Why We Blog and Vent (UPDATE)

Reality_check made a comment in one of fellow blogger Lavern Merriweather’s articles. Here’s what he wrote:

I’m just wondering– aren’t you tired of wasting all this energy complaining, bemoaning and venting about white people? Seriously. All your efforts are in vain because THEY ARE NOT GOING TO CHANGE. So I fail to see where all this discussion is heading. What’s the end game here? I’m serious with this question.

Blacks will do better to channel this energy and passion into organizing, and strategizing to either improve our lives, fight back OR dismantle white supremacy. Now THAT’s worth the effort.

Don’t misread what I”m saying here. I detest them as much as any other conscious black person, BUT it’s a distraction for us to constantly focus our energies on THEIR actions instead of our own. What about OUR actions? What can we do?

At the end of the day complaining and venting about them is not going to improve OUR situation in the least. So what’s the point?

Before I continue, I want the readers to know that I’m not putting reality_check on blast. He has raised some good points and asked some good questions. However, I’m not sure if it was specifically addressed to Lavern, which has responded, or if it was directed towards this blog in general. So later on, I’ll explain why Brotha Wolf was created.

Again, reality_check raised a good point. There are white people who won’t change because we want them to. Many of them are too far gone in their racism and privilege to ever wake up. As I’ve witnessed in the past and present, there are white individuals that are stuck in their racism and proud as hell of it. And no amount of heart or logic can change them. To be blunt, they would rather be assholes.

Speaking for myself, the thing is that I don’t go to those kinds of people. They always find some way to come to me by choice and either unload their racist, white supremacist crap or whitesplain the way the world is. If you recall, a while back, I had a back-and-forth with blogger xPraetori, a pseudonym for a group of conservative bloggers, or so he/she says. (I’ll just refer to “them” as “he”.) After getting tired of his constant right-wing douchebaggery and subtle racism stuck on repeat, I ultimately banned him.

This blog was never established to coddle white people for being white, to make them feel comfortable and happy for being white or for them to feel superior just because they’re white. This doesn’t mean that white people are forbidden from reading and commenting here. It just means that we’re not here to kiss white ass. And if they won’t get the message, they’re gone.

I also agree that black people need to focus their energy into building themselves up. But the thing is, they are. Black people have done more than just vent and complained about whiteness. We’ve done everything under the sun to improve our situation. We’ve fought and are still fighting back. And we are doing what we can to tear white supremacy apart. From the Civil Rights Movement to Black Lives Matter, (to name a couple) we got off our collective asses and made moves toward life, liberty and happiness.

But, here’s the reality of it all. None of that stopped racism from thriving.

In each aforementioned movement, there were people out to stop it by any means. White supremacy saw to it to disrupt and dismantle it to maintain its power. They’ve destroyed Black Wall Street. They tried to take apart the Civil Rights Movement, and in many ways, they have. And now, they’re trying to demonize and undermine Black Lives Matter.

When we’re not trying to integrate into a racist society, we tried to uplift ourselves and take care of our own. But again, white racism wasn’t about to let that happen. Black Wall Street – destroyed. Martin Luther King – assassinated. Black Panther Party – dismantled. These are just a few examples, but the point is that black people have been, and are, strengthening themselves, but in this society, there will be those who will bring them down.

It’s like the respectability politics fallacy. You could be black and be a CEO of a company, and it still won’t keep racist fools from calling you a ‘nigger’, nor does it guarantee that you will be safe from the potentially violent forces of white supremacy such as getting arrested, harassed, brutalized or shot by police.

At the end of the day, white people have to decide to make a change since they’re at the top of the racial hierarchy in this nation and some of them have taken the responsibility. We can only do so much. It’s up to them to want to reform this society – and themselves.

So why was Brotha Wolf founded?

Reality_check, you said, “…It’s a distraction for us to constantly focus our energies on THEIR actions instead of our own.” I respectfully and partially disagree by saying that focusing on their actions is what needs to happen, because since the racial power structure is largely tipped in their favor, whatever they do can and will have an effect on black people. That’s why Black Lives Matter was started, black people were tired of being murdered by (mostly) white male police left and right where many of those officers walked free. That’s why we’re focusing our attention and energies on what’s happening with the water crisis in Flint under the governance of a white male governor who’s still in power.

Many black-owned and operated websites were created for spaces for black people to converge and have a domain away from a white racist dominated environment that always tells them their lives are worthless. They were created by black people for black people. And that’s why I created Brotha Wolf.

Brotha Wolf is a tiny corner on the internet where part of its purpose is for people who are tired of white racism to come and express their thoughts. It’s sort of a “safe house” where they can get a break from whiteness constantly in their faces on a daily basis.

Lavern and I welcome them by essentially telling visitors that we know the truth. We know this is a racist society. You can come here to voice your thoughts or vent your frustrations the same way we’re doing with our articles. We understand that it’s hard out there. And we don’t think you’re crazy or that whatever happened to you is insignificant in any way.

I hope that explains it. And reality_check, if you have any suggestions on how to improve our situation, by all means, let us know.

UPDATE: I just want to add that we have a black President that has worked hard to get to that position. But look how many white people feel about him and wanted to assassinate him. He’s our President, but they still call him a ‘nigger’. Think about it.


4 thoughts on “Why We Blog and Vent (UPDATE)

  1. You know…I get so tired of racist white people “whitesplaining” to Black people about how we should respond to racism. Well, we didn’t create racism did we but we’ve been the largest victims of it. Frankly, if I say something on my blog that interrupts their white privilege and comfort; and forces them in a position that makes them uncomfortable, I’m delighted.

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