Vern’s Venting: Give a Dog a Bone

By Lavern Merriweather:

The next time a white person brings up black-on-black violence as a way to argue against Black Lives Matter, you are perfectly within your right to throw white-on-white violence right back in their face.

I say this, because white people have been using the brutality we sometimes inflict on each other as a deflection tactic, particularly what is happening in my hometown of Chicago, Illinois. Many white people keep repeating the media mantra of all the supposed deaths in the Windy City – one of the main ones being that of 9 year-old Tyshawn Lee. He is a little black boy that was lured by older gangbangers into an alley on the South Side, then shot in cold blood. The murder was said to be retaliation for his father’s debt to the gang leader.

I don’t know if all that is true, and I really don’t care. The most important thing here is that a young child has lost his life senselessly as have countless other children, teens and young adults. I’m not trying in any way to downplay the tragedy of Tyshawn’s death. It was graphic, tragic and the entire country should be outraged. Yet, the only emotion white folks seem to be expressing when talking about Tyshawn is a flippant one. They are either attempting to shame or embarrass black people by declaring that we should be just as enflamed about the crimes we commit against each other.

Okay, first off, how the fuck do they know that we aren’t equally pissed about the deaths from other black people as we are about the police? Second, it is not – I repeat – not their place to tell us what to be angry about when you consider how phony as hell their whining is. Make no mistake, readers. Those people don’t give a rat’s ass about Tyshawn. I know for a fact they don’t, because any time there IS cruelty directed towards a black child by police, they fight tooth and nail to defend it.

Case in point, the infamous video taken by a private detective showing an extremely burly white male cop putting a 9 year-old boy in handcuffs. The video also shows this despicable asshole proceeding to throw the boy back on the ground by his left arm after he stood up. Then the jag-off tried to justify his disgraceful behavior by claiming that he felt “threatened”!

Really, shitbag? A nine year-old boy in restraints had you shaking in fear? Still, we had white people condoning his thuggish bullying act by saying that he was just protecting the public, and the boy should have been following the rules. Well, maybe this prick should have found something better to do with his time than harassing a kid doing nothing more than riding his bike sans helmet.

There is – of course – the sad, horrific, unnecessary murder of little Tamir Rice as well. A lot of white people on blogs endorsed the police brutality against Negroes status quo. They stated that the cops had no prior knowledge Tamir was playing with a toy gun. So the use of overly excessive force is acceptable.

Hmm…let’s go back a ways in their logic shall we? White folks are decrying the hypocrisy of Negroes by complaining that we don’t have steam coming out of our ears unless a black person dies at the hands of police. They are completely oblivious to the fact that they show their own hypocrisy whenever they maintain the notion that it’s okay for cops to handle black people with guns blazing at all times. You criticize us for not showing more disgust then taking it to the streets for Tyshawn while cheering the murder of Tamir since you say a black male, boy or not, made you feel nervous holding what appears to be a firearm.

Pick a fucking personality, Sybil!! This is another classic example of white people trying to have it both ways. We should be marching and screaming at the top of our lungs for a black boy killed by another black person. But you don’t have to have any compassion or outcry for a black boy killed by white thug cops. Do I have that about right, Mr. and Mrs. White?

I’m not trying to make light of this situation. And I agree that the destruction of a black youth’s life should meet with ire regardless of who pulled the trigger. However, seeing how white people show their true colors when a black life gets snuffed out by law enforcement over bullshit, they are the last people to be lecturing us on anything, especially when you take into account the excuses and their burying their heads up their ass once a white male goes on yet another shooting rampage.

A white male named James Dalton went on a shooting spree this past February killing six people and wounding three others. Dalton is claiming that his phone apps provided to him by the Uber Company were commanding him to attack people.

Oh, this is fucking rich! Now, white males who are very violent are using phone icons as their reasoning. How laughable!

In typical fashion, plenty of other white people are rushing to depict Dalton as an innocent victim of mental illness. Okay white people, I’m confused. You have the nerve to preach to black folks about whose evil we should be furious at. Then turn around and make lame ass rationalizations of white male sadism all while eagerly ignoring the assault of minors that are white too? Remember the eight year-old white girl died after scumbag Jared lee Loughner targeted congresswoman Gabby Giffords? Plus, a 14 year-old was wounded by Dalton in the midst of killing those other victims.

The same white folks telling us what is what are silent as fuck about Dalton, Loughner and the many other white men guilty of harming innocent people. They give us grief about not giving enough of a damn for our youth who has fallen prey to black-on-black violence. Then they have the temerity to show zero animosity for a white male who hurts white children. Did anybody in the white media call Adam Lanza a thug or other names they use for black people? Hell no! Did any of the putrid filth-spewing assholes at Fake Noise use white male criminals as a blueprint for all every white male breathing? Fuck no! So they are not at all in a fucking position to comment to us about which direction our resentment should go.

I’ll make a deal with you white folks. When you start using the exact venom and righteous indignation about your own that you use for Negroes, then you can speak to us. But not a damn second before.


11 thoughts on “Vern’s Venting: Give a Dog a Bone

  1. Thank You Mama Vern, always on the money as usual. These vampires are masters of deception and hypocrisy. If you ever wanna know who the devil’s seed is, look no further than the white race

  2. White people let 20 little white babies die in a school in Newtwon and did absolutely nothing about it. White America didn’t pass any laws, didn’t march in the streets, just threw some teddy bearsand flowers at the site, and cried for a couple days, before they moved on to the next tragedy, and forgot about it. I betcha if you asked random white people on the street they couldn’t tell you what happened in Newtown or what day it was.

    White people cant say sh** to me about black on black crime. White people kill themselves and their children in batches and no one lifts a finger to stop it. They don’t even bother to be outraged. Outside of the ones who gleefully celebrate every black persons death, the worse ones are completely apathetic to “ALL”death.

    I know damn well, they don’t care about black lives.

    So their “black on black crime” and “all lives matter” derailments don’t pass muster with me. Not one bit.

  3. I”m just wondering– aren’t you tired of wasting all this energy complaining, bemoaning and venting about white people? Seriously. All your efforts are in vain because THEY ARE NOT GOING TO CHANGE. So I fail to see where all this discussion is heading. What’s the end game here? I’m serious with this question.

    Blacks will do better to channel this energy and passion into organizing, and strategizing to either improve our lives, fight back OR dismantle white supremacy. Now THAT’s worth the effort.

    Don’t misread what I”m saying here. I detest them as much as any other conscious black person, BUT it’s a distraction for us to constantly focus our energies on THEIR actions instead of our own. What about OUR actions? What can we do?

    At the end of the day complaining and venting about them is not going to improve OUR situation in the least. So what’s the point?

    1. I agree with a lot of what you said but I believe a good FIRST step is calling them to the carpet on their bullshit, and it is important because they are attacking our movements or claiming that they discriminate. It’s not discrimination it’s that they DON’T need those because cops are killing them left and right. I just want to throw their pompous, phony, arrogant, hypocritical rhetoric back on them since they love criticizing black folks for protesting.

      1. Ok, now that you’ve called them out on their bullshit, what now? Whites have never cared what black people think about them- and they still don’t.

        When you say the first step is calling them out on their bullshit- you are referring to the first step TO WHAT end? Again, what’s the end game here? I get the whole venting thing- but there is absolutely nothing to be gained from venting. At some point blacks are going to have to become more solutions-oriented or we’re done.

  4. Let me tell you this: White people are in no position to be a moral judge on anyone, given their behavior on this planet. European history is absolutely a reflection of their depravity and they had the nerve to call Indians savages…

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