Vern’s Venting: Nazi America


By Lavern Merriweather:

I could have sworn that the Constitution of the United States tells us very clearly that we as American citizens have the right to peaceably address our grievances. I know I ain’t wrong. However, that doesn’t stop me from seeing cops physically assaulting black protesters at a recent rally in St. Louis for Republican front runner Donald Trump. One picture, in particular, of a black male with dreads lying on the ground his face all bloody is extremely appalling. Now, we have to protest against the brutal thug behavior of cops while at a previous protest!

Is this what the founding fathers meant when they talk about us having the right to assemble, or is that only for certain fucking people? People such as the young white folks who protested during the Democratic convention in 1968 which was being held in Chicago, Illinois. Granted, the cops were just as vicious with them as they were with young black people at the time. However, the difference is that the white cops who assaulted young white people like the four college students killed in Ohio attending Kent State were reprimanded. And the young white people charged for the melee in Chicago got their convictions overturned on appeal. Anyone reading this can best believe that if there were a picture of a young white male lying on the ground with a bloody face, heads at the police department would be rolling faster than in a Jason Vorhees movie. It would not be tolerated or easily explained the way it is being now.

Color me unsurprised that not only is Trump not criticizing the police or his followers, many of whom have also beat up protesters at his rallies. He is justifying the thuggery.

Dumb Donald, once more, shows his ass by claiming that they, the ones who protest against him, are there to make trouble so they get whatever they deserve. Of course the people who are criticizing him are the bad guys, not the cops injuring them.

I have already sent an angry message to the governor of Missouri Jay Nixon on Facebook, and I hope more people do as well. He should be handing down suspensions along with firing a bunch of people. Yet deep down, I have a gut instinct that it won’t happen. This is in the same city not too dissimilar from Ferguson. So we know how the white males who run that town like to get down. Justice to them is ignoring the plight of folks that they considered criminals and hoodlums in the first place. Well, you ought to know all about thugs and hoodlums Jay, because many of them are on your police payroll.

Interesting that Trump wants to be the leader of this country, yet finds no issue with the very Constitution that he swears by getting shit on daily. Guess what Donald, like it or not, those people you don’t care about will be stepping in that voting booth come Nov. 16. Don’t for one second delude yourself in thinking that the zombie hoard who applaud you will be enough to elect you after the rest of us view your obnoxious display. Trump has to take those declarations just as seriously as everybody else if he expects to have a snowball’s chance of winning, which I hope he doesn’t.

Don’t get it twisted. I don’t want another Clinton White House any more than I want to have dinner at Hannibal Lecter’s house. Hillary has been very quiet about the shitty way many in America are being treated in the name of free speech. The same folks who want to govern won’t imagine that they have to protect those very values for everybody. Sorry, but I beg to differ. We can’t keep saying we are a free country as long as shit like what happened in that picture that I found so damn disturbing is allowed to occur, nor can we keep up the charade of a hundreds-of-years-old document if the people that we don’t particularly like are refused a voice.

Nobody had any problems with the white people who were attending rallies for Sarah Palin and John McCain who used a shitload of offensive and racist language towards Obama. Yet piss off Trump and his ship of fools and all hell is required to break loose? “Obama is such a rotten president,” according to some white people, but I never once saw any white person who opposed him on the street in handcuffs with blood all over their face. See, that’s the difference. We don’t encourage ass-kicking when somebody makes a remark we don’t approve of. Therefore, we should stop letting other people take potshots at us because we hurt their widdle feewings.

I got a message for the white people whining that the Black Lives Matter movement is divisive. What is happening at the Trump rallies is what’s divisive, you stupid assholes! This country has been split for a long ass time and will continue to be so, because the people who are supposed to be in charge let the inmates run the damn asylum.

Now, Trump is trying to say that Democratic potential nominee Bernie Sanders is the one responsible for his cretin brigade. It appears that in Trump’s little world, being a former activist who was out there walking the walk instead of just talking the talk has stirred up a hornet’s nest.

No Donald. People are paying closer attention to the rhetoric that you are spewing and many don’t like it. So they are using their government sanctioned right to call you out, the very right you pretend to defend yet give the thumbs up when thugs in your name beat the crap out of people.

Trump also didn’t put his money where his big fat mouth is by going to fight either. However, that didn’t stop him from chastising a man who did. Now I would never in a million years have voted for John McCain but at least he made the sacrifice.

If Donald wants to run America, then he first better find out just exactly which America he is willing to represent.


2 thoughts on “Vern’s Venting: Nazi America

  1. Did you see those Black supporters on The Daily Show? Listen to their reasons for supporting that fool, Trump? Some of the dumbest reasons ever. But like I said, it’s not Trump I’m scared of. It’s his dumba** followers that are terrifying.

  2. He wants to America. True, your sort aren’t and never have been Americans so it’s not to your perceived benefit. Of course, you could just immigrate to America in your manner and ways and things would improve for you all…but we all know that’s not going to happen as long as you’re given as choice to be other.

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