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By Lavern Merriweather

This is a picture of former Chicago Bears standout Brian Urlacher with is baby momma Tyna Robertson. Note that she is a black female, which may explain why Urlacher feels that it’s his right to comment about black folks, particularly the quarterback of the Carolina Panthers Cam Newton.

Urlacher apparently has an issue with Cam’s sideline dancing. Much like a number of bitter, jealous, whiny white males, Urlacher feels that he is entitled to lecture a Negro on his behavior. It seems that Mr. Newton’s end zone dancing, as well as his personal life, is rubbing a bunch of uptight white folks the wrong way. Keep in mind when you read this that Aaron Rogers, the very popular quarterback for the Green Bay Packers likes to do a pelvic thrust after he scores a touchdown. Neither Urlacher nor anybody else that have been so critical (hypocritical) towards Cam have uttered a peep about Rogers. Yet, this is just part and parcel of how full of it many white people can be. They want to give us grief for shit that they have no problem seeing another white person do.

I don’t remember Mr. Urlacher being so damn vocal about the TWO rape accusations leveled against Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Rothelisberger. Urlacher isn’t offended about the idea of a potential rapist, but he wants to bitch about someone who he doesn’t even know post scoring celebration?

Let’s call this for what it is folks, this is a Negro that has too much money, looks and talent for some white people to tolerate. We as black folks have seen this scenario many times before in our lives. A black man in the public eye who has more swagger than he should bothers white males. They will use every little petty infraction to whine and complain about what a rotten person he is all while easily ignoring the white males that are guilty of some pretty messed up or criminal shit themselves.

Just recently, Cleveland quarterback Johnny Manziel was – yet again – accused by his girlfriend of abusing her. She is even claiming that she had to beg a hotel valet to help her, because Manziel was trying to forcibly get her into his car. Manziel is no stranger to trouble. He was accused last year by this same woman of attacking her. He also has had several DUIs and run-ins with the law. But of course because he is a young, petulant white male that has a million dollar contract protecting him, he is never seen as evil.

The other day on the Yahoo sports website, a number of stupid ass people had the absolute nerve to defend Manziel by saying he is ‘troubled’ and needs help. In the words of my old school black relatives “Ain’t that a blip!” You mean to tell me that the SAME people in America who were screaming for Ray Rice’s head on a silver platter with dumplings and croutons on the side are playing lovey dovey with this punk? Fortunately smarter heads in the Browns organization prevailed as they have since kicked Johnny Football off the team. It’s good to know that some of the powers-that-be in the NFL weren’t buying his ‘woe is me’ line of bullshit. Still, many of white people in America want to keep the separate and unequal mentality going against black male athletes.

Not to be outdone in the whiny arrogance department, a woman from Charlotte named Rosemary Plorin sent her local paper, the Charlotte Observer, a self-righteous, holier-than letter criticizing Cam, claiming that it sent a bad message to her nine year-old daughter. I wonder if mommy ever considers how much her obvious pious racism is going to affect her little one’s psyche. She doesn’t any more than this is about Cam Newton being, as many in the white male media have put it, too cocky.

Folks, we all already know that any time white males spew words like cocky and arrogant about a black male what they really mean is ‘uppity nigger’. And yes I am not censoring myself when I write that word, although Brotha might take exception and edit it. I respect that totally, it’s his blog and his decision. However, we need to stop denying the blatant elephant in the room. This isn’t about Cam’s dancing or past skirmishes; it’s about a young, brash, confident black man that doesn’t feel the necessity to humble himself in front white folks. He is – in a way – like Barry Bonds before him, a Negro with too much money and way too much mouth on him.

Cam’s personal life seems to be fair game for prudish old white people as well. Two elderly white people made it their very own crusade to churlishly mention how they didn’t approve of Cam having a baby out of wedlock with his long-time girlfriend. Once, a black male sportswriter, and rightfully so, brought up the fact that Tom Brady didn’t get very much grief when he dumped his ex Bridget Moniyhan, star of CBS’s hit TV show “Blue Bloods”, for German model Giselle Bundchen. Predictably, some white folks lost their shit. They bitched about how Brady didn’t get away completely unscathed after dumping his baby momma Bridget for supermodel Giselle. Still, not one of those people, try as they might, can refute that white males are not treated with the same disdain as black males.

Yes, America has come a long way from its sordid racist past. But when every little silly thing a black male does is blown out of proportion, that shows me we aren’t as far removed from the past as we should be.