Vern’s Venting: The Ways of White Folks


By Lavern Merriweather:

Well isn’t that special! Seems that Sarah Failin’, as a parent, wants to blame Obama for her son being a woman beating thug. Track Palin, who is Sarah’s oldest brat, beat up the girl he’s dating. Instead of calling him out and saying what her boy did was wrong, Missy Sarah Anne says ‘blame the black man’. Once again, white conservatives that use any chance they get to cry and whine about how irresponsible and bad Negroes are take a much different attitude when one of their own fucks up.

Sarah has concocted this fantasy that since her son was in the military, that qualifies him for PTSD, the moniker for post-traumatic stress disorder which she claims her son is suffering from. This is why he attacked his girlfriend, not because he’s an obnoxious asshole who thinks it’s okay to hit women. However, that’s not the worst part about this story, believe it or not. Sarah is complaining that because Obama didn’t do enough for veterans’ issues, her son is in trouble. Did you get that folks? Sarah says that it’s Obama’s fault, not her son for his bad behavior.

Okay, let’s clarify a few things in this sordid little tale, shall we? Although Palin is acting like Track just stepped on the plane from Vietnam, her son never actually saw combat. The most he did was drive around his commander and handle menial desk duties. He was not at any time in battle, nor was he ever in a position where he felt that his life was in danger. See that’s what real veterans go through and know a thing or two about.

She also doesn’t mention that it wasn’t her son’s choice to be in the military. It was an option given to him by a judge after he set a school bus on fire and almost burned the whole thing up. Man, I wish I could do some shit like that and have the privilege to decide whether I got jail time or time in the service. But that’s the thing. Unlike Sarah and her spoiled little brood, I don’t have white privilege. So I don’t have an ability to get away with my stupidity, then create MORE stupidity only to turn around and attempt to hold someone else accountable. Sarah didn’t mention that her son also took part in a beer induced brawl at an outdoor concert several years ago. Maybe she hopes to pin that shit on our current president too.

It’s very laughable that Sarah is making these claims considering that she is endorsing Donald Trump. Trump attacked her former running mate John McCain by stating that he wasn’t a true war hero despite the fact that McCain actually did spend months on end as a prisoner of war during the Vietnam conflict and that Trump himself was another rich, entitled, young white male whose daddy got him out of Nam by making a few important phone calls. Yet Sarah is all kinds of butthurt at Obama while the guy she’s endorsing trashed her former boss, the guy who put her dumb ass little name on the map in the first place! Yeah Sarah, I’m sure Trump is all about helping those veterans as was Reagan and both Bushes before him considering that a lot of the funding necessary for vets was cut by republican presidents.

Still, the reality is that this isn’t even about those who bravely served for our country. It’s about yet another over privileged, two-faced, hypocritical white woman that loves to throw stones at others while not realizing just how vulnerable her glass house is. I’m not the least bit surprised that the very same media that screamed like Banshees on steroids about Chris Brown and Ray Rice are being extremely silent about Track Palin and the despicable thing that he did. A white, conservative, shrill, clueless pinhead with supposedly opposite views from theirs is still at the end of the day white.

Regardless of how much ‘libtards’ cry foul, they will forever protect the inconsistent judgmental legacy of whiteness which appears to be imagining that you are so much more superior to everyone else that you can criticize them even as you do the same shit that they are doing. Try to justify or rationalize your shortcomings as a decent human being. Then when all fails accuse someone of a different race as a form of deflection, notably the people that you have no qualms vilifying at every turn to make yourself feel holier than thou.

Which brings me to one of Sarah’s other children that just can’t keep their hand out the cookie jar, Bristol, or as I like to call her ‘Sluthole’. (If that sounds overly harsh too damn bad!) That skank continues to berate and demonize poor, young black women and other poor folks of color about the issue of welfare. She of course also has a tremendously huge ego that gives her license to always preach values or abstinence even though she has TWO kids by two different men. Neither man has ever bothered to marry her. Plus, her first baby daddy has not only moved on but got another girl pregnant without the benefit of marriage. Yet, these are the people who believe it is their right to chastise everybody not white, straight, educated and as wealthy.

Bristol obviously doesn’t understand that were it not for mommy, her sorry uneducated, two kids before 25 out of wedlock and being a single mom ass would have to be one of those women depending on government assistance. I guess mommy is your welfare system, huh Bristol?

On top of that, these fools still keeping lecturing that sex prior to marriage is a no-no. Come again bitch? You certainly weren’t thinking about that when you were spreading your legs while letting some random man spread his seed. She is just as stupid and delusional as her goofy ass momma who rather than denigrate Obama should have condemned her son for what he did and started a conversation about domestic violence. No, she would prefer to live in the land of white privilege and denial that makes her believe she can preach what her own family ain’t practicing.

It ain’t Obama’s fault that your family is a disaster, Sarah. It’s yours. However, you are too arrogant to get that. I highly doubt that even Donald Trump with all his millions can help you solve that problem.


9 thoughts on “Vern’s Venting: The Ways of White Folks

  1. The whole Palin family needs to sit they ass down and take all the seats.
    PTSD is not something you declare. It’s a mental illness you’re diagnosed with, so not only is she offending blacks, single moms and the poor, she threw the mentally ill under the bus too, by associating them with her lackwit son.
    Jeebus I can’t stand that family. They’re trailer park people with a little bit of money, willing to sell everyone under for more.

  2. The entire world thinks Sarah Palin is a raging idiot, except for right-wing religious American conservatives. You can’t even argue with them about it. I’ve tried, and they respond with, “Why do you fear her power?” and similar weird, cult-worship sounding shyte. It’s beyond my comprehension why they can’t see what everyone else sees: That Sarah Palin and her brood are a bunch of white trash yahoos.

  3. When President Obama is gone who will the fools blame then. They are so pathetic. They Ways of White Folk for real.

  4. I am absolutely sick and tired of this cuhcuhbeh spewing, heretic, rubber band sleaze toad pork queen hag of hell. Someone burn her illiterate, white trash ass at the stake already..

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