R.I.P. Billy Paul


From the NY Daily News:

R&B singer Billy Paul died at the age of 81.

Paul was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and was hospitalized last week at Temple University Hospital, his manager Beverly Gay told Philadelphia news outlet NBC 10.

He died Sunday at his home in Blackwood, N.J, according to Gay. A message was posted on his website shortly after his death.

Paul was known for the ’70s single “Me and Mrs. Jones,” for which he won a Grammy.

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One thought on “R.I.P. Billy Paul

  1. God..just when I’m trying to get over Prince’s death..Billy Paul also dies.

    I remembered him and of course that song..Mrs.Jones. I would say that he was my dad because I thought that every African American man with lighter brown skin, a thick beard and\ or glasses looked like him..lol!( I also thought the same about the late Teddy Pendergrass).

    I also thought that Billy’s inside record cover was weird and oddly ,I was scared of it. In it,he was standing on a rock..with some designed robe like he was a God. His album cover ,along with Kiss and Funkadelic were record covers I was afraid of..for some reason..lol!

    A couple of years ago, a cousin of mine asked me was I still ” scared” of that cover? Nope..but I still wondered why he stood on that rock..lol!

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