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Misogyny is the disdain and contempt for the female gender. It is ingrained in our society. And it is a global problem, one that has permeated into the black community with devastating consequences.

Recently, I heard about the tragic story of a black woman who was executed in the streets. Her “crime” was that she turned down a man’s advances, and she was murdered for having the freedom to say no.

Her name was Janese Talton-Jackson. She was someone’s daughter, sister and mother. A man named Charles McKinney approached her twice at a bar. Each time she rejected. And shortly after, she was shot to death because of it. She was only 29.

Sadly, this is nothing unique. It happens more often than we like to believe. It happens so often that there’s a Tumblr page dedicated to the victims of similar attacks.

I’ve read a few articles on this incident from bloggers and writers, and I took the liberty to check out some of the comments from readers. While many saw this as a horrible act, there were a few who bashed the victim for her own death! I’m not surprised seeing as how we live in such a culture of victim blaming. Still, it was sad as hell to see comments from (presumably) males who thought Jackson was responsible for her own murder.

Some of the comments ranged from assuming Jackson had a stuck-up attitude to the old mental illness excuse to males crying about how they getting disrespected by women somehow equals to or is more damning than what happened to this woman. Assuming that these are indeed males behind such comments, males have privilege mindsets that tell them that their suffering matters more than women’s and that they have rights over a woman’s body, not women themselves. This bastard Charles McKinney felt disrespected, because a woman said ‘no’ to him even though she had a right to. His fragile ego couldn’t take and so he took it upon himself by punishing Jackson by killing her. His misogyny was the weapon that took down an innocent woman.

Like I said earlier, it is a global problem that is a part of the black community. By no means is it limited to the black community. (Checking out the Tumblr page confirms that.) Yet, it is a problem we must address. No one in this country is more disrespected than black women, and some of that disrespect comes from black men. Yes brothas, it’s hard out there for us, but it’s even more hard for our sistas, especially when they have to deal with coonin’-ass fools that insult, harm and kill them. Instead of looking down on them like some self-hating, male privileged Negroes do, we need to stand by them, with them and fight for them the way they do the same with us and for us.