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White people,

We know that you’ve been angry and upset, especially for the past couple of weeks. We know you’re pissed off at Cam Newton for being a black quarterback for the Carolina Panthers. We know you’re miffed at Beyonce for that Half Time performance, because she had the audacity for rally for Black Lives Matter, another topic you have serious trouble with. There are other examples where you people (Yes, I said ‘you people’.) have shown your racist, white supremacist asses with glee and no apology. That is, until someone catches you.

Basically, you’re no longer center stage in everything, and that makes you mad. You make racist remarks to express your seething anger at us for taking some of the spots you think are only reserved for white people. You wish death upon us for making blackness a subject. We see it as racism at its most obvious.

Black people, and people of color (POC) in general, are not stupid. We recognize racism when we see and hear it. So, your assertion that you’re not racist or how something is not about race when it is won’t fly with many of us. We are well educated on what you people have done and are doing. And I say ‘you people’ instead of ‘some of you people’, because that is how you refer to us whenever we have done something stupid, terrible or not up to your ‘standards’. So, get a taste of what’s it’s like not to be you and savor it.

Yes, call it racist. Cry how this is making white people feel guilty as if that’s worse than death itself. Accuse us of using the very invention that your people have created and benefited from for hundreds of years. I honestly don’t care. Why? Because asking white people to hold themselves accountable for their racism and privileges whenever any incident of racism against POC occurs is not racist.

We are not oppressing white people and reaping the rewards from the oppression, nor are we making them ashamed to be white, contrary to popular right wing opinion. We only ask for fairness, equality and respect. I know that seems hard for you to grasp. Admit it. You have major problems with that. You have major problems with us, and it is tearing you apart inside. This begs to ask the question. If all lives matter, as many of you say, why do you have such a big problem with black ones?

Black folks are not perfect. We’re every bit as human you are. And no. Your skin, European features and overall history and culture don’t make you superior just as our skin color, African features and culture doesn’t make us less-than-human. Those are lies that you have adopted and cherished. It’s the lie that you hold dear. Sure, some of you are unaware. Yes, some of you are proud of living that lie. But the bottom line is that it’s YOUR PROBLEM!

It’s a problem so twisted that you hate us more than you love yourselves. You focus more on what’s supposedly ‘wrong’ with us way more than you figure out what’s so great about yourselves other than your overall whiteness. The proof is in white supremacist groups, conservative media and their pundits and on the internet.

Still, you can’t stand it when we call you out on your racist bullshit. And you have a fit when we love our blackness. Even you, who claim to not be racist, have a problem with us. But instead of facing it, you make excuses. You create lame ass reasons why you hate us. You create and cite statistics all day trying not to face your dark truth. You continue to hate and you’re fine with that?

If you want us to shut up and ‘stop bitching’, own up to your bullshit. Face that fact that you or your people have a race problem and make steps to fix it. For those of you who generally don’t give a fuck, go ahead and sink in the tar pit of white supremacy and racism. Humanity doesn’t need you.