Vern’s Venting: Jihad Justice

By Lavern Merriweather:

When the Paris attacks happened on Friday the 13th of November this year, it didn’t take long for the Fake Noise crowd to start squawking. They immediately took to social media to – yet again – turn an entire group of people of color into pariahs. They set their stupid, arrogant, racist sights on the Syrian refugees that Obama was planning on allowing into America. Of course, because Obama is supposedly a dirty Muslim terrorist himself, he was more than happy to invite his murdering buddies in.

One of the problems with their little theory is that most, if not all, of the refugees coming to the US are neither terrorists nor Muslim. And even if they are Muslim, so the fuck what? Those people are probability not associated with the violent group ISIS. However, that hasn’t stopped many white folks on the worldwide web from unleashing a torrent of complaints about how the influx of brown people is such a threat to Americans safety. What they really mean when they say ‘American’ is white American, more specifically the white folks that feed off fear, the very kind of people that Donald Trump appeals to, those who worry about losing their guns to the “Muslim in office”.

These people are easy because they are sheep. They have lost any ability to not only think for themselves but not think in a way that doesn’t make them sound like complete paranoid dumbasses. They bemoan opening the doors of our country’s shores to people of color that have done nothing. On top of that, those people are only trying to flee a horrific regime holding them in terror with an abuse of power. Still that means nothing to the conservative, Middle America zealots who see danger and trouble everywhere when it comes to violence except in their own backyards.

Pretty ironic when you look at the ever growing list of despicable white males that have either gone on shooting sprees or found some other way to eliminate innocent people for their supposed cause. Just a few weeks ago in Colorado, a middle aged white male named Robert Lewis Dear went into a Planned Parenthood facility, then shot and killed three people. One of whom was a cop, Lewis however who was allowed to survive the ordeal at the hands of police, the same police many white folks defend and justify after they commit an unnecessary and brutal act of barbarism against a black person.

I haven’t heard one peep out of these assholes’ mouth about how if he had only obeyed the law, along with the countless excuses they say to criticize Negroes. That’s because Dear isn’t DEAD, despite this sonofabitch doing something sadistically demented. Those upstanding protect and serve boys in blue will never see him as a treacherous criminal that must be stopped at all costs. No, they let down their guard and let the chips fall where they may.

As much as I think Dear is a scumbag, I feel no compassion for the cop who died. Police continue their little game of toying with black lives the same way a dog plays with his plastic bone. Yet this time, it caught those fuckers right in their ass. I have also not heard the media portray the officer as a loving, decent, wonderful, spectacular father/husband/friend/neighbor/co-worker, etc. The day that my boy Ismail Brinsley shot and killed those two cops in New York, you would have thought that they could walk on water then turn it into wine. That their non-sacrifice was so fucking momentously great it was as if Jesus has just died also. No, two stupid, worthless cops that should have been paying more attention to their surroundings died. That’s all.

Mr. Dear on the other hand doesn’t have to burden his raggedy, gray covered little head with the notion that any wrong action against anyone wearing a badge and uniform would cost him HIS life. That because the cops of the good old USA have done their damdest to let every race that’s non-white know they better watch their backs. Even if they haven’t done a damn thing to warrant that mentality, they have to always look over their shoulder.

The media will most definitely follow their pattern of race-baiting and protecting white male terrorism by claiming that Mr. Dear is just mentally ill, that he isn’t fully responsible for what he did, because he wasn’t in his right mind. Well, judging from that sorry ass bullshit, neither are they!

They will also demand that he acted alone, that he wasn’t part of any organization which would encourage this kind of brutality. To that, I say who gives a shit!? That doesn’t absolve this fucker of killing those people. Nor does that mean that the media can sweep this under the carpet as they have done so many times in order to sleep better at night. Whether it be the idiots at Fake Noise or the so-called liberal hypocrites at CNN, white folks in the media can agree that they aren’t the villain. That no matter what, at the end of the day, there will be yet another story about a black male celebrity or athlete that they can harp on then rehash for years to come. Another opportunity will present itself to destroy or mangle a young black male’s reputation that has been senselessly gunned down by cops.

On conservative shrill Laura Ingraham’s page I couldn’t find anybody to explain why it is that if cops aren’t racist and don’t play favorites when it comes to bad guys, then how come Dear isn’t six feet under. Why wasn’t he met with 41 shots, 50 shots, 137 shots, shot while running 20 feet away, shot in the back, shot while standing next to his car, the like? One prick even tried to argue that Dear is alive because he surrendered. Guess what chuckles, that’s because the cops GAVE THAT FUCKNUT THE CHANCE TO PERSEVRE BY NOT KILLING HIS ASS! He was afforded something never given to black folks, especially ones that can’t fight back. White people have no answer for why is it if their rhetoric were true, then why are white people still walking around when they get into altercations with police. Regardless of swear words spoken, fists thrown or shots fired, white people walk away unscathed pretty much every time.

Even a white male senator from Ohio, who is a Democrat named Sherrod Brown, stated that white males are far more terrifying a hazard to the well- being of America than supposed Muslim extremists. And I agree 100% with him. Of course. I am in the minority.

Dear already has conservative assholes cheering his despicable behavior by blither blathering about the babies murdered cruelly by people at Planned Parenthood. So he solves that problem by murdering people himself? That makes sense only to the senseless brain dead shitbags who see whatever occurrence they can to blame Obama or them darkies.

I checked out some comments about Pamela Sweat, the mother of escaped convict David Sweat, and about Lesley McFadden, the mother of Mike Brown, on CNN’s Facebook page. Sweat’s mom was seen as a sympathetic figure, a woman that we should feel the utmost mercy for, because despite what her son did, she’s a loving mom anyway. Mike’s mom, of course, would get none of that, she was criticized for raising a ‘thug’ while they championed the malicious act of Darren Wilson. I can’t expect for one second those fools will see the contrast in how Dear was treated as opposed to how black people are treated or mistreated by cops, the same way that they shouldn’t hope for me to show an ounce of empathy to them or unity to their mindset.


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