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By Lavern Merriweather:

As much as I can’t stand Tina Fey, I really should be thanking her. She has once again proven my point as to why I have an issue with white folks that cry ‘freedom of speech’ while denouncing political correctness. They are the most hypocritical and two-faced assholes on planet Earth.

Tina recently boasted that this nation has become too apologetic. So she plans to opt out of it. She says that, because she took a lot of heat for an episode of a Netflix TV show which she writes and produces. In the show Jane Krakowski, who is a white woman, decides to forgo her Native American heritage at the urging of friends and family. As one can imagine, many Native groups are up in arms about this. Yet Tina feels that her entitled privilege shields her from such criticism. She would rather be a stuck-up arrogant asshole than a real human being.

Funny considering she is the very SAME woman that almost got black comedian Tracy Morgan fired from her other show “30 Rock”. Seems little Miss Tina didn’t like the comments Tracy made about what he would do if he found out that his son were gay. Although what Tracy said was disturbing and somewhat creepy, that still doesn’t give her the right to attack him for his comments when she doesn’t have to play by her own rules. She demanded that he apologize. But once someone is insulted by what she puts out there, they can kiss her snotty white behind.

On top of her hypocrisy is her hypocrisy drenched in racism. Tina stayed silent when fellow co-star of Rock Alec Baldwin also made an exceedingly bigoted and offensive comment about a gay entertainment writer. I understand and agree that Alec had a right to be pissed, because the guy went after his wife with a story that was completely fabricated. However, the same white folk brigade defending gay folks from Negroes is forever quiet when the vitriol comes from the mouth of a famous white male. Tina didn’t utter a damn peep about Alec needing to say sorry to gay folks, nor did she write an open letter about how important a resource the gay people on staff were. That diatribe was reserved solely for the black man as is much of the vilifying from white people in the media who supposedly love gays so much only to continue to affirm that what they truly love is being racist rotten asswipes. Which is exactly what Tina is,

It’s no surprise that the Fake Noise types on Laura Ingraham’s Facebook page were cheering on phony Fey. They were saying ‘good for her’, oblivious to the fact that she cried foul when she didn’t appreciate what was stated by Tracy Morgan, just more evidence that many white folks like to preach one thing while they practice another. What they really mean by ‘freedom of speech’ is anything spoken that doesn’t offend my bigoted, selective, huckster ass. Fey like that other insufferable, woefully unfunny heffa Amy Poehler love to bemoan sexism and homophobia all while happily enjoying their lily colored privilege.

Author Neil Gaiman, who is a favorite of mine and wrote the hit best-seller “Coraline” which became a hit movie, said something great and profound. He stated, and I agree, that if you replace the words political correctness with respecting people then that conversation would change drastically. I tried it myself and he’s absolutely right, particularly when it comes to those folks who praise the notion that everyone’s feelings but theirs are fair game, especially Fey, who really had nothing more propelling her career than her Sarah Palin shtick which has gotten old and tiresome.

If those who bitch about freedom of speech want to have distinctions that benefit them alone, then they should say that from Jump Street, instead of falsely implying that they are speaking on behalf of everyone. The worst part of their selective ideas about freedom of speech are the Negroes that never hold their feet to the carpet regardless of how blatant white people have been allowed for decades to get away with being so absolutely full of shit. While in the meantime POC’s, are expected to just shrug their shoulders and mutter “the ways of white folks” as if this were still 1922, and the world was one big never-ending live action minstrel show.

I say damn that. Neither Fey nor any other white person can think that the very guidelines they set forth should be diverted for their one edification. And no Tina, being a second class citizen yourself doesn’t absolve you of your involvement in degrading of non-white folks. If anything, she of all people should understand why those at the bottom feel so insulted. However, she obviously prefers to let her skin advantage do all the talking.

The bullying “do as I say not as I do” mindset of racist white people, even hipster racists, should no longer be tolerated. Since they don’t like us people of color defending ourselves, stop saying disrespectful shit to make us angry. Either stand by what you say and be consistent, or shut the fuck up and leave us alone.