Vern’s Venting: White People’s Priorities

By Lavern Merriweather:

Obviously, white folks love to rehash and whine about old news when it comes to the scandals of African-Americans.

All due respect to Brotha, but I have an issue with two links he posted on his website. One is by Kevin O’Keefe who is a writer for Mic and the other is from Steven Foster who is a writer for Addicting Info. Both of those websites pretend to be liberal but commit behavior that proves anything but. Then again, white folks who call themselves liberal and claim to be so down with Negroes are about as reliable as a Klan member. For the longest of times, white people who profess to be on our side have about as much empathy for us as a dead raccoon on the roadway.

O’Keefe – yet again – brought up the tiresome saga of R. Kelly. I can only imagine it’s to distract everyone from the MANY revelations of famous white perverts coming out. Dennis Hastert, Josh Duggar, Jerry Sandusky, Lena Dunham, Jared Fogel, Stephen Collins are just some of the names of white people with a higher paycheck that have been discovered to be pedophiles. Hell, Duggar diddled some of his sisters. Yet that isn’t nearly enough to make a self-righteous racist asswipe like O’Keefe sit up and take notice. Neither, apparently, is the confession by one time beloved TV dad Stephen Collins that he enjoyed – on a number of occasions – the sexual company of 13 year-old girls and that his first victim was only 10 years old. Let that shit sink into your head for a minute! This fucker admitted he is a pervert of the highest order. Still, that’s not a valid reason for the same pious white males forever roasting R. Kelly’s nuts on the fire to attack him.

Adding insult to injury is the fact that re-runs of Collins’ show ‘7th Heaven’ continue to air on the UP network. The Cosby Show was pulled immediately. Yet, this ‘bleep-bleep’ is allowed to keep showing his sleazy face?

I emailed O’Keefe the names of the scumbags that I mentioned previously as well as the late Paul Walker. In typical white male denial fashion, he was silent. On top of that, he has no explanation for why he neglected to write any holier-than commentaries condemning white celebrities. He had no qualms dragging R. Kelly out of the doldrums like grandma’s five decades-old dress that’s been sitting in a dusty trunk. Could it be that O’Keefe was hoping to divert attention away from the white folks by blathering about Kelly? It sure as shit comes off that way to me.

White males in the media, regardless of which side they allege to be on, are always out for their own best interests. Not long ago I wrote a very sweet and pleasant email to a local obnoxious shock jock asking why if the media was so damn concerned about the welfare of little boys is it they never attacked NAMBLA. For those who don’t know what NAMBLA is, they are a group of creepy degenerates who proclaim that sex between men and under aged boys is completely natural and normal. Count me as one of those hoodwinked Negroes so busy focusing on the person deemed a pariah by white people that I didn’t bother to realize how slick they attempt to be. Not once has anyone in the media uttered a peep about the Catholic Church, despite the years of abuse towards children. Now, it would seem that a group so dogged and determined to protect minors would have no shortage of outrage against the very people doing just that. However that doesn’t happen, which is precisely why O’Keefe failed to be in as big a hurry as he was to demonize Kelly from a story that has long since passed.

And for those who say that they don’t care how long ago it was, that doesn’t make Kelly any less guilty, Okay. Then that doesn’t make Jimmy Page any less guilty of holding a girl hostage in his house for three fucking years. See I can harp on prior history too. The only difference is that I won’t be attacking certain people as a cheap racist tactic.

This brings me to another prick, the aforementioned Foster who appeared giddy with excitement at the idea that Anita Hill might be picked for the newly opened Supreme Court seat. A petition was started to nominate Ms. Hill, I guess as a pathetic opportunity to force accused sexual harasser Clarence Thomas to sweat bullets. The people salivating at digging up old dirt with Thomas and Hill aren’t doing this for either her benefit or as a crusade for women at risk of being harassed by their boss. Like I said before, white people speaking out on behalf of Negroes while ignoring their own thorns on the rosebush aren’t doing it out of the goodness of their hearts. They want to point fingers to feel better about themselves and their wickedness.

I have yet to see so much press put to print about the allegations against two time (more like two timing) former President Bill Clinton. Clinton, like Thomas, was also accused of harassing a worker by the name of Paula Jones. Mrs. Jones was a hotel employee who stated that Clinton propositioned her for sex when he was governor of Arkansas by dropping his pants in front of her then asking for sexual favors. Granted, I understand that the left were more reluctant to believe their hero could possibly be guilty of such a thing, especially when many thought that it was a ploy by the right to get payback for how Thomas was treated. I don’t know if that’s true or not. However, that still doesn’t eliminate the fact that white folks who lean liberal simply refused to imagine that he could possibly be capable of something so heinous. To which I say that is their damn problem! They are the very ones who love to open a can of worms on black folks then try and shove them back inside once a white male is the target. Plus, Clinton had a woman named Kathleen Willey claim that he groped her on the day of her husband’s funeral. Clinton was also accused of rape by a previous campaign worker named Juanita Broderick. Still, the upstanding judgmental left isn’t hurrying to regurgitate the statements about their boy Billy.

Not to be outdone in the bullshit department, the FX network is doing a ridiculous, unnecessary and pointless mini-series on the OJ Simpson trial culminating with Fake Noise’s only ugly female anchor Greta Van Susteren calling herself doing an “investigation”. Investigation into what bitch? Those mothers have been harping on him and that case for the past 21 years. So what the fuck more is there to look into, stupid heffa!

While I get that many on the left and right are still feeling extremely butthurt because they didn’t get what they wanted, I honestly don’t give two shits about how they feel. They are sure as fuck ain’t fixated on what happened to Trayvon Martin, Amadou Diallo, Mike Brown, Eric Garner, Rekia Boyd, Sandra Bland, Freddie Gray, Lacquan McDonald, etc. In addition, let’s never forget the years of lynchings/barbecues/family picnics where it was perfectly acceptable to take many black lives in public and in broad daylight, often with law enforcement, governors, mayors and top town officials looking on eagerly while nodding in utter approval.

Then there is the matter of white males like Robert Blake, Robert Chambers, Phil Spector, Claus Von Bulow and Joraan Vander Sloot. The level of outrage has been so non-existent as to qualify for ghost status on the SciFi show where they are routinely hunted.

Folks, this is nothing more than white people, particularly white males, looking for whatever available outlet they can to redirect criticism that they rightfully deserve. Remember, any time white males go on their little vilify the black man cause, it’s not a crusade. It’s a charade.


4 thoughts on “Vern’s Venting: White People’s Priorities

  1. What makes my blood boil is that liberal white men want to play the hero on the behalf of us by petitioning to put Anita Hill to the Supreme Court. They’re the same guys who overlook abuse of Black women by white or whitish men. Such hypocrites!

    1. Yeah they don’t mention how Clinton threw Sistah Souljah and Lani Guinier under the bus. Or the way Mrs. Obama has been attacked daily. Some puissant on “Inside Edition” had the nerve to call her a baby momma. SMH

      1. Yep. I didn’t forgot how the Clintons were silent when then Sen. Carol Moseley Braun was insulted by a group of Republicans led by Sen Jesse Helms or how the Clinton dumped Joycelyn Elders after she made controversial remarks.


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