Vern’s Venting: Where’s All the Outrage?

By Lavern Merriweather:

Dean Castronovo, Don McLean, Track Palin, Emile Hirsch, Anthony Cumia, Kyle Busch, disgraced former governor Eliot Spitzer and quarterback Johnny Manziel are a number of white males that, within months of each other, were guilty of domestic violence charges. Yet I ask, where are all the judgmental white folks in the media who constantly vilify black males? They are once again doing what they always do, and that is hide their heads up their ass or in the sand.

See, white people, especially white males, just know they aren’t as bad as Negroes. Why the hell should they, the paragons of perfection, ever consider anything otherwise? They are the most high after all. So even if a white male is a despicable dick that hits women, well that’s okay. It’s not like Johnny Manziel is as bad as that horrible Ray Rice. He didn’t knock his girlfriend Cathleen Crowley out cold. No, he just hit her in her eardrum so badly that she had a concussion and couldn’t hear for several hours.

According to her lawyer, there was also a painful ringing in her ear as one can imagine. Still what does that matter? She was only assaulted by a white male. Therefore, she should consider herself lucky. Remember that Cathleen accused Manziel less than a year ago of attacking her then too. And in typical media fashion, the white male media brigade sounded more like chirping crickets than the angry mob that lurks to demonize black men.

Although this is not the only offense Johnny Football is guilty of, it is, however, the worse one. He has had DUI’s, bar fights and drug arrests. Yet, that is still not good enough to make him a pariah the way that a black male certainly would. Cam Newton hasn’t been charged with even half of the shit that Manziel has. But of course, he is faced with a lot more hatred. That is how the white male media operates, pretend you actually give a damn about a particular issue. Then use it as an excuse to blow every little incident involving a black male way out of proportion so that you can feel superior in your morality. When all it really is is a chance for you to point fingers so that nobody will constantly rehash your misdeeds. Neither Ray Rice nor singer Chris Brown can fart or take a piss without the media making a comment on it. They have never done that with a white male.

It’s the same with white women. The very white women supposedly so protective of Janay Rice and Rhianna have kept extremely quiet about the many videos showing violence towards black women by white male cops. Recently a white male postal worker was accused of beating up his black female supervisor. He was pissed off, because his performance wasn’t quite up to snuff. Yet, when she called him into her office to talk with him about it, he proceeded to punch her in the face. Once she fell over, this asshole whacked her in the back with a chair causing her injury.

Not one peep has been uttered from the white male media or white feminist organizations. Oh, they can be all kinds of mad, because President Obama dared call a female reporter “sweetie” or after he referred to Estelle Warren by her first name. Oh the horror!

Donald Trump, the Republican nominee front runner, has been as rude as fuck to Fake Nosie host Megyn Kelly. Yet white women who claim to just hate any type of sexism have said zero about Trump, much like they allege to despise violence against women, especially black women. But obviously, they have so little time to work with that. They completely forget to be so vocal when the abuser isn’t black or male. In other words, they are phony ass fake lying hypocrites! They don’t say anything, because as we all know by now, this has nothing to do with the brutality that women face every day. It’s about more selective persecution that keeps Negroes feeling bad about themselves while white people can stand over us wagging their fingers of judgement.

There were eight different names I mentioned earlier. That means white people have had more than enough opportunity to hold their own men to the same standard if what they spew and their words are true. But guess what? They ain’t. This is why I get as frustrated as I do when instead of calling white people to the carpet on their hypocrisy, most black folks join in. See, some black people can be just as full of it as white folks are even with the evidence that surfaced lately in the Manziel case.

Police say they have video footage that shows Manziel trying to force his ex-girlfriend into his car. On top of that, Ms. Crowley herself testified that she begged a valet who worked for the hotel where she was staying to help her. I have a very big problem with the fact that this investigation is taking so long. They have camera surveillance. But they need time to figure out if this prick is as bad as his ex said? It appears that white folks in the media aren’t the only ones looking out for a white male’s best interest all while declaring to the world that they find this kind of behavior unacceptable.

Oh really, bitches? Is that why then you chose to eagerly sweep white male thuggery under the rug as you throw black males under the bus in an attempt to continually perpetuate your racism masquerading as outrage? Not this time white people. Your deception has been blown right out the damn water. You have nobody to look at exposing but yourselves. You can be a wolf in sheep’s clothing all you want, but at the end of the day, you aren’t fooling anybody.


6 thoughts on “Vern’s Venting: Where’s All the Outrage?

  1. Interesting corollary point to this post:

    About a year ago, I saw a photo of a white woman, who had been beaten (and raped) so badly, by her MMA ex-boyfriend, that she was unrecognizable as human. I’ve never seen a woman look that broken in my life. I only heard about it at all because I frequent independent news media. The mainstream media never mentioned it all. Her ex-boyfriend is a white man, with a long history of violence, both in and out of the ring. The media had photos too, yet where was the outrage?

    But that Ray Rice video, of him hitting his wife, was played over and over and over, as if to reinforce the narrative that black men are all thugs.

    Well, if they are (and no they are not) then so are white men, but the media won’t tell people that.

    All those white women running around clutching their purses in the presence of black men, need to be looking at the white men in their orbit, because nine times out of ten, it’ll be some white guy they know, who brutally rapes or kills them.

    And if the media is pointing in the direction of a black man who has done something wrong, we need to look in the opposite direction, to see which white man’s behavior is being covered up.

      1. Their self-righteous attitude is a perfect example of their dichotomous thinking , because not only are they the biggest consumers of porn, they also own and control the industry. Yet they have the unmitigated nerve and arrogance to sit in judgement against women who participate in it. But of course, look at who we’re talking about.

  2. This is what you call having a completely reprobate and psychopathic mind. Always pointing the finger at everyone and knowing the faults of everyone else except their own. That’s why the bible refers to the white race (Esau/Edom) as a profane people…. Vain and twisted creatures they all are

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