could only imagine what Obama said behind closed doors… he’s evil,a dangerous racist who can’t wait to leash his evil out on the world.

    You know..I should be afraid of people like Donald Trump but for some reason..I’m not.The only reason that Donald bullies people I’d that he let his money do his talking for him.Think about Somme rich people..they think that they can do people any kind of way because of the money they have but once they go broke, they come back to earth.

    One thing I’ve learned about true power is that it comes from responsible people ( thinking about that quote from Spider Man ..lol!). I may not be a Hillary Clinton supporter but one thing she’s right about.. Donald isn’t qualified to be president. The things he does and say can be cause for an act of war..and I’m barely exaggerating about that. Showing prejudices, building walls,giving police more permission to kill innocent people and waterboarding people is troubling.

    Right now..Donald and his supporters think its cute but if he becomes president..I bet you that they won’t be laughing.

    White society tried to keep us in bondage during slavery.. That failed. They tried to use Jim Crow against us.. that failed.They tried to kill us by putting drugs in Black communities…that too failed and now they’re trying to silence us with cops killing unarmed citizens ..so far..its failing!

    The reason that I’m not I’m not scared of Trump because he’s not only a coward but there are a couple of biblical passages that reminds people not to run away from the adversary and to stay in the battle until the fight is won.( 2 and chronicles 20:17 ) As the saying goes ” The bigger they come , the harder they fall “.

  4. When i see the promotion for that movie The Purge. I feel those people who created that franchise think that is what making America great again is. Getting rid of the parts of society that is not white. Getting rid of the people they think are a drain on society. There are many whites and some people of color that would love to annihilate black people and disadvantaged and even disabled people.

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