What’s on your mind?


I have no new second topic for this week. So, I figured I open up a forum for you to converse, vent, whatever. No topic – within reason – is off limits.


6 thoughts on “What’s on your mind?

  1. What’s on my mind lately is the fact that George Zimmerman had the brass balls to put the weapon he murdered Travon Martin with up for auction, and, that someone actually bought it as if it’s some kind of trophy. If I said “that’s unbelievable”, I’d be lying.

  2. Just heard about that Edward Zero..* cough* …Nero guy getting off of charges from the Freddie Gray case.

    Honestly, if I was a native Baltimorean, I don’t think that I would want to be on that case..at least not now. Its not fair how the officer doesn’t have not one charge brought to him in spite of him being the one who was to supposed to properly secure him. I get that Porter went\ going through a jury and Nero didn’t but it just isn’t right .He was the one that was suppose to secure Freddie but didn’t.

    I want to see how the rest of these trials will go. That judge may have just caused a big mess. Now that Nero has been acquitted of all charges,I wonder will the rest of them will get the same? Not that any of them deserves to ever see the sun but if Nero got off so should Porter ..jury or no jury. All of them are guilty of killing Freddie

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