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I was in a twitter war with some white dude who complained that an article written by brilliant author Ta-Nehisi Coates. The article argues that black people aren’t ignoring ‘black-on-black crime’ as the popular notion goes, but have – and still are – working ways to fix the problem and that it’s part of the larger problem of white supremacy. But this fool believed that Coates was “blaming whitey” for the problem.

Long story short, this turned into a lengthy back-and-forth with someone who preferred to stick to his guns. I moved on as it was like being on a merry-go-round and I started getting dizzy as hell. Basically, he was just being an asshole suffering from diarrhea of the mouth.

Nothing I will rant about is new. More skilled writers have addressed the criticism towards the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement and all things wrong with them. So, what I’m doing is just more of the same.

The BLM movement has always been heavily criticized, and the number one disparagement has always been that the movement, or the black community in general, should be focused on ‘black-on-black crime’, a term that I hate with a passion. The argument follows that black people are killing other black people at rates higher than police-related murders. The latter is seen as rare compared to the former. Thus, black folks snuffing each other out is way more important than some police-involved death. And those murdered by cops, in some way or another, had it coming.

The latest condemnation came from former Baltimore Ravens’ linebacker Ray Lewis who parroted the same ole’ argument in a recent video. But this is coming from a Negro who was a part of the problem in the first damn place!

I noticed that it appears that most people think that black folks suffer from selective outrage. That’s insulting enough. What I also see is that apparently we can’t tackle more than one issue we face. Black people, in general, have – and are – taking on crime and police murders as well as other matters. Then again, police killing black people isn’t much an issue to some people. Instead, intraracial crime is ‘deduced’, and I use that term loosely, as part of a larger problem with black folks that self-appointed, mostly do-nothing critics felt as their duty to address.

The million-dollar question is always about what the fuck is wrong with black people. And the winning answer is always related to ‘black culture’, a coded couple of words used in a frail way to avoid sounding racist. To list factors that point to an institutional set of barriers, restraints and castigations based on a skin color caste system is to invite the argument that you’re “blaming whitey”.

And frankly, I’m tired of explaining why that’s false to unapologetic simpletons.

I don’t give a fuck if I’m accused of blaming white people. (That’s not even what’s happening.) Why should I, or anyone, care about those who have a beef with three words put together? The bitterness towards the words ‘black lives matter’ and the flagrant ignorance towards actual facts that prove that black folks give a damn about intraracial crime only shows how much black lives don’t matter in this society. And what we do or don’t do according to these bastards is not motivated to please or seek approval from douche bags who are proud of being douche bags.

BLM and movements against intraracial crime is done out of love and respect for black lives. Those who have problems with that can go straight to hell wearing gasoline underwear.