Vern’s Venting: Affirmative Action


By Lavern Merriweather:

A new hashtag currently making the rounds on the internet has become very popular with black folks because of its protagonist. #StaymadAbby is a reference to the angelic and sweet young white woman Abigail Fisher, nicknamed ‘Abby’, who is suing the University of Texas because she was denied entry eight years ago.

According to Ms. Fisher, it’s solely because of her race. However after reading a few details about this wench, I discovered something else, namely that flabby chin Abby is a whiny, pathetic, spoiled brat throwing a temper tantrum at the expense and time of the public by continuing to try and take her bullshit claim to the Supreme Court.

Little Miss Sunshine failed to mention that the REAL reason she didn’t get in is because she’s a subpar student. And judging from what I read of her high school transcripts, she has always been one. After four years, Fisher could only muster a 3.5 and scored only 1180 out of a possible 1600 on her SATs. On top of that, she never joined any school clubs or participated in any extracurricular activities. Yet, she is all butthurt, because a school that requires higher scores and an extremely well padded resume told her no dice. Plus, she didn’t utter the fact that 42 applicants who got in instead of her were white and that some Latino and black students that scored higher than her flaky ass were rejected too. But all that bugaboo doesn’t matter when a white girl’s pride is on the line.

Fisher whined that she has dreamed of going to Texas since she was a toddler. That’s interesting because most two year-olds are busy screaming about nothing, pooping their diapers or falling asleep during Sesame Street. One would think that seeing how supposedly Abby had so much intuition on where she wanted to further her education, then she would work extra hard to receive it rather than waste everyone’s time by being a petulant, arrogant jerk who expected the same privilege that she is trying to deny would save her.

It’s typical for many white folks to bemoan the existence of white privilege but have NO qualms using it to their full advantage every fucking opportunity that they get. Fisher is no exception. She obviously didn’t check her statistics, because the only people in America that have ever truly benefitted from Affirmative Action have been women who resemble her the most. Still, she wants to cry foul about a system that was designed from day one to be a perk for those of her ilk exclusively? In the immortal words of many a black folk, bitch please!

Fisher has spent a good (almost) decade fighting for something that she never once earned. Besides, she did get to go to school and now has a job as a financial analyst, but even THAT ain’t enough for this egotistical heffa. She reminds me of the firefighters and cops that complain of scoring higher on a test for a superior position just to have it unfairly snatched away by some random, undeserving Negro or Latino that the city needed to fill a silent quota. Lord forbid that we ever believe a person of color actually got a job over some white person based on qualifications alone. But here’s the kicker. You don’t hear or see white males that are architects, accountants, doctors, news anchors, politicians, astronauts and lawyers bitching about Affirmative Action. That’s because they are competing with other white males that are their equal intellectually and if the blue collar failures were up to that caliber as well, then they should be in college right by their side not trying to make themselves sound like such geniuses when they aren’t doing anything of substance with their alleged big brains.

If they were so damn smart, then why aren’t they in school proving to everyone that they can cut it better than the people of color they were passed over for? Perhaps they, like Abby, realized that the reality is they are mediocre and woefully out of their league when it comes to smarts.

This brings me to another self-righteous, stupid, two-faced hypocrite blowhard Supreme Court Justice Anton Scalia. Scalia recently stated that maybe black kids should go to less demanding colleges. He blathers that slower minded Negroes should study at a place of academia which caters to them being not quite up to snuff.

Hmmm…Sounds a lot like a certain chubby white female creating a furor that she was mistreated by those horrible meanies at University of Texas. Yeah, it’s so damn unreasonable for an institution of higher learning to demand that potential students live up to their standards. Funny, but Scalia had a much different answer for why he, himself, failed to gain entrance into Princeton. Seems that Mr. Smarter-than-the-average-negro couldn’t gain entry into one of America’s most prestigious universities. Yet, he won’t hold himself responsible for his shortcomings. No sir. It was because – as he put it – those stuck-up prissy snobs couldn’t handle a “poor Italian kid from Queens”.

Oh, so if a black kid can’t get into the establishment of his choice, it’s because he or she is too ‘slow’. But Brainiac Anton was discriminated against by snooty rich people. Thanks for clarifying that his not being good enough wasn’t his fault but those high-brow folks looking down their nose at him. Clearly, Scalia sees no correlation between his comment and the very thing he was protesting.

I get it now. A white person is never to blame for their incompetence but a black person always is. I wonder did Anton and Abby turn to others to help them with being so inadequate, or is this solely a concern for black folks alone? You have to love the irony of the same people that refuse to take their lackluster abilities into account while eagerly pointing them out in us darkies. Par for the course with white people in America, I imagine.


8 thoughts on “Vern’s Venting: Affirmative Action

  1. It’s just incredible to me the paradox of white people telling PoC to pull themselves up by their bootstraps in order to get ahead, never mind that we are already doing that, only to be hampered by people like Abby at every turn. And then when we finally get where we want to be, all our hard work is dismissed becasue we only made it with affirmative action.

    The sad part is people like her don’t realize that getting rid of affirmative action won’t necessarily help them. They’re simply not up to par and in a competition with black people who have every incentive to excel at whatever we lay our hands to, hard work will win out over lazy entitlement. What’s going to be white peoples excuse when AA is gotten rid of of and they’re still at the bottom?

    1. My sentiments exactly! White folks also never mention the opportunities afforded by daddy, brothers, cousins, uncles, grandpa and daddy-in-law but to hear them tell it that shit is ‘different’. Negroes are getting a free hand-out but for them it’s a legacy SMH.

  2. I’m not sure if there is such a thing as an individual may be described as: looking dumb. But if there ever was, her picture captures the moment for eternity, perfectly!

  3. Eck..Abby doesn’t even look real. She has a big neck and a semi masculine looking face and for some reason,she looks musty. I don’t know , she just look like she stinks.

    Far as her quest to get rid of Affirmative Action, if she does she will only hurt herself. Doesn’t ol girl know that the program has benefited White woman more than any other minority group? I guess she forget about that.

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