Only Blacks Must Respect Authority


It’s amazing that even though white folks have so many privileges in a country dominated, mostly ran and virtually constructed in their favor, many are still unhappy. Honestly, they don’t know how great they have it compared to us people of color. Yet, some are sore as hell at the world around them when it doesn’t suit their wants seeing as how they think it’s all about them. Yet, little things like gun control and equality upsets them greatly.

I’m sure you’ve heard of what’s going on in Oregon. Basically, to make a long story short, a group of armed white dudes took over a federal facility at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge. The group is led by a couple of brothers named Ammon and Ryan Bundy. If the name “Bundy” sounds familiar, it’s due to the fact that these are the sons of Cliven Bundy, the conservative gladiator rancher behind the land dispute last year who said that us Negroes would probably be better of as slaves.

It seems that the ‘militia’, as they are referred as in the mainstream news media, is protesting the imprisonment of two more ranchers, Dwight and Steven Hammond who are father and son respectively. The two have been convicted of arson in 2012 setting fires on federal lands to protect their crops. They were to return to prison after a judge stated how their sentences were not long enough. Well, these guys weren’t having any of that, and so, along with the Bundy brothers and some other angry white men decided to take a stand against the government.

Even since this whole mess got started, the mainstream news media treated the group with kid gloves never referring them as a group of  anti-police, anti-American thugs or terrorists, but as a ‘militia’ of ‘peaceful, poor noble ranchers’ who are ‘patriots’. It was noted that if this had been orchestrated by a group of black men, they would’ve ended up like the MOVE organization. Bombed!

History has shown that whenever black folks protest, they are met with heavy opposition from hyper-militarized police as we’ve seen in recent years in Ferguson, Missouri. From the Civil Rights Movement to Black Lives Matter, to America, black people largely and peacefully protesting injustice and inequality are a threat that must be put down by any means available immediately while angry white men armed to the teeth ready to fight against the government or die trying are somehow worthy of respect and praise and is therefore not as urgent, frightening or embarrassing.

The hypocrisy is evident. Black people are not supposed to fight for justice. But white folks apparently can. White people have the privilege to rebel and not be condemned by the white-owned media or  worry about being bombed by authorities. Black folks are supposed to stay quiet, obedient and happy to authority no matter how much it screws them over. And some right wing-minded soul will lecture you if you decide to speak up against injustice by police, making you feel low and blaming you should you get abused, locked up or shot while, in the same breath, praise their own conservative Caucasian brothers for standing up against a government they got issues with.


4 thoughts on “Only Blacks Must Respect Authority

  1. True words on every account! I also noticed how many in the public are whining that they have looted anything or burnt any cars. Still they are holding guns and threatening to kill anyone that comes within 100 feet of them but they aren’t violent. I will be adding my two cents soon.

  2. I wish a band full of those Paiute First Nation People who just bum rush those militia KKK dogs with rifles and any other type of weapon and run those dogs off their land.

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