If It Was Serena and Not Maria

Tennis: French Open-S. Williams vs Sharapova

A few days ago, pro-tennis player Maria Sharapova recently announced she tested positive for drugs, meldonium to be exact. She has been suspended from international tennis for up to four years. Sponsors are pulling away their support. And the Russian sports community is up in arms over the scandal of one of their shining stars.

This has attracted considerable attention in the Western media as one of their foreign idols seems to have fallen from grace. This will probably be discussed at length in the Russian media, but that’s only speculation as I don’t know how the Russian media operates. Right now, her failing a doping test is major news in the West and around the world.

Still, Sharapova will still likely be forgiven by her fans. Her rival Serena Williams said that her admittance shows courage. She will be back playing tennis eventually. In the eyes of many, she’s still their role model. But right now, the international news media is fixated on this new scandal and is asking many questions.

Imagine how this would be if it was Serena, instead of Maria. No doubt, the media will pounce all over this. Since Serena is an American, this will most likely be extensively covered in the Western media outside just sports news. And since she’s African-American this will be yet another chapter in their negative stereotyping of black athletes that will end up ruining her career, perhaps permanently.

As of this moment, Sharapova is in hot water, and this is still a major news story. Speaking for myself, I’m glad this is not Serena Williams, or any black athlete, that’s currently in this much trouble. That may sound stupid and low, but when it comes to black role models, watching them fall from grace is as painful as being stabbed in the heart. We don’t have too many idols in the mainstream, and they must be better than perfect as to many people, they represent all black people, or else media hounds, like TMZ for example, will track them down and broadcast their fuck-ups and disappointments for the world to see strengthening negative stereotypes.


8 thoughts on “If It Was Serena and Not Maria

  1. This is why diversity and representation is so incredibly important. It’s too much, for just one or two PoC to carry the reputations of their entire race on their backs, because no human being is that perfect. The more PoC there are in various professions, the less of a toll it will take on those individuals. They can share the burden of being role models, instead of doing it all by themselves, although Serena and Venus have so far done an exemplary job.

  2. Glad it wasn’t Serena and glad it was Sharapova instead. She was drugging and still Serena whipped her on the tennis courts. Sharapova is one of the highest paid women tennis players with endorsements but Serena has athletic prowess she beat Sharapova 18 times. Glad it’s Sharapova and not Serena. And Serena even spoke graciously about Sharapova and her dilemma she didn’t kick her while she was down, I wonder whould Sharapova done the same if the situation were reversed?

  3. Reminds me of when Marion Jones fell from grace, now you don’t even hear her name. If this had been Serena or even Venus instead of Miss Casper the ghost Sharapova, best believe every racist, right-wing and liberal blowhard would come charging like a pride of lions ready to tear her apart

  4. Of course Serena would have been vilified more than their blond, blue-eyed perfect Swedish goddess. Every time a black person excels in a mostly white sport there has to be that “great white hope” to show up the lowly Negro. And if she is blond and pretty all the better, why is the call for her to sacrifice HER winnings and trophies? Trust if this were Serena the media would be screaming for her to be stripped of everything

  5. Indeed!
    A lot of white people who fail get a hand up and the benefit of the doubt. They go on to have careers of some kind.

    As a general rule, when black people fall down, white people use that fail to express their racism, and kick them as hard as they can when they’re down. Erasing them if possible.

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