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Today, I’m angry.

I’m angry that a little black preteen boy was gunned down by two white male cops, because he was suspected of carrying a weapon when it turned out to be a toy gun. I guess you can’t play with toy guns if you’re young and black seeing as how, you know, black people with guns scare the leaving daylights out of white folks, especially police.

I’m angry at how the case was handled in favor of the two officers Timothy Loehmann and Frank Garmback who are not indicted for their roles in the shooting of Tamir Rice. Once again, America’s so-called “justice” system shows how little it cares about the lives of black folks thanks to prosecutors like Timothy McGinty.

I’m angry that dead black folks killed by police are put on trial instead of their killers. It seems everytime that happens, there has to be some “reasonable explanation” that excuses the police for murdering a usually unarmed black person. In other words, the murdered black man or woman somehow deserved to die.

I’m angry for Tamir Rice’s mother Samaria Rice, because she lost her son to the people who are supposed to ‘serve and protect’. I’m particularly pissed off that Loehmann is somehow a cop after reports of his dismal police background had surfaced.

I’m angry for all the black families that had to bury their loved ones due to police violence, including deaths of Quintonio LeGrier and his neighbor Bettie Jones, and many of them not or never getting the kind of justice they deserve.

I’m angry that our black children can’t get to be children. It sickens me how race determines a youth’s worth.

I’m angry because of the double standard police and the justice system have when it comes to who is considered a threat punishable by death according to race. Why are unarmed black folks gunned down or murdered by cops but armed and/or menacing white folks get arrested alive? Dylann Roof, the monster that took the lives of nine black people in a church, was taken without incident. Robert Dear, the terrorist behind the Planned Parenthood shooting, was armed and dangerous. Yet police took him in alive. Ethan Couch, the rich kid that killed four people in a drunk-driving accident and who recently fled the country to escape going to prison, was apprehended in Mexico without a scratch and will likely receive a light sentence. And Elaine Rothenburg, a suicidal woman armed with a BB gun threatening civilians and cops, was ultimately taken to jail.

I’m angry at those who, without a shred of shame, blame the victims. Tamir Rice was just a boy. He was someone’s baby. And there are douchebags out there that will consider his death to be justified while never blaming the police or the system that largely protects them. Why would they? Police are trained to protect white folks.

I’m angry at being questioned why I’m angry.

I’m angry that white folks deem my anger as unnecessary or hurtful to them. Yet, I’m supposed to see their rage as more of a cause.

I’m angry, because basically being black in America is a crime.