Vern’s Venting: What the Paris Attack Taught Me

By Lavern Merriweather:

On Friday the 13th of November this year, a horrible shooting rampage was inflicted upon some Parisian citizens enjoying a concert by an American death metal band. At least 129 people died with many more injured. The death toll probably would have been higher were it not for kind, brave souls inviting those fleeing from the terror into their homes for safety.

As much as I think their actions were beyond noble and I feel terrible for the victims and their families, there’s something about this whole thing that really bothers me. The first thing being how quickly the right wingnut media jumped all over this tragedy to once again whine like 8 year-olds about what a rotten president Obama is. They never mention the fool and moron that wasted thousands of American lives and billions of dollars looking for those alleged WMDs. It didn’t take long for the Fake Noise crowd and their equally brilliant minded followers to find any and every excuse to blame this on Obama. Then complain and berate him about how it’s now all on his shoulders to take down ISIS in order to make Americans safe.

Did I just miss something here? I could have sworn the attack happened in France, not America. I’m positive that France has their own military, police force and government officials whose job it is to handle situations just like this one. But suddenly every wealthy, white, European dominated country has become a burden for Obama to take care of. They are completely oblivious to the fact that while we are allies to many Western lands north of us, that does not mean that the responsibility to insure the protection of a country miles away falls squarely on Obama.

When I questioned the many gun toting, angry, tea party ragebaiters on Laura Ingraham’s Facebook page why aren’t they criticizing the President of France rather than Obama, I got no response. Asking something that requires an intelligent, sensible answer must have been more than their collective brains could bear. They, of course, can’t explain why it is that they demand our president target a group of people that didn’t do anything to hurt this country. Granted, what occurred in France was a despicable act of brutality, that still doesn’t justify them expecting Obama to play Superman on call 24/7. If he chooses to wait before starting what could be a costly war in more ways than one, then that seems like a smarter option.

Another thing that strikes me about this frightening event is the quickness many white folks want to attack people of color yet again. I don’t recall nearly this much outrage and ready to bear arms gung-ho mentality when those two white Russian males set that bomb in Boston in 2013. Nor have I seen any hurry to declare a state of emergency against white males that commit acts of terror such as mass shootings. Despite what Ted Cruz says, Christian folks i.e. white males DO commit acts of violence towards innocent Americans. In fact, they commit some of the sickest, most depraved, horrible crimes. Lest they forget the race of the people who built the bomb then installed it into a truck that was driven into that building in Oklahoma in 1995 that killed all those people, many of whom were children, then we have seen how white folks in America react to white male bloodshed, even if it harms their very own offspring.

Adam Lanza was an angry thug white male that killed a number of little kids. Yet he was viewed as mentally ill by the white media, public and pundits. Nobody calls Arabs, Middle Easterners or Muslims psychologically unfit. No, they are the bad guy because they aren’t the white guy. I’m not even certain if any reports about the Paris shooting ever mentioned the race of those at fault or what organization they belonged to. You will hear a very different tale told when it’s white males. Apparently they have no affiliation with anyone or anything. They are demented, mentally damaged loners with a penchant for guns.

Well which is it white folks? So you want to keep your guns but not in the hands of a select few even as you make the argument about their mental state and not that they are just flat out lowlifes like the POCs you want to bomb left and right. I also noticed the folks who lamented about how in a hurry the media was to send messages of sympathy to Paris. They are curious to know, as am I, where was all this outpouring for the masses in Nigeria, Benghazi and Syria when they too suffered at the hands of insurgents. Now that Obama wants to help some non-white Syrian refugees, he is showing his true colors, because he’s a Muslim hell bent on destroying good, decent upstanding white folks. Well if he plans to prove their little conspiracy right, then he’d better get cracking, because the window of opportunity is closing soon.

I thoroughly enjoy how the conservo-dummies fail to see not only the foolishness in their rhetoric/logic, but the hypocrisy as well. The dirty evil Muslim Kenyan in the White House who is so damn aligned with the groups out to get white people managed for the past 8 years to not allow them any harm save their own race. Still, it’s not white male Christians that are the problem. It’s the Muslim buddies of Obama out to hurt every man, woman and child of America.

Heartfelt songs, greetings and welcoming arms are for those who resemble the dominant society. Their ability to share that sentiment with the ‘other’ as in folks of color, not so much.


9 thoughts on “Vern’s Venting: What the Paris Attack Taught Me

  1. The greatest trick of satan as a quote goes is to make believe he/them/they do not exist. The authors of white supremacy is/ are satan. The people who believe in maintain and support the system are by their actions the children of satan, the rest of us are pawns/players in the system to varying degrees. The children of satan can never understand basic truths unless under extreme duress. They abided not in the truth because the truth have no place in them, even when they supposedly tell the truth it is told with a slant or omission or addition. The nature of satan and his sired is to mix truth with falsehood.

  2. It’s been over five hundred years since white folks collectively embarked on a campaign to demonize black and brown people through continual deception. They’ve been quite successful at perpetuating this destructive image through their laws, policies, lies, television, statistics, movies, politicians, network news, print media and otherwise.

    Revelation 12:9 And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world: he was cast out into the earth, and his angels were cast out with him.

    The word devil means to deceive. Deceiving the entire world has been the white man’s strength from since the beginning. No one knows this better than Eve!

    1. It’s been over 500 years and blacks still refuse to see and accept white people for what they really are. What would you call someone that keeps getting fooled by the same people in the same way?

      1. @reality_check, I sincerely do not have an argument with what you said because it is quite true. Collectively, people of color across the globe have allowed the wicked to rob and arrest our imagination of what it truly means to be free from bondage.

        Essentially, we have allowed white (Edomites) to define our reality due to our continual state of slumber or lack of consciousness. Wake up black and brown man!

  3. I’d like to add another observation…

    Another thing this Paris fiasco taught me was just how foolish black people are to place everyone’s well-being ahead of their own. I’m speaking to the black FOOLS that showed solidarity with France by changing their Facebook pictures to don the French flag. When was the last time you see anyone in France standing in solidarity with black Americans? I’ll wait on that answer….

    Black people need to get it together and stop being so damn short-sighted. All the acts of terror committed on black people in the United States and I have yet to see anyone, especially in international community, speak out/stand with American blacks.

  4. Yes reality check I have to admit us so called negroes are infamous for caping for everyones cause except our own. When white folks finally accept us I am afraid the majority of us will be like we were during intergration, we will abandon all that is Black and jump into the fire with enemy.

  5. Correction: fiend acceptance of us because as a whole the western world could never accept the former slave as an equal in the land/system controlled by the slavemasters children. This is why biblical speaking the children of israel had to leave Egypt. Ps. To the whites whos family did not own slaves; do not defend what you claim you did not participate in.

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