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Let’s not hide anything. Some of you will try, but your actions will suggest otherwise. You got a problem with black people. More specifically, you got a problem with black people who don’t fit your mold, are the main and only characters in any uplifting scenario and who love themselves for being black and are not sorry for it.

Your insistence that you’re “not racist” is no longer valid, not that it ever has. You find reasons why a cop murdering a black person is valid even though the black person posed no lethal threat on the officer. You call black people who are trying to raise awareness about racism and are making a change racist and derogatory names. (I’m sure you’re familiar with the popular n-word that you whine about not being able to use without being called a racist.) You will go so far as to wish death upon them! You defend any form of oppression against black people and blame the victims for their situation. And through it all, many of you who have done and are doing this think you’re still good people.

Then, there are those who are apathetic. There are those who stand by and do nothing. They practically just sit back and watch or ignore the reality altogether. Yet, they will proudly and without remorse reap the benefits of being white in a white dominated society. At the same time, they will argue that there are no such things as white privilege and racism, purposely arguing and convincing others that society is post-racial. They consider anyone and anything established for the uplifting of black people to be just as racist as any white hate group. And they too think they’re basically good.

Well, I got news for you. Get ready to have your feelings hurt. Get ready to have your sense of morality, and lack thereof, called out.

Here’s the truth. YOU ARE NOT GOOD PEOPLE!

There, I said it. Cue white fragility, white entitlement, white supremacy and white privilege. Your whiteness doesn’t make you good by default just like my blackness doesn’t make me bad. Just like being pro-black doesn’t mean you’re anti-white. And asking white people to take responsibility for their racism is not racist, let alone a bad thing.

Let me break this down so you can understand.

Good people are the ones who acknowledge that they have a race problem and find ways to fix it responsibly. Good people are the ones who take part in making sure change happens. Good people don’t try to dismantle any movement for change and justice. And good people don’t put their feelings ahead of other people’s lives as if their emotions matter more than a human being’s worth.

Good people don’t think they’re better than anyone because they’re a certain color. Good people don’t support the oppression of others and justify it. Good people don’t ignore the suffering of others just because it’s uncomfortable for them to handle. Good people don’t condemn other people who know what’s wrong and are trying to make a change for the better. And good people don’t wish that other people would die for making a positive change towards people who are different from them.

And there are white people who have taken up the cause, because they are aware and are willing to struggle so that black people will have the same privileges and rights as they have. They see the problems and are fighting to remedy them. That is not a bad thing. It will not mean that your people will be oppressed. So, stop worrying. All in all, they are the true good ones.

During the last few weeks alone, we’ve seen not-so good people come out and express their hatred. Of course, they will tell us to get over it. But how can we ‘get over it’ if they continue to demean us? Maybe one day some of them will realize their sickness and truly become good, but there will be those who would rather be a white people than a good person.