Remembering Prince


On April 21, 2016, the universe has lost a shining star. The force of nature known as Prince has passed on to the other side. And like so many people worldwide, his death was more painful than a kick to the groin.

I’m still in great disbelief, thinking this is all a dream, or rather a nightmare. The shock has never left my system and will likely remain there for some time. And even though I’ve never known the brilliant artist, I still feel like a part of me died with him. Like millions around the world, I only knew of him through his music. And oh, what great music it is!

I’ve listened to Prince’s songs ever since I stopped sucking my thumb. I remember watching his video “When Doves Cry” (before it was edited) and listening to his lyrics. Even though I was little, I considered that song to be a masterpiece. To this day, I consider it one of the best songs ever made in modern history.

I’m no music expert. So, I can’t break down what made the song so majestic intricately. All I can say is that it was part of my soundtrack to the 80’s.

Then came the turn of the decade. Batman was out in theaters. As a side note, it’s my second favorite version of the caped crusader. My first is the animated series’ version, and my third is Adam West.

Anyway, I didn’t go see it at the movies at the time. But I was given the VHS tape of the film for Christmas. As someone was into movies enough to even watch the closing credits, I enjoyed myself listening to Danny Elfman’s rousing score.

Then came Scandalous. I especially loved Scandalous. Oh man, do I love Scandalous! Only Prince could make an awesome baby-making song as part of an album based on a popular comic book character. Only, I was only ten at the time, and had no clue where babies came from.

As I grew, other songs came from the Purple One. And then, I got word that he dropped his name in place of the now-iconic symbol. At the time, I thought that the symbol was cool to look at, but I was ignorant to know what the deal was. I thought it was just another creative idea by the talented musician. I didn’t realize that it was actually a political move, one of many.

Prince was a rebel. He rebelled against the music industry. He rebelled against the norms of masculinity (Even as a straight man, you thought he was gorgeous.). And he rebelled against the nation for the treatment of black life. He did it his way, and he did it with style.

As I say goodbye to the man who redefined music, I want to touch on the reality that we only have one life to live. Prince helped to create music that I enjoyed during my upbringing. The “soundtracks” of all people are still being produced by gifted and talented artists. And I’m sure that most of them contain a song or two by the Purple One.

Prince, like any other artist, will live on through his music. However, there will never be another like him. He was in a class of his own. And he will be forever missed.

Rest in Peace Prince, you sexy muthafucka.


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