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It’s sad to say this, but there’s no shortage of self-hate among people of color, especially black folks. You would think that most of them are really white racists in disguise wearing black skin with some of the shit they say. Sadly, that’s not the case. It’s a sickness of incorporating white racism into your mentality, hating yourself and the people of your race. In other words, they prefer to stay in the “house” with their white masters, because they love them more than their own people.

For those who are not familiar with how internalized racism operates, here are some signs to watch out for, particularly when it comes to black people.

White Supremacy

Those stricken with internalized racism will not only jump on the bandwagon of white supremacy, they would probably call shotgun. They believe that white people truly are intellectually and morally superior for reasons that all point to whiteness. Simultaneously, they think their own people are inferior for just as many stupid reasons.

Some are so severe in their self-hatred that they believe any and all forms of oppression against their people, historic or contemporary, are good things. They think they were worst off before white people came along and that things are better thanks to the white man. And there are those who are not ashamed to say so.


Internalized racism will cause you to dislike or downright hate your own people. Any negative stereotype about your race is believed. If you’re a self-hating black person, you will likely believe that your people are lazy, shiftless troublemakers and will fuel your thinking with various forms of media that confirm your biases, and only those images. Hell, they would even become the degrading images you come across.

Those with a media platform of their own will spread their hate. Some will do it as often as possible, because their hatred is that strong.

In some cases, the hatred is directed towards a specific gender. When it comes to black folks, and yes, it is disheartening, you have brothas hating on sistas and vice versa calling each other ‘niggas, bitches, hoes’ and the like. And with the help of social media, they use their pages, blogs and websites to not only express their disdain but will preach why the opposite sex of your race is no good. Again, some dedicate the better part of their time to produce numerous pages or videos telling others how rotten black women, black men or both are. But they will praise nonblacks, lighter-skinned blacks and(or) white folks, for supposedly being better people, or better-looking people, to date or marry.

Even violence against your own people can be a sign of internalized racism. Fighting, raping and even killing members of your own race is usually seen as evidence of the self-hatred some people of color harbor for each other. Some may argue that violence against anyone, even non-people of color, show signs of self-loathing. Even drug and alcohol abuse or excessive body modification point in that direction. Suicide and suicidal thoughts may be indicators.

Physical Changes

Those who hate what they are as people of color may find ways of making themselves look less like people of color. They would invest their money on products and surgeries to change or erase their physical qualities. Symptoms include whitening of the skin and eyelid surgery.

Against Anything For POC By POC

Black History Month, Black Entertainment Television, Ebony, Jet and Black Lives Matter were created in response to the endless campaign of white supremacy and white racism. Not the way some folks feel. They parrot the voices of their white, usually conservative, friends who feel that basically anything celebrating black people, promoting black culture or uplifting to black folks is somehow racist against whites. Remember, they love white people more than they love black people, and as such, realistic and historical truths are nonfactors to them. Loving and appealing to their Caucasian comrades are more important to them.

Some will go so far as to hate your name. If you have a black-sounding name, a self-hating black person will look down upon you and probably your parents for giving you that name.

Rejecting Racism

Internalized racists do not believe that racism was, or is, a factor to the state of the times concerning people of color. Trumpeting the voices of white denial, they conclude that all problems people of color face are brought on by themselves and no one else. Don’t ever show them any facts or figures that indicate racism or else, you’ll be called a racist yourself.

There may be other signs, but this pretty much covers the bulk of this illness caused by centuries worth of white supremacy that must be addressed. It’s not easy fighting whiteness when it’s all in your face every day. Some people fight all their lives while some give in and let the whiteness consume them. And then there are some who either are born into it or simply choose to think like white racists. We have people with the spirits of Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, Sista Souljah, Harriet Tubman, Fredrick Douglass, the Black Panthers, the MOVE organization and other black revolutionaries who champion for the cause of black love and freedom. But you will also have Uncle Toms, Sambos, Coons and House Negroes that will fight to the death and speak loudly for their white masters.