Bitter Black Males and Black Women’s Empowerment


The subject of interracial relationships is a touchy one in a racist society like the United States of Amerikkka. Most people can’t or won’t see beyond race when it comes to finding love. And some people will curse people of a particular color, sometimes their own, in order to bond with people of a different color.

It’s sorrowful, but there are some black folks that detest their own so much that they would rather be lynched than date their own people. The reasons are usually racist negative stereotypes one would normally see come from angry whites. You would’ve thought that such black people were white people in black skin they way they claim how black men and/or black women are no damn good!

Please get comfortable, because this is going to take some time.

Bitter Black Males

You probably know at least one, or you mostly see them, hear them or hear about them in social media websites, especially on sites where you can produce podcasts and videos like You Tube and Blog Talk Radio. Bitter black males on the internet are the dudes who will spend a better part of the day explaining the “evils” of black women making countless videos to make the same point ad nauseum. Their main complaints include that black women have bad attitudes, are promiscuous with multiple kids with just as many fathers or love thugs over good men. These guys are stereotype programmed.

Bitter black men clearly have issues that stem from their past relationships with black women. But most of them seem to loathe black people in general, particularly poor blacks and anti-racism black activists. On the other hand, they love white people, especially white females.

They believe white women are “superior” to black women. They think they are most submissive, know when to shut up, are naturally beautiful and know how to keep their legs closed.

To call these guys ‘Uncle Toms’ is an understatement. They are straight up Uncle Ruckus incarnates.

The most infamous of these brothas are former Youtuber Sargent Willie Pete and online alcoholic, abuser and overall self-hater Tommy Sotomayor. The Sarge made literally hundreds of Youtube videos mostly bashing black women while adoring white women. His reign supposedly ended when he sided with a white male guest who insulted black women. His channel and his videos were deleted, but not before some Youtubers managed to obtain them.

Tommy Sotomayor (Thomas Jerome Harris) is a radio host a few channels on Youtube and several social media pages. He has uploaded numerous anti-black women videos. It is noted that some of his videos are featured on white racist websites as some of his rantings are anti-black period. But to him, dark-skinned, respectable black women are the worst. He has a daughter that, according to his arrest records, doesn’t support!

Speaking of arrest records, Uncle Tommy was locked up several times for violent offenses. Thought I throw that out there.

But Uncle Tommy got a dose of poetic irony when he dated a white woman that he had on his show whom he praised as if she was the greatest thing invented since sweet rolls. He loves him some white women, and he was madly in love with this particular one. And then, he discovered she cheated on him in his bed! Rumor has it that it broke him so bad, he contemplated suicide.

If these fools think they are good men worthy of love from a black female, one has to wonder why would any black woman, or any woman for that matter, want to date abject misogynists, one of them apparently physically violent, suffering from internalized racism anyway.

Black Women’s Empowerment

Certain black women have developed this idea that finding love outside the black community was not only beneficial, but at most, it was necessary. Black Women’s Empowerment (BME) is a movement where black women believe that not only should they think for themselves and leave the black community behind as it is believe that staying there will hold them back, but they should consider looking for white men for love, security and support.

Many of them consider black men as ‘anchors’ pulling them down, unworthy of marriage. They think most black men are inherently violent, dimwittedly hypersexual – desiring white vaginas – and financially disabled (perpetually broke as hell).

However, white men are believed to be the exact opposite. They are believed to be better father-figures, know how to handle money, and would not dare strike a woman. Again, stereotypes on both sides are inspired.

I’ve never seen BWE videos or podcasts, but there are several blogs and websites dedicated to the cause. Most BWE advocates are writers and bloggers. Halima Anderson wrote a few e-books and runs a blog page called Black, Woman and Winning a.k.a. Date a White Guy. Her blog seeks to help black women open up to the idea of interracial relationships. Although it is not openly anti-black male, at least at first glance, it still stresses the desire of dating exclusively white guys.

Khadija Nassif, author of her first book The Sojourner’s Passport: A Black Woman’s Guide To Having The Life And Love You Deserve and moderator of her blogsite Sojourner’s Passport supports the idea of looking for romantic opportunities outside the black community and that the BWE, unlike the Civil Rights Movement, largely achieved success.

Some of Khadija’s other opinions on interracial dating include:

The black community is considered “dead and vampiric”.

Black women who date nonblack men are not “hindering their marriage options” by not engaging in “nothing but a black men self-sabotage”.

The all-black dating market is considered “toxic”.

“Nothing but black men” black women are “foolish”.

She doesn’t believe that white racism and sexism are holding black women back. Black men – black people are!

Bitter Black Men and the BWE movement are loaded with self-hating, obviously mentally and emotionally crushed black men and women who largely seek refuge in the arms of white people from blacks where the ones they’ve known have traumatized them in some way. They see whites as superior to their own people. They have adopted their racist mindsets. But the reality is that they aren’t searching for love as many of them claim, because they don’t love themselves or other black people. They are seeking a fraudulent sense of peace and pleasure from the struggles of being black by seeking white saviors to rescue them from the curse of blackness.

What’s love got to do with it? Nothing, if we’re being real.

There’s nothing wrong with being attracted to, dating or marrying someone of a different color if you truly like or love that person for who they are, not what they are or what they supposedly are!


13 thoughts on “Bitter Black Males and Black Women’s Empowerment

  1. I’ve never heard of any of these people. I wonder what kind of black people they’ve been been hanging around.

    To both groups of people all I can say is “Yeah, good luck with that philosophy.”😏

  2. Those misogynist jackholes like Sotomayor and Those crazy BWE women are just mentally ill. I just can’t get my head wrapped around this craziness.

  3. Thomas Jerome Harris he is a self loathing jackhole and then learning Sotomayor is not that fool’s real name.

  4. You know..if I were one of those Black women who was looking to date/marry a man of another race/cultural background wanted to find some inspiration off a IR/AMBW website..I wouldn’t. As a matter of fact, I makes me really appreciative of ho I am and being Black. Though I didn’t date a lot of men. the men that I did date/almost married..were Black men.

    I remembered my mother telling me stories that in spite of Jim many Whites and Blacks would sneak around an try to be with each other in her small West Georgia hometown. I’ll never forget a story about a woman that my late grandmother knew for decades. She was from Mississippi but it was said that she was ran out from her town to where she was from into West Georgia because she had a thing for Black men. Eventually she settled down in her new home, married a Black man and passed as a Black woman. I met her once as her daughter was doing a sermon at her church.

    I think about those tumuluous times where mixed couples had to hide their love..whether fantasy or the real deal.. risked dying for it. Now that people are more liberated to choose their partner of choice, people..whether it’s the men or women..have gotten really stupid. For some..interracial “unity” has turned to interracial discord. How can someone live with themselves putting down their own race like that? As I have told people in the past and I will say it again..there have been Black people who have hurt me,regardless if they came from my family or some random person. My dad walked out on me and my sibs when we were lil things and the Black kids I was around picked on me because they thought I was “too White” for them . All of this here should make me hate Black men/people,but one thing that I’ve never wanted to do was to make myself look like a fool for White supremacist That the kind of language they use against us. No two Black people are alike. I just had that much respect for myself. People cannot say they love who they are but at the same time putting down members of their own race. That is impossible to do

    What favors are they doing to Black/POC/IR-AMBW communities when they do that? In high school, I had two was a White Swedish American girl from Oregon and the other was African American. Both seemed to be against their own race..the Black one because she claimed that the Black kids thought she was Black and/or ugly and with the White one..her reasons were more profound. She was a victim of molestation/rape by her biological and stepfather to the point where it caused her mental exhaustion. From then on, she never identified as White..her mom..who she proudly said was her foster mother was an African born woman and she would get mad if you called her White( least physically you knew that she was) . In spite of her coming from a conservative White community..she prefers Black cities and neighborhoods..good or bad ones. Not too long ago my dad asked me about her. I haven’t seen her since high school, but my former 11th grade teacher did several years ago. I admit coming from her background, I was “sure” that she was going to go marry some upper class White man but I was wrong. That was 7 years ago and she said my former teacher said has three mixed race kids and is married to a Black man. I haven’t heard from my Black friends since I was 22 years old.I also remembered people talking about mixed couples like they were a trend. It was the thing to go with someone of a different race. It was like you had to do it. I had a crush on a Jewish boy but he never knew it.

    When I look back at those days, I thought about how foolish I was..not dating someone of another race but how we viewed it as back then. Many of us wanted to date because of their backgrounds rather than because of who they happen to be as people. I think about some of these IR or BWE . Instead of empowering me, they made me depressed because I see it as them praising one race while putting down you. The way people view IR/AMBW unions are like Starburst..some of these people just see someone of the opposite race as the flavor of the month. In some cases..I’ve learned that some of these one IR website I’ve seen, want to tell you how all of us Black folks grew up in poverty baby mothers, no prospects. The author of one even went as far as to put down the whole continent of Africa because of Boko Haram but she’s never been there ..or even lived in a Black community in the United States. I’ve never been to Africa but as my mother always taught me there is always two sides to every story..a good and bad one( and seeing some of those pictures my friend had of Senegal and other African countries he will make the United States look hick) . I never grew up in the inner city, I don’t have kids or kids by different men and I’m a college graduate with a pretty good job. Even when I went to my grandparents house on the ” Black folks side of town” they lived a quiet Black community in which my grandfather had his house built and was a college graduate. The author can say all Black people may be at risk for being victimized by racism but for her to say that growing up in the Black community is a bad..she more than wrong..considering that she never grew up in one and seems to never discuss the truth about them.

    When it comes to men I prefer a good Black and POC man but as I tell people, I will let god determine who he sees fit for me if it’s meant for me to get married..though I’m not interested in dating at all. The people you discuss on here aren’t about finding true love,They are insecure people who want something for nothing and cannot be realistic about people, places or things.It’s funny. I passed by a 7th day church where the sign said ” If you’re going to judge people, make sure that you’re perfect”.Some of these same people who want to tell you how you should be..but they neglect to do the same. When it comes to men, I don’t discriminate. I don’t care what background they may derive from, I don’t want garbage and I make no excuses for people because of who they are.

    1. @ M:

      Great comments!

      When I was in high school (it was a racially-mixed school), people dated whomever they wanted to date. I noticed, however, that White and Asian girls dated Black guys based on stereotypes. I went to my senior prom with a White guy, but he was a friend, and we had a class together. I also noticed growing up (even in elementary school) that Black would reject Black girl to be with White girls. I realize now after all these years that that was due to self-hatred. More people are realizing that now. Thank you for telling your story.

  5. Here are two more extreme examples. One from a bitter black man who thinks black women are demonically possessed and the other is from a bwe acolyte who I believes black men’s suffering must continue for some divine femininity.

    And don’t forget the bitter black males think black women betrayed the black community with allowing themselves to be welfare recipients and bwe fanatics think black men betrayed the black community by not “protecting” black women and by raping them and dating white women.

    Can someone please explain to me what is the psychology behind this? What drives these individuals to talk like this?

    1. @ Danny:

      Thank you for posting these two videos: I watched them earlier today, and I thought that they were both sickening! These people are self-haters, because they hate the opposite gender in their own race! (They also cursed too much!)

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