Vern’s Venting: White Daddy Savior

By Lavern Merriweather:

It has become adamantly clear that white folks particularly white males only give a shit about black women when it suits them.

By now, everyone has seen the video of the cop who also performs security duty at a high school in Richland County, South Carolina named Ben Fields. In the video, Fields, who is a part-time bodybuilder by the way, grabs a rather skinny 16 year-old viciously by the throat. Then proceeds to drag her across the room and out of the door. Mind you, there are people who say she was being disruptive and bratty by not only refusing to shut off her phone during class but also leaving when the teacher asked her to more than once. While I agree to some extent, that still doesn’t excuse how Fields handled the situation.

What I have a problem with, however, is the attitude coming from some black women on the blogworld. A bunch of commenters on the Clutch magazine website criticized the teacher, because they feel that he didn’t do enough to protect this girl. I’d like to know what the hell he was supposed to do exactly. Come to the aid of someone who just completely disrespected his authority? That ain’t how it works.

On top of that is the video of Deejera Becton, the bikini clad teen having innocent fun at a pool party in McKinney, Texas. There was a random white male, who I assume is a resident, hovering around thug cop Eric Casebolt who had his knee on her back at one point. This asshole also threatened a number of black boys who tried to help her by a pointing a gun in their faces causing them to flee. I didn’t read ONE comment attacking the white male who stood by for no reason and did nothing to help that girl, even as Casebolt shoved her face to the ground holding her by the back of the neck.

It should come as to no surprise that both Fields and Casebolt have reprimands in their past. Yet, it’s typically the black person they assault whose previous life comes under fire by the media. We learn every little hateful, horrible thing about them while the officers involved are made to look like frustrated-yet-brave civil servants ‘just doing their job’. I hadn’t realized that being a despicable thug who brutalizes teen girls was proper police procedure, but I digress.

The same media as well as the black women jumping on their phony-ass bandwagons are all too willing to assist them in demonizing black males. However, when it comes to white male violence towards black women or women period, it’s a whole ‘nother ball game.

A viral video has been discussed and dissected showing a teacher referred to as “Ms. Cox” being terrorized by a student at my sister’s alma mater CVS high school in Chicago. The boy said he would beat her like a bag of M&Ms then lifted up a desk menacing her with it.

The white male dominated media of course pretended to be on this black woman’s side all the way. That’s a far cry from how most white males in the media reacted when University of Arizona professor Ersula Ore was accosted by two police. Ms. Ore claims that many people jaywalk across that particular street daily. Yet on that night, she was the only one harassed by two of the schools security. (Yes, I used the word ‘harass’, because that is precisely what those arrogant punks did to her.)

After Ms. Ore reached her car, two white male security officers approached demanding to see her ID. She refused, so they continued being assholes by grabbing her by the arms, then knocking her to the ground. When she was yanked back up while handcuffed, Ms. Ore kicked the officer holding her. The media hasn’t uttered one peep in solidarity or compassion for her.

It’s also become very apparent that this is the new way for cops to start bullshit with black folks. Spare me! If the person wasn’t visibly doing ANYTHING that required showing a cop who they are, then it’s none of their fucking business. I could understand if a crime had just been committed in the area. However, the majority of these incidents are purely dick-ass police letting Negroes know who is boss in America.

As for the white folks complaining that it’s ‘not about race’, then where are all the videos of you being bothered by police, stupid? Do cops target white people? Of course they do, but that’s not the issue, because white people are never automatically viewed as the neighborhood threat. And even if they are, cops don’t ever take it to the extreme that they do with black folks.

Another case of selective sympathy from white males and some black females in the media and blogworld has been the case against Daniel Holtzclaw. Holtzclaw was a cop with the Oklahoma City police department who abused his power by raping at least 13 black females. I guess most white males in the media needed to strengthen that golf swing, because it was obviously more important than speaking out on behalf of the 13 black women violated by that scumbag. Granted, Holtzclaw is only half white, but still, he tormented and manipulated his power on 13 helpless black women. White males that had so much love for Rhianna and Janay Rice didn’t give a rat’s ass for these women.

They can’t use the excuse that these women were prostitutes either. That doesn’t give anyone the right to deny them their dignity regardless. What they did to support themselves doesn’t take anything away from their humanity, nor should it make him any less of a despicable sack of shit. What bothers me is how certain blogs run by black women once again tried to blame the black man. Let me repeat myself at the risk of sounding redundant, WHAT THE FUCK?

We need to keep shit 100 here. Derogatory names aside, it does NOT justify white males feeling that this case wasn’t worth their time, especially when they spend the amount of time that they do pretending they have black women’s interests at heart when a black man is the culprit. Plus, white males have been making sleazy, stereotypical, perverted imagery of black women for decades and still do. They are responsible for their own behavior and their own mindset, such as the one that assumes it’s okay to criminalize black women with the same degree of fervor that they do black men.

I have read several comments from black women saying that no other race of men degrade their women publicly like black men do. Whenever I read that shit, I have a hard time believing that they typed that mess with a straight face. Seriously, are you shitting me? I have seen years on top of years on top of years of misogyny from white males. Now they are going full speed ahead with the hypocrisy. There are more than enough white male celebrities/athletes/politicians/famous figures to vilify when it comes to assaulting women. Not only that, but those jag-offs can’t even bother to stay consistent with who they are defending in the first place.

Do you shitheads care about black women or don’t you? Because the way you go about attempting to prove it leaves a whole lot to be desired, as well as plenty of doubt to your authenticity.


12 thoughts on “Vern’s Venting: White Daddy Savior

  1. To Mama Vern, Ikeke35, et. al.,

    Here’s a perspective by radical profeminist Julian Real regarding that “white father savior” phenomenom:

    “Here’s one view:

    There’s only one or two degrees of removal from the most privileged women that results in invisibility. With the most privileged women, dominant society pretends to care. The person victimised might just get to be seen as a victim.

    So, for example, in my experience of viewing major media, the story of a young or not-old blond thin white U.S. woman who is abducted, battered, raped, or murdered, or whatever other horrors happen to women ubiquitously, gets media recognition but sort of as an episode of CSI. Rarely is a person so harmed seen as a particular human being. Only when feminists point out she was harmed because she’s a woman do the patriarchal tyrants respond that the crime was particular to her. To say oppressor classes want it both ways is sometimes to miss they want it–and get it–in every way.

    So such stories become entertainment for the week until the next story is unfolded–and of course there are always plenty of true stories of misogynist violence. But the story-telling most likely spares the viewer of the kind of stereotyping that few to no Black women escape, as druggies and prostitutes. (There’s a problem there beyond the most obvious one, brought to my attention by a colleague, which I’ll attempt to address below.)

    It’s not only the issue of which women get the exploitive media attention and which don’t. As you know all too well, women marginalised by race, ethnicity, age, class, ability, sexuality, will fall off the dominant cultural radar as fully human people to be concerned about at all.

    What is additionally reprehensible and corrupt in the stories, is the more marginalised and oppressed the woman, the more she is portrayed as a threat: a druggie is a person who threatens the supposed purity of good white men; the prostitute is a person who allegedly exists to undermine the professed goodness, greatness, and holiness of rich het white men; Black womanhood, alone, signifies having too much power.

    When the perpetrator is also Black, then Amerikkka tells the story of how dangerous Black men are. When the victim is white, well, he’s just showing who his deepest misogyny is really aimed at: not white women, but white men who own the white women.

    There’s no dominant narrative in which Black women aren’t wh*res, mammies, or just plain evil (far too powerful and far too dangerous).” (CONTINUE)



    “Portraying any woman as a prostitute is simply to say she is more thoroughly a woman in the white male supremacist sense: seductress/spreader of disease/person of ill repute/carrier of evil.

    All women are that, in such a perverse view, but any man caught beating or killing a marginalised, intersectionally oppressed woman proves nothing about his lack of goodness, greatness, or holiness. It only tells us just how bad she must have been to warrant that level of “legitimate” disdainful force against her.

    This is far too similar with white cops murdering Black civilian men: all the white imagination conjures is, “The man who was killed must have been dangerous in ways that don’t show up in the video of the cop blowing bullets into his back.” But the evidence white people need does show up: he’s Black. Isn’t that what the cop is telling us: That all Black people are a threat to ‘us’?

    The cop doesn’t have to be white, of course. “Cop” signifies lethal-while-good white male colonial power and authority.

    Meanwhile, her humanity isn’t really allowed to exist even to that paltry degree. That’s what these stories tell me; it’s too painfully obvious:

    How can so many Black women and girls be beaten, murdered, and disappeared at such rates with no dominant cultural outcry and outrage? But how could there be such outcry and outrage when the private white male response is, “Phew! Now there’s one less threat to our morality and masculinity.”

    White male supremacy only exists and thrives by ceaselessly committing genocide and gynocide, with specialised atrocities of misogynoir aimed all too effectively at women of color; that is not a narrative even whispered about honestly in dominant media. It only gets spoken of mythologically, with white men telling it over and over through their use of terroristic ‘goodness’.”

    That’s so true and so real. But very few people name this. Instead, we put blame on people of Color, Black men, Black women, anybody except affluent privileged white men and women, but mainly white men.

    What are your thoughts?


    1. I agree 100%!! Co-sign me on all of that still I’m glad that fucker Holtzclaw was found guilty but at the same time the media didn’t have to give a crap because they were either prostitutes or drug addicts. I also notice that when a white male cop attacks a black women she is called a ‘hoodrat’, ratchet the like by the very people so upset about Janay Rice and Rhianna. They are so fucking fake they make a blow up doll real by comparison smh!

    2. Well said!
      I was going to say the same but you said it so much more eloquently than I would have.
      I’m never fooled by White men suddenly giving a shit when a black woman is abused by a black man. I know it’s just another excuse for them to bash black men or jump on a bandwagon.

      I know that White men will use any excuse to literally bash black men, including white women’s tears. I’ve seen far too much of white male misogyny towards white women to think they care about them, either. They don’t. They will use the idea of protecting white women from dangerous men of color to brutalize such men, while brutalizing white women themselves.

      Often in the past white men would abuse white women and then in order to uphold the idea of white female purity, would have her displace his own brutality onto the black male body.

      1. The hypocrisy of white men is something to be behold. The same men who blame Black men for crimes against women are also the very ones who commit them, privately and publicly without prosecution. They also push laws against women’s rights in America and Europe,


  3. Truth all around. The white owned media loves to play games. They will villify any man of color but will be silent on a white mans actions of the same type. Its no different than when the media went a buzz when they thought President Obama was looking at some woman’s butt in France, the picture made it seem that way, but he didn’t even notice the lady. However the French President was breaking his neck to look at the womans behind, but the media acted as though that wasn’t important. The media likes to pick and choose when to have morals and when not to. Its when it’s their own suddenly they are blind.

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