South African Judge: Rape Is a Part of Black Culture

Racism doesn’t end when even the government says so. Despite the fall of apartheid in South Africa, the haunting demons of prejudice and racism can still walk among its citizens, especially those in positions of power.

Such is the case with South African judge Mabel Jansen who recently made headlines after her facebook comments during what appears to be an interview surfaced. Jansen’s racist mindset was on full display when she says that rape, as well as murder, is not only part of black culture, but that black people take pleasure in it.

In her conversation she typed the following:


Since the revelation of her Facebook comments, Jansen tried to defend herself on Twitter saying that the comments were “taken out of context”. She has been put on leave and is under investigation. There is currently an online petition to have her removed from the bench.

To say that her comments are offensive would almost be an understatement. Anyone shocked by such comments haven’t been paying attention to the last hundred years of white supremacist history.

Jansen’s comments are a white racist conviction that black people – black men rather – love to rape and kill. Most racists believe in this myth so much that they obsess over black criminal behavior whenever and wherever it occurs. They particularly love when when the victims are white. That way, they can advertise the unsubstantiated and racially paranoid warning that a massive swarm of black demons are out to annihilate the white race.

In Jansen’s case, black men love to rape – gang rape – their own babies, daughters and mothers and will eventually move on to white women next. She also believes that they also think that killing each other is “no biggy”. And, of course, she concludes that that is the truth about black culture.

A white racist’s “truth” is always based on narcissistic falsehoods on how nonwhites are inferior to him or her.

Even though, Jansen admits that “white people have a lot to account for”, somehow black people are way worse!

Okay, I get it. We do have problems with rape and violence in our communities. Not once have I heard any black person anywhere deny that. But to confine it as part of our culture, and only our culture, is not just racist, but also erroneous and problematic.

Just because there are black folks who have murdered and raped doesn’t conclude that black people are a race of murderers and rapists, especially if those criminals are a minority. Judging an entire group based on a few malcontents, is an idiot’s move to hate others. And creating and magnifying reasons to hate others is nothing short of insane and villainous.

If racists care so much about the white race, then they should be doing something about their own problems of rape and murder. What about white men who rape babies, daughters, mothers and pets!? What about the white men who kill white people? Jansen can not say that white intraracial crime doesn’t exist in South Africa or anywhere else in the world. And she definitely can’t claim that white interracial crime isn’t an issue.

But something tells me Jansen is one of those racists who will turn a blind eye and a deaf ear to the crimes of white people. She seems too focused on the pathologies of the black community in her jurisdiction to be bothered by the reality that those same pathologies are found in every community in the world, especially her own.


12 thoughts on “South African Judge: Rape Is a Part of Black Culture

  1. This racist bitch is a piece of garbage! I have No sympathy for this low life maggot. And the term “taken out of context” is officially overused. I am so sick of hearing that when these racist bastards get caught.

  2. This is the argument many feminists use. Even some of our women who identify as feminists use it against us. As if it’s a trait among us as a group that we rape everything in site.. This is one of the reasons why I will never side with this current modern feminist movement because they continuously single us out. There are many cases of white men raping and murdering white women,black women, and other women of different ethnicities for centuries and you never heard them typecast white men as rapists the way they do with black men. Rape is a worldwide problem. Not a black problem, not a white problem.

  3. The fact that this person feels privileged enough to indulge in narcissistic falsehoods leads me to think that Zimbabwe had the right idea – expel the white power brokers and aggressors. South Africa might be free of apartheid, but it’s not free of the death grip that white privilege has over it.

    1. South Africa should have expelled those creatures twenty years ago. Like Robert Mugabe said, today we have airplanes that can take them back faster than the boats their ancestors came in. And this lame, tired, played out excuse about their words being “taken out of context” has become a joke. What sort of “context” could her racist quackery have been taken out of? More racist quackery, that’s what.

  4. These racist dirt bags never cease to amaze me when they are caught making some kind of disgusting statements then they offer a faux apology and say their statements were taken out of context. Shaking my head at this human garbage called Mabel Jansen.

  5. Fuck. this. bitch yeah I said it!! Please, WHITE MALES in that country [not her country cause it damn sure don’t belong to her] have a notorious history of rape, murder, tyranny, violence, brutality so no bitch you don’t get to act like you own ANY moral high ground. Taken out of context? Your ass needs to be taken outside for a beatdown!

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