Trump’s Supporters


Donald Trump is one of America’s richest billionaires, a former reality TV star, Republican Presidential Candidate and world famous poster man-child for white male privilege. His campaign has been gaining steam mostly due to his appeal to racists, right wing extremists, lost house minorities, authoritative douchebags and overall ig’nant-asses.

Recently, “the Donald” made a comment about how if he were to shoot someone in the middle of a crowded street, his voters would still support him. When asked to clarify his comments, he declined. I shudder to think that there is a strong possibility that Trump may be right judging by how his disciples view him, certain people and this country.

Trump’s racism, sexism and Islamophobia appears to be the driving force behind a large swath of his voters. He stated how he would build a wall thousands of miles long to stop Mexico from sending in those deemed problematic saying how they’re sending in drugs, crime and rapists. He claimed that in Jersey City “thousand and thousands of people were cheering” after 9/11. He tweeted a fake graphic about black people supposedly murdering whites in large numbers. He called for a total shutdown against all Muslims entering the U.S. And he’s been known to make a sexist comment, or two.

And there are people out there that eat this shit up. They see Trump as their hero of sorts, someone that champions against the thought police or from political correctness. Since many of them hate our current President, they see Trump as the anti-Obama, which, to them, is a savior against any and all forms of liberalism. It shows that there are folks out there that are so closed-minded that they believe thinking, fact-finding, basic morals and humanity are practically sins punishable by ostracization or a good ole’ ass-whoopin’ as seen in some of Trump’s rallies.

A Black Lives Matter protester was physically assaulted by Trump’s supporters when he disrupted one of his speeches. Latino protesters and immigrant activists have been spit on, cursed at, harassed and beaten. And a Muslim woman peacefully protesting was forced to leave one of his more recent rallies. It should be noted that there have been racial epithets, threats and Nazi salutes whenever Trump comes to town. Fights at his rallies are about as common and inevitable as a fight at a local bar.

If you plan to protest at any of Trump’s gatherings, be prepared. There will be fools that will jump you.

Donald Trump’s momentum is still as strong as when it was when he first started campaigning. It shows no signs of slowing down as his followers are as determined as ever to get him in office. If Trump does get elected, you can best assure that you can kiss this country, and perhaps the world, goodbye.



6 thoughts on “Trump’s Supporters

  1. I don’t live in America but the fact that Mr Trump is being given a voice in the political world is terrible. In Britain MPs had to debate banning him from the country because so many people signed a petition for the notion. He’s an evil man.

  2. Trump is just one more note in the “Trailer-fixation” of this country. Finally such people have their very own candidate.

    As nasty and ugly as his supporters are, I still can’t imagine what this country would become with people like that calling the shots. (Probably a little slice of Hell for everyone not them.)

  3. I have a feeling that at some point, someone at one of his rallies will be severely injured or, and I really hope not, killed. The Donald will be backpedaling and excuse making, the Republican Party will be distancing themselves from him. The faux distancing is starting to happen now, and I think the role he is playing in this election is very similar to the one Newton Gingrich played…the political version of the “class clown.” Meanwhile, the real candidate will come to the forefront because no one in their right mind wants the class clown. I think Trump refused to show up at one of the debates, not because of Megan Kelly, but because he is well aware of the role he actually plays. Still the Republican powers that be are a little afraid he might go too far, or actually become a “serious” contender for President. The type of people who Trump has attracted are the “outliers” who are only useful for their votes, and the Republicans who wield real power wouldn’t even allow them near their pet Dog. Anyway, in the words of a dear lady I once knew. “Watch and see if I say froggie jump. If it don’t bump its a$$!”

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