Vern’s Venting: Only a Farmer Needs Manure

By Lavern Merriweather

Some white people in America got all the damn nerve in the fucking world! Continual thug and complete hypocrite Bill Romanowski felt the need to attack Cam Newton because of how he behaved at a post-Super Bowl press conference. Cam was visibly upset after his Carolina Panthers lost soundly to the Denver Broncos led by Peyton Manning. During the conference, he refused to answer some of the reporter’s questions, then stormed off in a huff.

What I find very interesting is that many white males, besides being little brats about how they couldn’t do their job, keep bringing up what Cam was wearing. They talk about him having a black hoodie over his eyes while holding his head down the whole time. I have yet to figure out what that has to do with anything, but I digress.

The main issue I have is that not only is a two-faced, hypocritical beyond belief little fuck like Romanowski was hired to judge Cam but that nobody is calling HIS sorry ass on the carpet for what he said. Bill, the forever fraud, had the absolute gall to state that Cam would never make it in the NFL with that attitude. He then ended his words by calling Cam a “boy”.

Now, for anyone who knows me I am not the type of person who sees racism around every corner. I fully understand that sometimes in life, even with the best of intentions, people can slip up and their words can get taken out of context. I also know that how I perceive something said might reflect differently than what the person saying it actually meant. However, this time, that is not the case. I like any other black person know damn good and well what Romanowski was attempting to convey with his bigoted comment. He was basically saying that little Negro better stay in his place or else. It’s the same sentiment we have seen uttered and felt in previous generations. Yet to hear white people tell it, us Negroes are the ones keeping racism going even when all evidence to the contrary rears its ugly head as with Romanowski.

Don’t forget, this is the same asshole who beat up former teammate Marcus Williams, where he was subsequently sued by Williams, then fined by the league. A year later, this same fuckwad spit on a black player and used the n-word. But now this fucker wants us to buy his brand of white snake oil that he wasn’t being a big, stinking racist ass? Right and I keep Nessie as a pet in Lake Michigan. If you ever come to downtown Chicago I’ll even let you pet her. Bill also attacked a fellow bar patron by punching him and busting up his nose. Yet this prick is pissing about how Cam won’t last because he has too much of an attitude problem.

Okay, well riddle me this Billy boy, how did YOUR stupid ass get to stay in the NFL with all the bad shit you did? I only mentioned a few things that Romanowski is guilty of, but since he is a white male, his actions get overlooked the exact similar way that his obvious utterance of discrimination has. The white male media has no qualms giving Bill a free pass for his moronic comment, much the way that they protected him from criticism when he was a player. And a dirty one at that.

Romanowski has never made secret his use of illegal enhancing drugs, but that still wasn’t enough to make the high and mighty media hate him. On top of that, nobody is speaking about how the great Peyton Manning himself was acting very childish when he refused to shake New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees hand, then huffed off the field after the Broncos loss in 2006. You see how white males love to throw the stones of malcontent as their own glass house sits precariously on the hill? I’m pretty sure Romanowski wouldn’t like it one bit if a certain black sports anchor were to come at him with his past history and ask then why the hell were you allowed to stay in the league so long. However, I know that won’t happen, the same way I know that Romanowski and all the other boo-birds clucking their arrogant tongues about Cam won’t utter a peep about Johnny Manziel or Ben Rothelisberger.

For those not in the know, Manziel was recently cut by the Cleveland Browns after they found out that he was – yet again – accused of assaulting his girlfriend. The white whiners are being silent about their precious little Johnny Football while arguing their point that Cam Newton, who has never been charged with domestic violence, is a negative influence. WHAT?!!! Are you fucking shitting me?!! You mean to tell me that the very identical white males who raised such a big damn stink about a football player beating his woman when this was Ray Rice have run out of words for Manziel! Typical.

Just like it’s typical that Romanowski is now playing the CYA game by vocalizing that tired tactic of white people. He is claiming that since he used to watch the show “Good Times” back in the day and he loved it. So that means he just can’t possibly be racist.

Here we go again. Memo to white people. I don’t give a shit what TV show you watched, your family member who is black, what candidate you voted for, whose tribute dinner you attended or what beautiful black woman you want to bang. That don’t mean shit to me, you dumbass!! Bill damn sure wasn’t considering his supposed ‘love’ for the Cabrini Green dwelling fictional Evans family when he used the n-word OR the word ‘boy’. White folks never do. It’s a ploy after the fact, and a lame-as-fuck one at that.

The bible tells us of how when Judas dropped a dime on Jesus and Jesus went to go meet him. He welcomed him with open arms and said “hello friend”. So see white folks, people can pretend to be down with you or even like you, but behind your back it’s another story. Plenty of people in this world are fake and full of it. Bill just proved by his pathetic gesture to make amends that he is definitely one of them.


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