Vern’s Venting: Quick With the Quickness

Dr. Benjamin Carson, director of Pediatric Neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, speaks to the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in National Harbor, Maryland, March 16, 2013. REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst (UNITED STATES - Tags: POLITICS HEALTH) - RTR3F2WE

By Lavern Merriweather:

Well, I knew it wasn’t going to take very long. The minute that potential Republican nominee Ben Carson started getting higher in the polls, the media elite, hipster racist bunch was going to come after him. Of course, they didn’t give a rat’s ass, because Trump was the head honcho and all eyes were on him. Nobody expected the unknown Negro from Detroit, Michigan to begin giving the Donald a run for his money. Now, he has become a dangerous voice and every little thing he says is criticized, particularly among the holy-oh-so-hip crowd like Bill Maher and Lewis Black.

Now, I have no intention or desire to vote for Carson. He seems like a smart enough guy, and while he has said certain things that would make any intelligent person take a pause, there are plenty of white males, and even Cruz and Rubio that have said shit, that could be called – at the very least – questionable things to say. Not one of those arrogant pinheads has called Christie to the carpet for stirring resentment towards the #BlackLivesMatter movement or for saying that they better not even bother requesting a meeting with him, because he doesn’t want to hear anything they have to say. That kind of shit still isn’t enough reason for the white libturd bunch to say that Christie is an asshole and that anybody with such a dismissive attitude towards fellow American citizens should not be elected into the Oval Office.

No, they would rather demonize the black man, and spare me the whine that it’s not always about race. If that were the case, then we would be seeing the SAME attitude from white and black people in instances when attacks on their behavior are warranted. The feminazis have been searching the ends of the Earth to find some obnoxiously petty reasons to attack Obama. The worse example being because he used Estella Warren’s first name when addressing her at a press conference. Oh damn! Does the FBI know? Please!

The fact of the matter is that many on the liberal side don’t want another Negro in the White House any more than their right wingnut counterparts. Notice how they haven’t exactly been rushing to defend Obama from the right the same way they did with Clinton, or now, Hillary. If someone from Fake Noise looked cockeyed at Clinton, you bet your ass John Stewart and the like would have been there with a shield of armor right by his side.

Obama, however, is a whole nother matter entirely. He didn’t need their protection. He just needed to act more ‘gangsta’ as Bill Maher once put it. Funny, but the very mindset that white people shame Negroes for is expected of the highest office in the land which is nothing more than code for, “If in doubt, let the stereotype come out?” Someone should remind those white people huffing and puffing about Obama’s lack of badassery that the reality is white folks created that idea of the black gangbanger, more specifically the idea that all young black males and even a few older ones have a lifelong love affair with the ghetto and every horrible thing that represents it.

There are even some white male little snots on the left basically attributing that custom of ratchetness to Ben Carson. Though he has given no indication that he is even remotely a common hood thug, the concept still applies. Mr. Carson has also taken jabs from the left for damning comments about slavery and abortion. Now, while I don’t condone or defend his words, the leftists have been extremely silent about Ted Cruz. Cruz recently spouted that Christians, nee white males, never commit acts of terrorism like the Muslims and other religions, nee Arabs/brown folks. The left hasn’t exactly been pushing past each other to hold Cruz’s feet to the fire for that declaration. Nor have they inquired how Cruz and Rubio could just calmly stand by quiet as Donald Trump fans flames of bigotry towards Mexican people.

The “liberal” media already tried to read Donald his rights about that. Yet once that didn’t work out, they opted for the easier mark, the Negro. They are already fully aware that although the conservo-crowd claim to be inclusionary, they aren’t less racist than their left side counterparts in the least. Of course, I would imagine that running for a chance to work in the Oval Office affords many slings and arrows to Ben Carson. Still, that doesn’t give both sides and us the right to hold him to a different standard the same way black folks have been bellyaching about Obama not doing enough to serve Negroes interest.

I got news for you people, if you think Obama didn’t give that much of a damn, what the fuck do you think is going to happen after yet another WHITE person is elected? As affable and charming as Carson is, he ain’t going to be hearing the strings of “Hail to the Chief” playing in the background when he leaves the room ever in his life. Obama is practically done at this point. Perhaps in 20 more years, there will be a second black President in the White House. But for now I don’t think anybody with a higher melanin count should be holding their breath which is precisely why I have such an issue with the white folks trying to make a name for themselves by denouncing Carson. He isn’t a fucking threat to their ass in any shape or form. Hell, I’d be shocked if he even ended up in third place behind Trump and Christie. So there has to be a different reason that they are targeting him. It isn’t his rhetoric, because like I said, as rotten as it may be, it pales in comparison to Trump. It isn’t because he could do any shittier a job than W, because even Forrest Gump could outshine W at this point. It can’t be because of his military or foreign policy seeing how they spend little time focusing on that anyway. Must be that stinky cologne he wears then.


One thought on “Vern’s Venting: Quick With the Quickness

  1. once again the circus that is called the election is in town. It’s no different here in the Caribbean, these silly negroes need to get it through their heads that these political parties are two wings of the same vulture and you are just fresh carcass for them to have a banquet off of for the next half decade

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