White Interpretation and White Fear

Recently, Sam’s Club’s CEO Rosalind Brewer, a black woman, made comments regarding diversity on her executive team and lack thereof in the corporate world altogether:

“My executive team is very diverse, and I make that a priority. I demand it within my team…Just today we met with a supplier and the entire other side of the table was all Caucasian males. That was interesting. I decided not to talk about it directly with [the supplier’s] folks in the room because there were actually no female, like, levels down. So I’m going to place a call to him.”

In other words, Brewer believes that there should be people of different backgrounds (people of color and women) in executive positions as demonstrated by her team. However, she was kind of taken aback when she met with a group of top business folks who happen to be all white males. So, she wanted to talk to the supplier about that. That’s all.

Here’s what some white folks apparently got out of it according to some tweets and articles:


Evidently, this is what they took out of the interview, particularly her comment about diversity. To them, it was a sign of the white apocalypse, a black person discriminating about white people. She’s got to go!

It’s happen many times before whenever the ugly d-word is brought up or when the subject of racism is mentioned and discussed. Whenever someone, anyone, especially a person of color, talks about some kind of racial injustice, even as a soundbite, there is always a group of sleeper-type white folks that spontaneously get agitated as hell, because racism is brought up. Only, they are not angry for the people discriminated. Instead, they feel they are the real victims and turn their rage towards the people of color that dared to bring it up.

There’s always that set of white people that believe that they are endangered, that they live in a world where white people are victims of some kind of plan involving some genetic annihilation where whiteness, always treasured above all else and deemed “superior” by lower-class thinkers, is under attack from nonwhites. These people, such as the ones attacking the Sam’s Club CEO, apparently believe that whites, white men in particular, are about to be discriminated against simply because they are white. Even though, Brewer’s comment said absolutely nothing of the sort, some white folks interpreted it as such.

White interpretation, a term I just made up, seems to be a habit where white people misinterpret quotes and comments based on race into what they think they are saying, which usually ends up twisted in favor of whites and their racism. In some warped way, they hear what they want to hear and fear it. And they will find any and all examples, no matter how unrealistic or insane, to prove their case. Black-on-white crimes anyone?

Despite that they live in white dominated societies where white entitlement and white privilege reigns supreme, the thought of being oppressed by nonwhites scares the living shit out of white people. Some believe that they actually are being held down while you have those that are on top and fear of losing their place at the top of the racial caste system. However they look at it, they want to keep the machine of white supremacy going forever, no matter the costs for as long as humanly possible.


5 thoughts on “White Interpretation and White Fear

  1. Seriously there is a freaking litmus of white folks calling the most petty shit done to them by a person of color ‘reverse racism’. I usually remind them in the absolutely kindest way possible that it’s not racism but karma. The school bully hates it when he gets his ass handed to him by the 95 pound nerd.

    1. Exactly, Vern. Also whenever a Black person talking about the elephant in the room, white America gets extra salty about it. They can’t take it what it dish out to everyone, people of Color, feminists, immigrants, the poor/working classes, non-Christians, etc. Well, they better get used to it, people of Color are here to stay!


  2. Psychological projection is a term used to describe a situation where an inconvenient truth, plan desires or feelings were exposed. However, in response, the culprit or wrongdoer simply shift the blame or project the situation squarely on the shoulders of someone else or another group as a defense mechanism. This is Psychology 101. I sometimes wonder who white (Edomite) folks think they’re fooling!

  3. White folks on the whole know that they have a good dose of karma headed their way, so every discussion concerning race and diversity rubs them the wrong way….

  4. With all due respect , do racists Whites really believe that physical diversity is racist? Are they really that fickle minded?

    I’ve learned one thing about them..they ..like many others have been saying about them..not only are they aren’t interested in it( diversity),but they are really afraid of their White privileges being taken away from them.. They’re delusional idea of
    ” diversity” reminds me of what I see on college/high school cheerleaders. Notice how they can easily get Black football/basketball players but when it comes to recruiting Black cheerleaders, at a mostly White school most of the time ,they put one Black on the squad.. yep that ” diversity”. tokenism at it’s finest.

    About a couple of years ago..there was an article about racism being a mental illness. While I still struggle to believe that it is, the idea them not wanting to accept the absolute truth..especially when it can be proven over and over..is sickening and I’m not saying that lightly,but there is something wrong with that. Racists are so much in denial about things that it’s as sick as pedophile.

    I certainly wouldn’t want to live like that.

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