Vern’s Venting: White People of Color


By Lavern Merriweather:

The backlash from some black artists against the Oscars for – yet again – ignoring the acting contributions of black performers has stirred up another debate about how “Hollywooden” likes to whitewash stories.

Recently, there was the $140 million dollar flop with Christian Bale, Ben Kingsley and John Turturro called “Exodus: Gods and Kings”. Ridley Scott of “Alien” and “Gladiator” fame tried in vain with the explanation he pulled out of his ass as to why he didn’t cast brown and black people. Mr. Scott seems to believe that Negroes and other folks of color aren’t big enough box office draws.

Okay Ridley, then why the fuck did your overblown, over-budgeted little epic fail miserably if that were the case? Plus, he obviously has short term memory loss as white males are completely full of shit.

Call me kooky, but I could have sworn that Will Smith, Denzel Washington, Samuel Jackson, Chris Tucker, Forrest Whittaker and one time powerhouse Eddie Murphy had NO problem getting butts in the seats. Hell, even upstart Chadwick Boseman, who was a stand-out in “42”, the movie about Jackie Robinson, brought in acceptable numbers. A shitload more than that Exodus shit did. And no, Ben as the token melanin man doesn’t qualify. He was there as pure window dressing for the sake of ‘Hollywhite’ to claim how liberal they are while at the same time justifying screwing over actors of color. God Bless America!

Technically, Bale and Scott are both from England. Yet, they have no issue continuing the very arrogant and racist mindset so prevalent in America, which is that white people are more qualified than everybody else at everything, including playing people assumed to be non-white.

Granted, we don’t really know what Moses looked like. However, he did come from a region that is known for dark haired, brown eyed olive to brown-skinned people. Still, Scott made a feeble attempt to defend his bullshit casting by saying that he does know Egyptian people who are blond hair and blue-eyed. Oh pray tell old Ridley boy, where the fuck might these phantom folks come from?

Funny how white people can make declarations like that without offering one shred of proof. Where are these so-called white Egyptians, because even Western media tells us most people from Egypt have darker skin than either you or Bale. Then again, that has become the new buzzword for full-of-it white folks. Hey I am part fill in the blank. Get your Rachel Dolezal having ass out of here! That is such crap as to rival the big pile of shit from the sick dinosaur in the first “Jurassic Park”!

To add more insult to injury, Bale, whom I used to like, whined that it was unfair he be denied – as he put it – an exceptional role, because his skin won’t tan. Hate to break it to you Christian, but ‘Hollyweed’ is notorious for overlooking better, more talented folks in the name of the bottom line.

I find it deliciously laughable at their hypocrisy considering the white people protecting their whites only legacy were singing a much different tune when Idris Elba played a Norse god in “Thor” or when his name was bandied about to play the next James Bond. Angry white bitches came out in droves to protest. You would have thought that the Apocalypse were on us the way they were acting. Never once were they taking into account that white folks use every chance they can to rationalize white folks portraying people of color, real or not.

I just found out that the lady very pale British actress Juliette Binoche played in the movie “33” based on the trapped Chilean miners was, you guessed it, Chilean. In addition to being overweight and having wrinkles, that woman also had skin so brown that she could get mistaken at my family reunion. Yet, that means zero to the ‘Hollywhite’ apologists.

In the picture“21” starring Kevin Spacey, the main protagonist of the story came from Korean born parents and looked extremely Asian. In fact ALL of the people the real tale was about were Asians. Still, the powers-that-be decided it would be smarter to cast pasty white male Jim Sturgess in the lead. It wasn’t. The movie tanked just like “Exodus” did the same way Jack Black playing a Mexican man in “Nacho Libre” or Mike Myers playing an Indian man in “The Love Guru”. They too were box office bombs.

Any time I bring this argument to certain white people, it – of course – falls on deaf ears. It’s perfectly okay if they don’t like Rue from “The Hunger Games” being played by a girl of color or the new Doctor Who possibly being a black male. But if we don’t like them being cast in roles rightfully reserved for a non-white person, well then that is our tough luck.

They are always, and only, the true stars of the planet Earth, and damn if a bunch of inferior, runner-ups will tell them otherwise. Even when their being hired is not only stupid and ludicrous, it is no gateway to guaranteed riches. I could somewhat understand and probably even agree with their point if all the films they condone are unstoppable money making machines. The truth is though that they are often times not. The failure of many of these whitewashed movies prove that their mentality about white actors being an automatic bigger attraction is wrong, not to mention unfair and hypocritical.

There aren’t going to be many black actors stealing parts from Bale. So his complaint makes him sound like a self-absorbed, entitled brat. His slice of the pie is huge compared to everyone else’s, but he wants to bitch because there is a slight chance he won’t recieve a cut of the latest one. How selfish and arrogant of a prick can you be? As big as many of the white entertainers and their fans I suppose.


4 thoughts on “Vern’s Venting: White People of Color

  1. I admire Ridley Scott as a filmmaker, but his rationale was super lame. He would have been so much better off saying, “I made a mistake. I’m done making excuses for whitewashing and will use this as a learning moment and an opportunity to set an better example for my peers.” Any decent person will give you another chance if you step up, own your mistake, and fix it going forward.

    I can’t believe that in the second decade of the 21st century, the cast, crew, and studio associated with this film (and others that are guilty of the same) didn’t see this criticism coming. It boggles the mind.

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